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Obama’s Personal Campaign Against Netanyahu

Obama’s Personal Campaign Against Netanyahu
And you are funding it…

By de Andréa
February 03, 2015

Two U.S. lawmakers have sent letters to the State Department, asking whether President Barack Obama has “launched a political campaign” against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and whether American taxpayers are helping to fund that campaign.

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas and Rep. Lee Zeldin, R-N.Y. sent letters this week asking the State Department to explain why a non-profit group called “One Voice”, supported by U.S. tax dollars, is working with a campaign called “Operation Victory 2015 (V15)” to influence Israel’s elections, to be held this March 17.

The lawmakers called taxpayer funding for such a purpose “completely unacceptable.” And illegal.  But Obama doesn’t care what Lawmakers or the Constitution says.  Why would he, he is a Muslim Jihadist.  He obviously hates the Constitution because he totally ignores it.  Do you think maybe, just maybe it’s because Islamic Sharia is his law of choice and Jihad is his agenda?  Naw…that’s too obvious.

“State Department grants should never be given to entities working to overthrow strong allies like Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu,” Zeldin said Thursday.  “Today, I join with Sen. Ted Cruz in calling for a U.S. Department of State investigation into this important matter.”

Obama’s Community Organizing

In an article earlier this week, the Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz highlighted the work of Jeremy Bird, a political strategist who helped organize a door-to-door effort for the Obama campaign against Hillary Clinton in the 2008 Democratic presidential primary in South Carolina. The effort was very successful, and it helped to break open a dead even race between the two candidates, eventually leading to Obama’s nomination and election.

This year, Bird brought a team of consultants to Israel to help organize Israeli political groups to oppose Netanyahu.

The 2014 version of anti-Netanyahu campaign is not without precedent.

The eagerness among former President Bill Clinton’s staff to defeat Netanyahu in his first term was so strong that top Clinton operatives James Carville, Bob Shrum and pollster Stanley Greenberg camped out in Israel to help Labor Party candidate Ehud Barak to a come-from-behind victory over Netanyahu in 1999.
This year’s activity comes amid charges by Democrats that Republican House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, is playing politics by inviting Netanyahu to address Congress before the elections to report on the danger to Israel and the West from Iran’s nuclear weapons program.

On the Republican side, Cruz and Zeldin want to know how much money the U.S. government has given to groups working in the Israeli elections, including “One Voice” and the “Peace Works Network Foundation”, who approved the funding, how much oversight and accounting is involved, and whether non-profit groups such as “One Voice” are violating terms of their tax exempt status.

“Of course private citizens are free to engage in political a ctivities according to their inclinations,” their letter stated. “But given the overtly partisan nature of this particular case, we are deeply concerned by the relationship that also exists between One Voice and the Department of State.”

Lost in the din of the political battle another question looms:  as the diplomats spend years negotiating with Iran, how close are the mullahs to acquiring nuclear weapons and what are the consequences for Israelis, Americans and the people living in the Middle East tinderbox if they do?

THE BOTTOM LINE: Does this just show how much Obama hates Netanyahu, or is it just that he hates all Jews?  Likely all of the above.  But how do you like financing Obama’s personal campaign to promote Islam and overthrow one of the best Prime Minsters Israel ever had? How do you like being used’ to carry out Obama’s Personal Struggle in his Jihad agenda of creating the World Nation of Islam (The Islamic Ummah)? 
More importantly, just how long are you going to put up with it???

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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