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Jade Helm 15 Preparing For Mass Martial Law

Jade Helm 15 Preparing For Mass Martial Law

By de Andréa, Opinion Editorialist
Published August 13, 2015

Jade Helm’s Martial Law Forces are well on their way to completely occupying every corner of America.

I have written several articles on Jade Helm 15 beginning in April of this year when few had even heard of it.  You can access a few of them here!

The initial response from the pentagon was that of ignorance, then as Intel leaked out, the government began its disinformation campaign. 

Jade Helm was sold to the American people as a necessary realistic training exorcise for possible foreign missions, invasions, etc., which I promptly debunked as I was trained in the early 60’s for every possible type of warfare one could imagine right on our own military installations all over this country, without the need to take over parts of cities, towns and States.

It was also said to be limited to a few Southwestern states indicated below, note the red areas are classified as Hostile:

But the martial law forces of Jade Helm are now going, and have been seen, just about  everywhere in the United States. We are witnessing unprecedented troop movements. Some of the American people are becoming hyper vigilant, as they know, from what they are seeing, that something is terribly wrong here. The following is a small cross-section of what I receive every day. The takeover of America is well under way, as the low information people in the country relying only on the communist media, sleep their way through the major events and embrace only the important stuff like what is going on with the Kardashians or the beginning of a new NFL season.

Now From Portland, Oregon, --- to Portland, Maine, Jade Helm Forces Are Preparing for the Final Crackdown.
Slacker 614 sent me this original video    now on YouTube, of a massive shipment of medical, surveillance, equipment supply, and troop transport, as well as mechanized fighting vehicles being transported through Union Station in Portland, Oregon.  TAKE A LOOK!

This is typical of what is going on in our country on a daily basis. This is an unprecedented, unwarranted drain on the American taxpayer and is ultimately very dangerous to the safety and security of every American.

From one Portland to another Portland, a local Maine newspaper details how Jade Helm military forces are training with local law enforcement in order to quell any "civil unrest."  Jason Dewitt sent me publicly available information from Maine in which the police of Portland, Maine, and the military police and local law enforcement will be training to prepare for civil unrest. Details were not available, but with what we already know about Jade Helm, details are not necessary, they are nothing but disinformation.

Even Alaska Is Not Outside the Reach of Jade Helm
In remote regions of Alaska, people are observing the placement of the future instruments of their oppression in even obscure and out of the way locations.

More Disturbing News from Marlon Brock in the Midland-Big Spring, Texas, Area
Many of my readers in the Midland area will recognize the name of Marlon Brock and remember that he has provided the readers of ‘The Common Sense Show’ with irrefutable photographs demonstrating the subterfuge and nefarious activities connected to the Midland, TX. Walmart. Trouble seems to follow Marlon, as he recently sent me the following email in response to my resent article on July 14 2015 titled “Jade Helm 15 Begins.”

de Andréa,
At approximately 9:45pm, my wife and I were sitting outside enjoying the cooler weather when we heard an explosion.  It sounded like an oil well type explosion which happens occasionally here in west Texas, oil country.  When that occurs you always see flame or smoke.  We did not see either.  Then, we started hearing gunfire.  I recognized it immediately as military munitions.  I asked my wife to get her ISPYPHONE 6 and record what we were hearing.  You hear walking in the direction of the gunfire.  At the 20 second mark in the MPEG4 audio you start to hear rapid gunfire.  Then at the 1:11 minute mark, the 1:36, and 2:50 minute marks you hear gunfire.  My weapons understanding is that this gunfire is either 50 cal or 30 cal.  Listen de, they are here.  We have never heard this before.  We live in Martin County Texas between Big Spring and Midland Texas….Marlon

Every Martial Law Contains Travel Restrictions
I received this email from a reader in Idaho, who complained that his 68-year-old aunt was traveling west from Idaho to Washington when she was detained and accosted by military forces.

Dear de Andréa,
My aunt and I read all of your articles. I never dreamed I would be writing to you. 
My 68 year old aunt was traveling from Idaho to Washington when she was stopped at a Border Patrol type checkpoint. But it was not the Border Patrol, it was the military with people that my aunt suspected of being foreign military. 
She was asked for her ID and she asked if she had done something wrong. The soldier said no but he had to see her ID. She asked if she was free to go and the soldier replied that she had to report to a side area and have her vehicle searched. She was told that she would consent to the search or she would be dragged from her vehicle and the car would be searched anyway.  
She began to call them communists and Nazis and this is America and they had no right to do this. They detained her for an hour. And then they released her. If this can happen to my aunt, it can happen to anyone. Thanks for all that you do. 

Secrets At Ft. Hood Texas
You may already know about this, but here it is.   I have an employee who is in the Army Reserves, and he went to Ft. Hood Texas last weekend July 31- August 2 to qualify on the range.  He has been deployed 3X in the past, always out of Ft. Hood, so he knows the layout.  Usually when they are up there for the weekend training they stay in one of the barracks in "North" Ft. Hood, the area they use for deployments.  He normally stays in the barracks on his weekend training sessions, but this time they stayed in tents approx 1 mile away from the barracks because the barracks are full (of Jade Helm soldiers).  The barracks he says are set up like row houses one after another.  Each one of the barracks NOW has its own 10 foot fence with razor wire (around each of the barracks individually). He could not figure why they would do that.  I asked if they had guard towers like you think of for concentration camps and he responded not yet, but that they are still building everywhere on the base.

He said it was "creepy", his words, as no one would tell him what was going on and why all the fence and wire. He said no one was talking.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Although this may seem a little sketchy as far as information goes, but with the media blackout of Jade Helm and all the disinformation put out by the government it leaves me with snippets of Intel provided by folks just like you. This is just a small cross-section of what comes in my email every single day about Jade Helm 15. The martial law takeover of America is massive, and it is now proceeding at breakneck speed. The reports from each successive week are more disturbing than the reports from the previous week.

These Jade Helm troops are emboldened, indoctrinated, and robotically brainwashed. They don’t, I believe, realize that they are in violation of their own sacred oath to enforce and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. 

I predict that, as we approach the Pope's upcoming speech, and as political unrest increases such as in Ferguson or Baltimore we will see an increase in martial law troops and the scope of their mission as they prepare to enforce what is coming our way this fall.

You can wait until the Jade Helm troops are in your backyard, or you can write your representatives now!  Tell them what you know and that you don’t like it…


Thanks for listening – de Andréa

Please pass on this article to everyone on your email list.  It may be the only chance for your friends to hear the truth.

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