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Why? For objecting to having his daughter subjected to dawah

By de Andréa
November 4, 2014

No, this didn’t happen in Yemen, Oman or Northern Syria my friend, it is now going on all over this once free country of America.

Under the guise of a history assignment, (typical Islamic Taqiyyah), the students of La Plata High School in La Plata Charles County, Maryland, (that’s near Washington DC, the Capital of the United States for my new low information friends), were forced to learn the five pillars of Islam.  In the Islamic State, (IS or ISIS), this is called dawah or da’wa (Islamic proselytizing or conversion to Islam). Either America is now an Islamic State, or it soon will be.

Do you think this could have anything to do with young Americans going to Syria to join ISIS and the world Islamic Jihad to restore the world Caliphate of the Nation of Islam? Well…Yeah!  Your Muslim President, along with his so-called Czars, (Islamic Imams), in the Illegal and unconstitutional Department of Education through CORE, are creating the next generation of American Islamic terrorist Jihadists.  WAKE UP AMERICA!

Oh! Don’t believe me, read the story, and watch the news…

When a Marine dad, after serving tours in Iraq, objected to his daughter’s satanic homework assignment, school officials slapped him with a no trespassing order that effectively banned him from his daughter’s school entirely.  They have taken control of your children my friend.  After reading this, you might want to think about pulling your kids out of your public schools, and if available, put them in private schools where you still have some control of what goes into your kid’s heads full of mush, or check into home schooling.

Fox News at Dallas-Fort Worth reported that Kevin Wood of Charles County, Maryland, received the no trespassing order last Tuesday, following a disagreement with the La Plata High School vice principal. His daughter’s assignment told students to learn and give an explanation of Islam’s Five Pillars, Muhammad, and Mecca.  Watch the FOX NEWS report.   

Mrs. Wood said: “They won’t teach the Ten Commandments from the Bible, but it is mandatory to teach the Five Pillars of Islam from the Quran”.  Well…in the United States of Islam, of course’ it is!  Surprise, Surprise!

If you think this is an isolated incident, you would be wrong my friend. This is the trend all over the U.S. in Obama’s federally controlled indoctrination institutions called Public Schools. 

Moreover, this is exactly what goes on in an Islamic State. As a matter of fact it only goes on in an Islamic State.  As I so amply said: “Either America is now an Islamic State or it soon will be.”  You know!  If it walks like a duck…

Just a few things to watch for in the future of your new Islamic State public school system:

Your sons will be required to wear the Djbellah (Male robes), and your daughters will be required first to wear the Hijab (a head scarf), and later a Burqa, (a full body covering).

The school will serve only Halal food.  Halal food or meat according to Islamic Sharia/Law, animals (no pigs), must be slaughtered alive by bleeding them to death from the carotid artery (the Dhakat) only by an orthodox Muslim while facing Mecca, kind of like they kill Journalists.  All food must be blessed by an imam, called (the Shuhada) and offered to the Islamic demonic god Allah, and must be processed according to Sharia, only then is it fit to eat.  Only Halal food is fit to eat by anyone, because according to Sharia, Sharia rules everyone and every aspect of their lives. Anything contrary to Halal is Haram, and is against Sharia, punishable by death similar to how they slaughter animals, and yes Journalists.

And oh yeah…your kids schools will now be called Madrassas, and their teachers will be referred to as Mullah’s.

You should also get a CD of the Azan, (Islamic call to worship), so you will have enough time to learn it in Arabic.  The time is growing short.

And what is most important, is learning to holler Allahu Akbar before, or while you are committing acts of terror. (Required in Islamic Jihad)

And oh! Before there is a run on them at your local Target or Walmart, you might want get your prayer rug ASAP before the Islamic holiday of “EID”…what’s that?  Eid al-Fitr, is a festival originated by your new Islamic States prophet Muhammad, full name Abū al-Qāsim Muammad ibn ʿAbd Allāh ibn ʿAbd al-Muṭṭalib ibn Hāshim.  

EID, already on American postage Stamps, so you can worship while you lick, is observed on the first of the month of Shawwal at the end of the month of Ramadan.

Then you will be known as the Dhimmah, (the people of the book living in oppressive servitude to the NATION OF ISLAM.) Oh! And also you may be required to pay an outrages tax or tribute to your local Imam called the Jizya.  Oh well… everything you thought you had will now belong to Islam anyway.

Although this list of subservient Sharia oppressive rules are by no means complete, (study your Quran for that, called Mengaji), you might want to print this out anyway for a good start, just so you are ready when it is required.

On the other hand… even though you’,(the majority) are the ones who allowed this to happen, you can still stop all this bloody nonsense by doing something you likely have never done before.  Get up off of your dead indoctrinated robotically programed brains and let your representatives know that this is not acceptable, that is while you still have representatives.

Or’… you can just put on your Chechia and apathetically go back to your pool, take off your Chechia and put your brains on your new prayer rug, sip on your Islamic Kool Aid and practice the Azan.  What’s a Chechia?  Look it up! I can only hold your hand for so long…

The flag?  Oh that's the new United States of Islam flag...

This might be funny if it wasn’t so bloody serious my friend.   

May God have mercy on us all…

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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