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“All Those Who Hate Me Love Death”

“All Those Who Hate Me Love Death”

Three Muslims murdered by atheist proves at the end of godlessness is death.

By de Andréa
February13, 2015

In a pluralist society, such as the one our elite government leaders and culture are creating, there are times in which ideas will clash. People having this’ view of the world come to this conclusion, while people who have that’ view come to that conclusion. In a world of competing views and ideas, there
is bound to be conflict. Yet, it seems unlikely that any who advocate such pluralism would have envisioned that these situations would turn murderous or even violent. But, this is may be exactly what has happened in Chapel Hill NC.

Fox is reporting:
A man who portrayed himself as an avowed atheist on social media was in custody early Wednesday after gunning down three Muslim students, pictured at right, in a condominium complex near the University of North Carolina hours earlier.
Although we are not told that the motive for the murders were religious, it seems that it may have played a key role in the decision to kill.
The Raleigh News-Observer reports
Craig Stephen Hicks, 46, is being held in the Durham County Jail on three counts of first-degree murder.  Hicks is accused of shooting his Finley Forest neighbors, Deah Shaddy Barakat, 23, and his wife Yusor Abu-Salha, 21, and Abu-Salha’s sister, Razan Abu-Salha, 19, of Raleigh.
Several posts on Hicks’ Facebook account. point to his hostility toward the religious. Fox further reports:
“In a Facebook page in Hicks’ name described him as a supporter of “Atheists for Equality” and in a recent post he asked “why radical Christians and radical Muslims are so opposed to each other’s’ influence when they agree about so many ideological issues.” The victims’ religion and Hicks’ outspoken beliefs fueled broad online speculation that the murders were a hate crime.
And even if Hicks was not motivated to kill the three victims because of their religion, it still points to the outcome of his atheistic worldview. Some will point to his mental state or maybe even some event that pushed him to this action, but the real reason is told us in the Scriptures.”
 “For he who finds me finds life and obtains favor from the Lord. But he who [a]sins against me injures himself; all those who hate me love death.” Proverbs 8:35-36
You cannot accept any idea without it having an effect on you. Ideas have consequences. As we accept one thing as true, we shape the way we will see the rest of the world. A world without God is a cold and brutal world. There is no reason for goodness, love, or tolerance without a Creator and Judge.  Could it be that this is the reason that Atheists and Muslims are intolerant of any other religion?
Hicks had nothing in his worldview restraining him from this action. With the atheist, though many try to deny it, he can at best be ‘Amoral’. He has no reason but the fear of punishment to restrain his actions. For the atheist, there is no right or wrong there is only action. This is why the proverb holds true. The absence of God leads to death, and those who hate God love death. They have no reason to think or feel otherwise.  Hicks was living out his worldview whether he knew it or not.

For the Muslim, they have no reason to fear anything including the restraint of punishment because their Ideology or religion dictates hatred, intolerance, violence, brutality and the love of death.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Not that I condone what Hicks did, but I couldn’t tell you what is worse Muslims or atheists.  Atheists are godless and Muslims are Satanists.  Both are haters of God, so according to Proverbs both love death. 
Although it is doubtful that Hicks premeditated the murders of these three Muslims solely on the bases of their Islamic ideology, it seems that there was another unrelated dispute. But the fact that Atheists hate all religious people I am sure was a factor in the decision to kill these students. 
Herein lies a’ problem as I see it. First the fact that we live in a pluralistic culture where all religions are by law tolerated even the so-called nonreligious atheists, which I believe is a religion unto itself, one cannot believe in nothing.  But is Islam a real religion any more than Nazism or Communism are religions? And therefore should it be considered a religion under the first Amendment should it be part of our pluralistic culture any more than Nazism should? Anyone who has studied Islam knows and understands Islam and the purpose and goal of Islam, will recognize Islam as an intolerant political ideology of hate, rather than a religion.          
Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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