Thursday, February 12, 2015

This Is Islam

This Is Islam

By de Andréa
February 12, 2015

In this article you will find such statements as, “radical Islam”, “moderate Muslims”, “IS’ version of Sharia”, “strict form of Sharia”, etc. as if there were any other version or way of interpreting Islam.  Let me ask you this, what would a ‘moderate Gestapo SS Nazi’ have looked like in 1942?  On the other hand, what would a ‘radical Nazi’ have looked like? Maybe they both would have looked like Nazis? Ya Think?  Moreover, what would just an American form of the U.S. Constitution look like? Or a strict form of the U.S. constitution? Would there be any difference from a regular form of Constitutional law?  Of course not! That’s silly… there is no shade of grey here!  Think, think, think people.  It either ‘is’, or it ‘isn’t’…

This is Islam pure and simple
Newly released photos from IS again show just how brutal they are as they mete out justice according to ‘regular ordinary Quranic Islamic Sharia Law’.
The included pictures might be disturbing to some, so be warned before you scroll too much farther, but it depicts just how disgustingly vile this group truly is.
The terrorist group known as IS, ISIS, or, as Obama and his robots call them ISIL which means the Lament, it includes all of the world, has used brutal tactics in the past few months in order to claim and hold land in the Middle East, a resent series of photos have been released showing the extent of how IS fighters punish their law breakers in their controlled lands.
Among the photos is one depicting an IS execution of two homosexual men by pushing them from a

tall balcony. The pictures show a man being pushed onto a ledge, another of a man falling through the open air, and one of two bodies lying on the ground surrounded by pools of blood. As is evident in the pictures, these were public executions as a crowd had formed at the base of the balcony where the men were pushed.
Two blindfolded men are also showed nailed to wooden beams, while a man stands in front of them with a surrounding crowd and reads their crimes. According to the Daily Record, the men were accused of banditry. After their charges are read, two militants step up behind the crucified men and execute each with a single shot from their respective handguns.
Finally, a set of images shows the execution by stoning of a woman. Her execution can be said to be less public as it appears to be taking place in a secluded, wooded area, but the brutality of her death via stoning is still on display.
Public executions have been reportedly taking place in all IS controlled areas since the group declared their lands for the Caliphate, or Islamic State.
Charles Lister of the Brookings Institute’s Doha Center, researched the so-called IS’ version of Sharia Law and published his findings under the title Profiling the Islamic State.” In this research, Lister writes, “The implementation of a strict form of sharia law is clearly central to IS’s governance.”   Lister says: “In this version of Sharia Law, serious punishments are dealt out to people who violate seemingly minute offenses such as listening to non-Islamic music or deviating from the assigned dress code implemented by ISIS.
The truth is, that whatever version it is, it is just plain ole Sharia Law my friend.  
NOTE: (The Brookings Institute is a puppet think tank for promoting Islam and a global government. The Doha Center is located in Doha Qatar, an Islamic State. Watch for my research study in a future publication titled the “The Brookings – Qatari - U.S. Connection”)
Given IS’ penchant for a wide range of propaganda, these images and executions serve multiple purposes. Not only are Sharia crimes being brutally and unfairly punished in these pictures, but the images are also meant to terrorize people in and around IS controlled areas.
THE BOTTOM LINE: How is it possible that people think Islam is anything but a violent, oppressive, tyrannical, and brutal ideology?
If you would ever care to dissect the Quran, you would see that IS has just followed Sharia, part and parcel just the way it was written. They’re just not abdicating their responsibilities to their god Satan, that’s definite.
And while some Muslims seem to follow many different factions of Islam, it’s amazing how all of them seem to be violent, cruel and intolerant.  Could it be because they are all fundamentally the same?
A Muslim by any other name is still a Muslim. They all have the same book the same law and the same goal.

Are you a moderate, ‘or a radical’ American?  Just what exactly does that mean?

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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