Monday, December 21, 2015

Burger King Supports Islamic Jihadists

Burger King Supports Islamic Jihadists

By de Andréa, Opinion Editorialist    
Published December 21, 2015

Buger…I’m sorry Berger King, oh no…I mean Burger King… has gone Halal in anticipation of the country and eventually the world becoming subjected to Islamic Sharia oppression. 
Burger King is going halal beginning in France, which is on its way to complete Islamic control, and
is aiming for the business of that nation’s estimated 5 million Muslim Jihadist, according to a new report.

Burger Kings 40 newly acquired restaurants - to eliminate pork

The English-language Local report said the U.S. burger chain recently took over the Quick chain of fast-food restaurants in France and is planning to make about 40 of them, about 10 percent of the total, totally Sharia compliant halal specific for the Islamic Jihadists.

That means they would not only scrap all pork and bacon products from their menu, but require that the beef and chicken be certified halal, which means that it will be slaughtered according to Islamic religious tradition and blessed by Allah, the Satanic god of Islam.
The report said such restaurants have proven “to be winners” in a nation where there are more Muslims than anywhere else in Europe.
According to a report in La Parisien, (it’s in French, but you get the idea, HALAL is spelled the same in any language) the Bertrand Group, the biggest shareholder of Burger King France, is just following through on plans it announced when the acquisition was made public.
The details include that while most of the more than 400 Quick locations being acquired by Burger King will, in fact, become Burger King Brand outlets, about 40 will remain labeled Quick, and will serve the Sharia compliant Jihadist food.
The French Jihadist halal market is estimated to be more than five billion euros, the report said.
The reports in France explained that the move was thought to be part of Burger King’s continuing attacks on McDonald’s who does not serve sharia compliant food blessed by Satan – McDonald’s is the biggest  player in the fast food industry across France. It has about 1,300 stores.
Burger King also promotes sodomy in its homosexual social-advocacy campaign across the United
States. That’s when it launched the Gay Pride Whopper, with its wrapper of many colors, called the “Proud Whopper” a burger unchanged from the previous “Whopper” except that it has a new colorful gay wrapper. Once consumers unwrap the burger, there’s a message reading, “We are all the same inside.” 
No were not…
THE BOTTOM LINE: Wonderful folks aren’t they?  They support SODOMY with their gay agenda. They support THE MURDER OF 50 MILLION BABYS, with their Pro Choice abortion agenda.  Now they support THE MURDER OF EVERYONE THAT ISN”T MUSLIM, with their Islamic Jihadist agenda. 

Ya know…I usually don’t support boycotts but…Why! Would I support this kind of Hellish Satanic agenda of Buger… opps…Burger King?

Thanks for listening - de Andréa

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