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The Corker Betrayal

“Yes, the time is coming that whoever kills you will think that he offers God a service” (John 16:2).

The Corker Betrayal
And the Iran nuclear giveaway.

By de Andréa, Opinion Editorialist
Published July 30, 2015

       "I know. You're shouting, 'What about the Corker Bill! The Corker Bill!' Well, folks, you've gotta get the Corker Bill out of your mind because the Corker Bill... is a construct to make Republican voters think that Obama is being opposed... It's just a showpiece. It's just one of these things that's designed, again, to allow the Republicans to give the impression that they're working hard keeping Obama in line and opposing him when necessary..." -Rush Limbaugh

       Rush just said what I have known for two months, Republican elites set up a constitutionally questionable legislative straw man called the
Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015” (also known as Corker Betrayal). The Corker Betrayal made it possible for Republican elites to "oppose" Barack Obama's Iran Deal, but makes it virtually impossible for them to STOP OBAMA'S IRAN DEAL. Republican elites set it up that way and they did it on purpose.

       But guess what?
The Regime will be in violation of the Corker Bill and in violation of a whole bunch of other laws including the U.S. Constitution. In what amounts to a stunning twist, Mr. Muslim Jihadist, Barack Obama, decided to go for the gusto and  VIOLATE the Corker Betrayal by giving his mullahs of Iran a whole bunch of goodies that were not covered by the Corker Betrayal; and that means that Congress can’ literally throw the Corker Betrayal out the window and simply tell Barack Obama NO!

       Of course, as previously stated, actually stopping Barack Obama's Iran Deal was never part of the GOP elites'
ORIGINAL master plan. But, your faxes and calls are already having a huge effect. Republican elites know that you're on to their little game and now that Rush Limbaugh has also let the cat out of the bag, they have nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. If we can keep flooding them with e-mails and calls they will have no other choice than to give up their Corker charade and simply do what you ‘want... tell Barack Obama 'no way' when it comes to giving Iran nuclear weapons.
The "Corker Betrayal" Is Now Moot. Iran Has Violated It. Barack Obama Has Violated It. Jettison It And Tell Obama NO!

       Yes, while you were among the first to act on the news, everyone is now aware of what was really happening.  There was a reason why spineless Republicans, led by Senator Bob Corker, voted to effectively suspend
Article II, Section 2 part a first paragraph of the Constitution back in May.
“He shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur…”
 Instead of following the Constitution and requiring that a 2/3rds vote of the United States Senate would be needed to ratify this Iran deal, the "Corker Betrayal" turned the Constitution on its head and effectively required that it would require a 2/3rds majority of both Houses of Congress to nix it.

       But... there's something you are not being told. That's not EXACTLY what happened... Iran's ballistic missile and conventional military weapons programs were NEVER supposed to be part of the deal. Essentially, Your Muslim president Obama and the Iranian mullah Jihadists pulled the old bait-and-switch and Congress passed the Corker Betrayal under false pretenses.

       Andrew McCarthy, writing for
National Review explains what is really going on: "Congress and the public were led to believe that the administration was negotiating to deprive Iran of nuclear capabilities. The president, in stark contrast, has struck an agreement that obliges the United States and other nations to build up Iran's nuclear capabilities. That is not just outside the scope of what Obama led Congress to believe he was doing; it is the opposite of what he said he was doing – and patently unacceptable."

       But that's not all. McCarthy goes on to say: "That is not what Iran and the Obama administration led the American people and its elected representatives to believe they were negotiating. Indeed, Iran has claimed all along – implausibly but assiduously – that its nuclear activities are entirely peaceful and have nothing to do with weaponizing uranium and plutonium.... It was over the nuclear program alone that the administration told Congress it was negotiating; that is why the statutory sanctions against that program are the narrow subject of the Corker Bill."

       In other words, Obama and the mullahs of Iran pulled a bait-and-switch on Congress... shame on Corker and naïve Republicans for allowing themselves to be snookered in the first place...

