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Classified Intel: ISIS Attacks Planned On U.S. Soil


Classified Intel:  ISIS Attacks Planned On U.S. Soil

Cells already in place for 2015 spring and summer offensive.


By de Andréa
February 20, 2015
Your Muslim president Barack Hussein Obama running protection interference for the Islamic State says ISIS, or ISIL as he calls it, is not Islamic.
So how did a movement once dismissed by President Obama as “the Junior Varsity team” become such a serious threat, not only to stability in the Middle East, but to the U.S. itself?  Because he purposely dismissed it so we would ignore it, but we can no longer ignore it my friend…
Many Americans have become disturbed by daily reports of unimaginable atrocities by the self-declared Islamic State, also known as ISIS and ISIL, as it has stormed its way across huge swaths of Syria and Iraq and repeatedly threatened the American homeland.
Videos of the beheadings of American journalists and reports of brutal massacres, crucifixions, rapes
and torture have caused many to wonder what motivates ISIS, where did it come from and what are its ultimate intentions? Is ISIS really establishing a genuine and lasting Islamic caliphate that will not only serve as a powerful magnet for disaffected Muslims worldwide, but metastasize over large parts of the world?
ISIS my friend is at least a prelude and a conduit to a neo-Ottoman Caliphate.  And Obama openly now collaborates with the leaders of the revived Ottoman Empire called the Muslim Brotherhood.   
Egypt, now at the forefront of fighting ISIS, is warning it has intelligence revealing the global jihadist group is planning a worldwide offensive this spring or summer that could reach targets within Europe and the United States.
Interrogations of ISIS members captured in recent weeks in the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula revealed information collected by Egyptian security forces indicate ISIS is planning ground offensives this spring and summer aimed at taking over more territory across the Middle Eastern and Persian Gulf, a senior Egyptian intelligence official said.

Some of the information indicates the new offensive will not be limited to the Arab world. Timed to coincide with its planned surge, ISIS is plotting possible attacks using cells abroad.
ISIS and its jihadist allies could activate cells to carry attacks in Europe and possibly within the U.S., the senior Egyptian official warned.
The official advocated the deployment of significant ground troops acting on multiple fronts to stop ISIS’ progression. He complained the Obama administration and international community has been hesitant to take major action against ISIS advances.
Egypt on Monday sent warplanes over the border into Libya to bomb ISIS targets after the terror group’s well publicized, savage attack on Egyptian Christians.
Egyptian F-16 fighter jets reportedly struck ISIS training camps and weapons depots along Libya’s coast, including targets in Derna, where Islamic extremist groups have joined with ISIS.
One day earlier, ISIS allies released a video that appears to show the execution of 21 Coptic Christian prisoners. The Coptic Church is headquartered in Egypt.
The Egyptian government reportedly dispatched its foreign minister to New York in a bid to rally international support for their military intervention in Libya.
Last week, WorldNetDaily reported Egypt estimates ISIS and its allies currently boast an army of about 180,000 fighters and growing.
An Egyptian intelligence document, the contents of which were obtained by WND, warns that while the U.S. has been attempting to maintain a coalition to fight ISIS, the Islamic terrorist organization has itself been hard at work building a sustainable coalition of jihadist gunmen.
The 180,000 figure is up to six times greater than a CIA estimate from last September, which placed the number of ISIS fighters at between 20,000 and 31,500 fighters, moreover at this writing that figure could have increased to at least 50% more. 
According to Egypt, ISIS has created an umbrella army with the Taliban, Al Shabab, Al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula and local jihadist groups from Yemen, Mali, Gaza, Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the Egyptian Sinai.
Cells inside U.S.?

There have been numerous claims of ISIS cells embedded in the U.S.  This map is 4 years old, the red area indicates the states containing Jihadist terror cells approximately 25 states, today there are nearly 40 and growing.  When all the Syrian so-called refugees begin flooding into the U.S. the embedded ISIS Jihadists will soon increase that number to 50 States with multiple terrorist’s cells and training camps.  Are we stupidly blind or what?
I have written numerous articles about the Jihadist camps right here in the U.S. You can read some of them HERE check the dates the first one is in 2007, eight years ago.
Earlier this month, Michael Steinbach, head of the FBI’s counter-terrorism division, was asked by CNN whether or not there are ISIS cells in the U.S.
Steinbach said, “There are individuals that have been in communication with groups like [ISIS] who have a desire to conduct an attack, and those people are living in the U.S. right now.”
He conceded the FBI finds it extremely difficult to track every American traveling abroad who can join ISIS or receive training by foreign terrorist organizations.  In other words, we have absolutely no control over the Muslim Jihadists flooding into this country.
“I’m worried about individuals that we don’t know about that have training,” Steinbach said. “We know what we know. But there is a number that’s greater than that that we don’t know.”
“Once you get to Europe, you can easily get down to Turkey and into Syria,” he noted.
In August, former CIA officer Bob Baer told CNN he had been “told with no uncertainty there are ISIS sleeper cells in this country.”  And what is our government doing about this obvious terminal threat??? ABSOLUTLY NOTHING!

THE BOTTOM LINE:  I have been warning about this inevitability nearly since the first Muslim set foot on American soil.  Surly since Obama made a run for president and a lot of you called me a raciest and laughed at my so-called conspiracy theories.  But few are laughing now because I know most of you are at least beginning to wonder if we are on the edge of ‘too late’.   It is too late for most of Europe, America can still stop this tragic disease of Islamic insanity, but unfortunately the government won’t wake up soon enough to avoid an all-out war with Islam right here on our own once free soil.  It will look like a bloody civil war my friend, and there is nothing worse, just look at the Middle East.


Those in government are afraid to be ‘the one’ to make the unthinkable decision to really do what it will take to actually win the war against this satanic ideology.  Most of our leaders won’t even admit that we are at war with Islam, “it’s just a few extremists” they say.  They are deceived by their own brain-washing rhetoric. 


You my friend, have two choices, one to get on the phone, and/or write your representatives every single day until they are tired of hearing from you, or just do what you have been doing and just sit by and watch it all happen, and it will my friend.  Obama wasn’t kidding when he said “I will bring CHANGE” and that “this is no longer a Christian Nation…it is an Islamic State.”  Obama’s Islamic State IS, ISIS or ISIL, is now committing genocide on Christians all over the world. We are blind to the fact that we are fighting for our very existence, and we still refuse to identify who this enemy is.  It is politically correct willful ignorance my friend!

It’s time we turn the tables on this evil, barbaric, inhuman, satanic ideology…

What do you think???

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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