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The Cross Road is in Sight

The Cross Road is in Sight
We must decide the direction to take before we get there.  Or the decision will be made for us.

By de Andréa
November 1, 2014

Okay!  I am going to give you the raw, honest, uncensored, truth and at this juncture I don’t really care whose ignorant brainwashing and politically correct indoctrination I step on.  Because when the truth of this is obvious enough for you to see for yourself…it will be too late to stop.

Not a week goes by now without some news report of Jihadist terror activity here in the U.S.  And trust me now you don’t hear of them all.  What was once a very rare occurrence, is now all too comm   on.  Moreover, it will continue to escalate like a slippery slope to the point, as it has reached in Europe, where it cannot be stopped without an all-out (what will appear as a) civil war between Muslim jihadists and the American patriot infidels.  And bear in mind this will not take place somewhere else my friend, this will be played out right in the streets of your neighborhood.  American cities will look like northern Syria and Iraq, a bloody war zone.  

Just in the past few weeks alone, we have seen:

A Muslim convert behead a co-worker in Oklahoma after performing “dawah” (proselytizing)  in an attempt to invite his co-workers to the Hell he enjoys in Islamic idealism;

And then… Three teen-age Muslim girls from Denver, Colorado, were arrested in Germany while in route to joining the Islamic State jihad in Iraq and Syria, they just wanted to have fun;

Our neighbors and allies to the north have suffered two Jihadi attacks in which three Canadian soldiers were killed—two were run over by a Jihadi in a car and one was shot while standing guard at the country’s war memorial monument and one went right into parliament in Ottawa, Canada.

A Jihadi wielding a hatchet launched an unprovoked attack on a group of New York police officers on a busy sidewalk in broad daylight in Queens, reminiscent of a London terrorist who beheaded a Brit right in a downtown street.

And most recently on Tuesday this week, in a NY train, a woman beheaded.  The headline reads:  Man Brutally Beheads Woman in New York Before Jumping in Front of Train; another suicide mission!

Where, and when will it end?  Well my friend as long as there are Muslims, it will never stop.  Instead it will escalate until it is as common place as it is in the Middle East. IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT?  WAKE UP PEOPLE!  No this is not going away!

Despite the repeated acts of Jihad and reports of support for Jihad that have become frequent in America and the West, the public is almost constantly bombarded with absurd admonitions from ignorant politicians and the ‘shorn sheep alphabet soup media’ that these are
not’ acts of terrorism carried out by Jihadists in the name of Allah, and this activity has “nothing to do with Islam.”  Even though while committing the act of terrorism, the would-be murdering son of Satan is hollering Allahu Akbar” at the top of his lungs.

Just as happened in the wake of the Fort Hood massacre and the Little Rock, Arkansas, shooting on June 1, 2009, the Obama regime imams insist that these are simple cases of “workplace violence” and “isolated” incidents.  They are just going postal that’s all.

Well… my friend, you just keep drinking the Kool-Aid of lies that the Obama jihadist regime is pouring down your throat and soon it will be too late to Change, Change, Change.

Is it any wonder why the Obama regime lied and covered up the Benghazi terrorist attack? After all, they won’t even tell the truth about Jihad inside your own country.

The media promoters of this poisonous dribble known as “political correctness” insist that we should actively ignore all of the blatantly clear evidence of Shariah and bloody Jihad in our midst: pro-ISIS graffiti in our streets; pro-ISIS protest signs in Ferguson, Missouri; violent Facebook postings from right here in America; and the fact that the Islamic State’s social media guru grew up right here in Boston.

We now have the cross road in sight my friend, either we bow down to the lords of Islam and political correctness and ignorantly and blindly deny the reality of the threat of brutal Islamic Jihad and efforts to promote oppressive Shariah inside the US, or we rise up in large numbers and
scream the truth across the fruited plain so it can be clearly heard from sea to shining sea.

It should be abundantly clear that the Obama regime has no desire whatsoever to do what is necessary to defend America from Jihad, either here at home or overseas.  Instead as a Muslim he has done everything he can to promote it.

President Obama himself has been completely dishonest about the threat from Jihad. First by supporting al-Qaida, the Egyptian Brotherhood and Hamas with arms and money and then by participating in a cover up of the Benghazi terrorist attack and more recently uttering the biggest lie of all, namely that
“ISIS, [or as he calls them] “ISIL is not Islamic.”  You see he knows better, because Obama is a Muslim Jihadi Terrorist in disguise.
Moreover he is doing exactly as the Quran tells him to do, he is following the life of Muhammad as written in the Hadith.  Buy the books and read it for yourself.

Meanwhile, he has continually embraced the American Muslim Brotherhood organizations, such as CAIR and the ISNA that have a pro-Shariah agenda of overthrowing the U.S. Constitutional government, despite their status as co-conspirators in the largest successful terrorism financing and money laundering prosecution in US history, the US v. the Holy Land Foundation.  He also overturned the sentences of these terrorist Jihadist criminals right after his first inauguration.

To say the least, it leaves real Americans scratching their heads and wondering if our elected leaders are crazy, ignorant, blind, dishonest, deceived, manipulated or all of the above!  Or’, as in the case of Obama himself, an agenda to turn the United States of America, into the Islamic States of America.

THE BOTTOM LINE:  So how do we stop this inevitable escalation of Islamic Jihad?  Well the last time I eluded to ‘the only solution’, I was accused of being a Hitler and lost half of my subscribers, even though I didn’t actually suggest that we do it, just that is was the only solution.  But the truth is that without complete genocide of Muslims on the earth, the Jihad of Islam will never stop, never my friend.  Because it is the very foundation of Islam!  

But we can stop Jihad here in the U.S. with an equally distasteful solution and that is to tear down all the Mosques, round up all the Muslims and send them back where they came from.  Like I said equally distasteful.  And not likely to happen. 

So what is left? Well…actually nothing my friend, that’s why this has become such a serious dilemma, the very definition of between a rock and a hard place.  While we can’t completely stop Jihad short of the only solution, we can stop enabling them as we have been doing.   The first thing is to stop electing Muslims as president as well as members of Congress.  Exclude them from all government jobs especially in security. 

And if you think we can’t even do that, because of the Constitutional protection of religion, you would be wrong!  The constitution doesn’t protect so-called religious groups whose ideology demands the overthrow of the U.S. system of government and to replace the Constitution with Islamic Sharia Law.  Not to mention the brutal annihilation of any and all who are not Muslims.  And if you have swallowed the poison of political correctness, and still willfully and blindly believe that Islam is a peaceful religion, then educate yourself and read the Quran and the Hadith my friend and discover the real truth. 

The truth is, that this is a matter of self-preservation.  It is ignorance that will prevent us from doing anything to ensure the future of freedom and our civilization.  It is Ignorance that causes us to be deceived to the point of enablement and this my friend will be the cause of our destruction!

If you want just a taste of what you can expect to find in the Quran, then read a previous article titled All Muslims Lie. 

What road are you going to take?

And when are you going to take it?
Thanks for listening – de Andréa
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