       And now that the deception is out in the open, McCarthy also explains what must happen next: "If you scrutinize [Barack] Obama's Iran nuclear deal, you find that [Obama] ignores the existence of the Corker process. So should Congress... The Congress, particularly the Senate, has not only a clear justification but a constitutional duty to scrap the legally defective and, now, factually nigh-irrelevant Corker review process, codified as the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015."

       But that's not all... after pulling the wool over the eyes of elected officials who were all too willingly fooled, Barack Obama unveiled his double-cross by announcing that he was taking his Iran deal to the United Nations BEFORE Congress even had the opportunity to vote in accordance with the now moot
Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015.

       The steps our elected officials must now take should be apparent. The Obama bait-and-switch and the ensuing double-cross must not be allowed to stand, but whether or not they find the backbone to do what must be done is now in your hands.

Use the hyperlink below to send your urgent e-mails to your respective Members of the United States Senate.

More Obama Lies...

       You already know why this Obama-Iran Raw Deal is a nightmare. As Frank Gaffney, the Former Assistant Secretary of Defense under Ronald Reagan, put it:
"The notion that we can safely negotiate with an Islamic supremacist and jihadist nation such as Iran is ludicrous on its face. Yet that's exactly what our reckless Commander-in-Chief has done."  While I don’t agree with the Secretary that Obama is reckless, because he knowns exactly what he is doing…I do agree that we cannot negotiate with Muslims because I know the Muslim definition of “Treaty,” “Agreement” and or “deal.” It simply means to “BUY TIME”.

       Perhaps that's why Obama has used Islamic Taqiyyah and lied throughout the entire process and continues to lie. Here are some of the bigger Obama whoppers:

       "Today... We Have Stopped The Spread Of Nuclear Weapons In This Region." That's a blatant lie. Even if Iran does not renege on the deal (and it will), the deal actually gives Iran a clear pathway to obtain nuclear weapons in the near future. Moreover, Obama has actually ensured that an arms race in the Middle East will now escalate. As former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton put it:
"We have given Iran the path it has been seeking for almost 35 years. The other states in the region are not going to sit idly by, which is why in effect the nuclear arms race is already underway."

       "Inspectors Will Also Be Able To Access Any Suspicious Location... Where Necessary, When Necessary." That's another lie. The truth is there is a potential window of up to 24 days from the time when a request is made to visit a suspicious location to the time when the visit may actually occur. Of course, such a window would give Iran more than enough time to conceal any violations of the deal. Also, an
"independent commission" will be empowered to review all requests and the provisions of the faux deal also allow Iran to contest the request and even reject it outright.

       "If Iran Violates The Deal, All Of [The] Sanctions Will Snap Back Into Place." That's yet another lie. More than being false, this Obama fabrication is probably the most fanciful, as
"snapping back" any sanctions is tantamount to closing the barn door after the horses have fled. The United States is required to release $150 Billion dollars in frozen assets to Iran immediately. If Iran breaks the deal, how is the United States going to get those frozen assets back from Iran? Answer: It's impossible. Moreover, as reports: "The phrase 'snap back' is vivid, and conveys precisely the sort of rapid, alert, and decisive action skeptical hawks have been demanding... But if sanctions really do 'snap back' as promised, it would be an unprecedented episode of economic diplomacy."

       There are more lies but you get the picture. The question that sane Americans should be asking is why did the Obama Regime tell so many lies and engage in so many bait-and-switches to enable the world's greatest sponsor of global terrorism to obtain nuclear weapons? My answer to you is…. Well if you don’t know Obama and his agenda by now then, me telling you, once again certainly won’t do any good at this point, but one thing is clear.
 The Corker Bill is now moot and as Andrew McCarthy says, Congress "has not only a clear justification but a constitutional duty to scrap the legally defective and, now, factually nigh-irrelevant Corker review process, codified as the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015."

       It's time for Congress to scrap the "Corker Betrayal" and simply tell Barack Obama NO!

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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