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The Control Of Information

 "The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie-- deliberate, contrived and dishonest-- but the myth, persistent, persuasive and unrealistic. Belief in myths allows the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought." -John F. Kennedy
The Control Of Information
If one controls the information, one controls the people.

By de Andréa, Opinion Editorialist
Published June 2, 2015

Another School Caves in - to the Atheist Religious Group

The only way an atheist can win converts is by denying any opposing views and information.

What is so confusing to me is how the Atheist Religion trumps any other religion…Oh! I forgot Islam also trumps all other religions.  And why don’t Christians trump other beliefs.   Maybe it’s because Christians don’t need to be controlling of information.  Most Christians believe in giving people all the information they need to make up their own mind.         

In any case the following example supports what I have been saying about the American so-called educational system for years. The result of the system is biased INDCTRINATION, not education.  The system turns future Americans into programed Godless robots, and it may not be the fault of the educators, instead it is the government and the courts that don’t follow the Constitutional law of the first amendment, which clearly states that, “Congress shall make no Law respecting the establishment of religion, or the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech,…”  In other words “The People” that’s you and me, are free to do what we want in that regard.  So this violates not only the Free Speech clause, but also violates the Make No Law clause.  If this Artiest group can successfully sue another group in a court of law (and they have) then there ‘must be’ an illegal unconstitutional law - where the constitution says there can be “NO LAW”.  GO FIGURE???

Islamism, Atheism, and Evolutionism, are all religions peddled by the U.S. government and the courts. That’ is against the law.  Christianity is prohibited by the government and the courts. That’ is against the law.

It seems to be a repeating story.  A school, somewhere in America sets a policy or plans an event, and some opposing religious group threatens to sue.  Consequently the school administration, school board, or teacher caves - in fear of their demands.

The children are the losers
Children have less opportunity to get a full balanced understanding or exposure and suffer for the lack of experience.  And I am sad to say that it happens all the time now.  

Christian News reports the story   
“Public school officials in Montana recently canceled a field trip to a local creation museum after a prominent church-state separation group threatened to file suit.”
What had been planned as both a reward and as an educational opportunity for the children has been cancelled because it might expose the children to a non-evolutionary view.  So much for intellectual neutrality and a balanced education.  But how could we really believe there ever was any neutrality?  What they are really afraid of is that it might expose the truth that evolution is in point of fact at best just another theory and therefore just another belief or religion and not necessarily the truth.
 “Permission slips had been sent home to parents to allow their children to go on the trip.  But because the museum is operated by the Christian group Foundation Advancing Creation Truth (FACT) and puts forth a biblical worldview about creation, the church-state separation group “Americans United for Separation of Church and State” (AU) sought to put an end to the trip. It sent a letter to school officials earlier this month asserting that it would be illegal for a public school to send children to the museum.”
The fact is that the atheist knows that there is no possible way to teach any subject neutrally.  He knows that just as religious atheistic science books produce atheistic material, Christian or creationist museums will produce their perspective.  The problem for the atheist is that their view cannot win in an honest world.  They know that if given a fair hearing, Christian creationism will always win.  So they eliminate the competition in order to win.
But this was not even the case.  Origins of the universe were never to be brought up during this trip.  The purpose for the trip was to look at fossils and discover facts about their discovery and origin.  This just shows how much they fear the truth.
 “While our museum is based on biblical history and all of our exhibits are set in that context, we provide a tour that focuses on the fossils displayed in the museum and the characteristics of those fossils,” he said. “We mention complexity and design, but we stay away from any discussion of the Bible for public school tours,” Canen continued. “We understand that our signage refers to special creation and the biblical timeline, but we don’t draw attention to those signs for public school tours.”        
THE BOTTOM LINE: The main issue is that these atheists have to control the information.  If they do, they think they will convert these students into atheists. On the other hand, if they don’t control the information they haven’t a prayer to convert anyone.   The problem with this is that if you hold a fools system you have to cut off the source of all other information to show yourself tenable.  And we should at the very least pressure schools and legislators to ignore any and all complaints that are not tied to a parent of the school.  If the atheist group is not local and haven’t a parent as its client, they cannot even legally file suit.  But they do and they get away with it because we live under the oppressive control of a Nazi Fascist government and a perverted failed court system.
The only reason this happens in a free country, is we lack people with the backbone to resist this fascist Nazi movement. 
 But in the end, God will win in His court…
Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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