Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Is San Bernardino A Paris Attack?

Is San Bernardino A Paris Attack?

By de Andréa, Opinion Editorialist   
Published December 2, 2015 

Earlier I wrote that I would be keeping tabs on the news and responding only to what I thought was important. This is one of those times.

Reports of up to 12 people dead and 20 people injured in a shooting late this morning in San Bernardino, California, accordingly to various official sources.

The San Bernardino Fire Department has reported that they were responding to reports of 20 people being shot at the Inland Regional Center, a facility that cares for the people with developmental disabilities.

WATCH: Live coverage of the active-shooting situation in San Bernardino

According to the San Bernardino Sheriff, authorities were searching for one to three suspects. The Sheriff's office says there have been "multiple" victims. Their conditions were not clear.

The FBI and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms as well as Home land Security have been confirmed to ABC News that they are responding to the shooting.

A man whose wife works at the Inland Regional Center said that his wife saw a man she believed to be a shooter.

"The guy came in next to her office and I guess started shooting," said the man, who identified himself to KABC as Marc.

He said that his wife told him she locked herself in her office with others. When she and the others left the building, "they saw bodies on the floor," Marc said his wife told him.

This is of course still ongoing. There has been a report that three shooters had escaped in a black SUV.

THE BOTTOM LINE: I am going to say what others are thinking. And that is, that this may be what ISIS meant by, “there will be more attacks and also in the United States”.  No one knows for sure yet if this is an ISIS type Jihadist terror attack. But the fact that there was more than one shooter and it seemed to be well organized certainly points to that possibility.

If this is an organized terrorist attack then this is what I have been warning about for more than the past ten years.   

Prepare, America.  It’s coming…

Thanks for listening - de Andréa

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