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Why Did God Create Ebola?

Why Did God Create Ebola?
Didn’t God create all things?  Or was Darwin correct: Everything just grew out of the goo…

By de Andréa   
November 8, 2014

Despite Ebola's vicious and deadly character killing an average of 70-90 percent of those it attacks, I deny that it evidences a malevolent creator as some of my readers have suggested, asking: If you believe in a loving God who created everything, then why did he create Ebola to kill people?  
Viruses, as all living things, originally had good purposes.  Some may have become harmful through either genetic alterations over the course of history, or they may be the result of the sin of man and Satan’s control in this earth shortly after Gods creation.
All viruses are not evil. Among them are beneficial properties that can make some plants drought-resistant or heat-tolerant, protect humans from harmful bacteria or play a role in the development of mammal placentas.
Ebola's existence doesn't suggest an evil creator any more than the inventor of the automobile shows malign intent.  Automobiles were designed to be used for good but sometimes they can be involved in problems, crashing and killing their drivers or running into people, even though the machine itself was invented for a good purpose.  Some make the same ignorant case for guns even though they are more often used to protect or defend, than to kill or harm.
Writers with Answers in Genesis, an organization which teaches that God created the world by His direct action thousands rather than millions of years ago, also argue that Ebola does not provide evidence of Darwinian evolution, viral microbes are still viral microbes even after thousands of years. The discovery of DNA or deoxyribonucleic acid is a molecule that encodes the genetic instructions used in the development and functioning of all known living organisms and many viruses, it is called the blueprint of life by all scientists, a blueprint not only suggests design, but a creator.  The existence of ‘deadly’ viruses aligns with the Bible's teaching that mankind's sin brought change and ill effects to God's good creation.  Moreover it is not just microorganisms that have gone awry because of the sin of man, we have an entire nation of people that disguise themselves as peaceful while maliciously trying to commit genocide to anyone that disagrees with them.  Even man was originally created good!
"We know that the original viruses -- like the original kinds of bacteria and all other microorganisms -- were harmless and served useful purposes," Georgia Purdom, Elizabeth Mitchell and Tommy Mitchell wrote in an article posted on the Answers in Genesis website Oct. 20. "Over the past 6,000 years many disease-causing variations have developed in viruses and indeed in all classes of microbes. However, the more science learns about this hard-to-see part of our world, the more hints we see that these things were originally designed as a vital part of our world."
A separate Answers in Genesis article, argues that in addition to providing the only viable explanation of viruses, the Christian worldview has led to compassionate care of Ebola patients.
"Ultimately, unlike those with a biblical worldview, secular humanists have no clear moral basis to put themselves at risk to help the downtrodden, sick, and infirm," Andrew Fabich, a microbiologist at Liberty University, wrote. "If we are just the product of random chance processes over time, as Darwinian evolution asserts, then why not let the sick die off so the strong will survive? However, since we are not the byproducts of random chance processes, we should conduct ourselves altogether differently."
Christians with medical training should pray about travelling to Ebola-stricken areas to provide care, and all followers of Jesus should pray for the sick.
Those that contract this deadly virus will most likely meet their Maker soon. We should pray for the missionaries ... on the ground, meeting needs, to give them boldness to share the gospel under such dire consequences. What a wonderful opportunity to share with these sick and dying people that they do not have to spend eternity separated from a loving God.
Yes God created Ebola, but its purpose wasn’t to harm.  Don’t blame God, man is the one who brought the consequences of sin by making a bad choice.  Jesus Christ the Son of God is the one who brought salvation by His death and resurrection.    
Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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