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Islam Is More Deadly Than Ebola

Islam Is More Deadly Than Ebola
Islam is a pandemic disease a million times more dangerous and deadly than Ebola!

By de Andréa
November 14, 2014

What will the future of America look like in a few years? 
One only needs to look at what the disease of Islam has done to all of Europe. 
Moreover it is a Pandemic that cannot now be stopped, not without major surgery,
Just as a virus, no matter what Western country the Muslim virus migrates to, or settles in…of this you can be assured: It will destroy your freedom and your lives.
Simply look at the places in Europe Muslims have occupied.  Muslims move into a country, refuse to assimilate and then demand…under the guise of minority status and local laws…that those in the Host country bow, accommodate, then practice and be subjected to - their Islamic beliefs and ideology, convert to Islam or be beheaded.
But don’t take my word for it, listen to what Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff of Austria has to say:
”Under the direction of the EU bureaucrats in Brussels — whom we did not elect, and cannot remove — we Europeans are required to admit more and more third-world immigrants, most of them Muslims.

Our public institutions must change to accommodate them. Our schools become centers of Islamic propaganda and serve halal food to all their students, Muslim or otherwise. More and more mega-mosques are being built in our cities. Multicultural “tolerance” requires that we permit fully-veiled women as employees in all occupations, public or private. And, most ominously, any criticism of Islam — or even factual accounts of Islamic history and practices — are punished by lawsuits or state prosecution.

And this is from Enza Ferreri of the Liberty Great Britain Party in the UK:
Muslims, aided by the Left and coward governments, are still acting like masters, thinking that everything is due to them and trying to impose their ideology on everybody else.

I came to live in London from Italy in 1984, and the changes I witnessed since then are earth-shattering.

When I first arrived here, the word “halal” was unknown to everybody except the people involved in animal welfare… Now you only have to take a 30-minute drive around London (any part) and you’ll see dozens of Halal signs in shops and restaurants.  There is a myriad of examples of Muslim intolerance and lack of integration, stealth jihad and creeping Sharia in the United Kingdom.

A few years ago a Muslim policeman refused to wear his uniform due to the presence of what looked like a cross on it.

The typical phenomenon of Muslim men “grooming” (raping) young white girls, for years denounced only by right-wing groups who as a result were accused of racism and Islamophobia, turned out to be real and now finally the mainstream media have just started covering it.

There have been instances of Muslim girls rejecting their school uniform and demanding to wear Muslim clothing, and suing the school using the European Convention on Human Rights and winning the case.

Muslim bus and taxi drivers have not allowed blind people in their vehicles with their “unclean” guide dogs, and Muslim passengers have objected to them.”

Sounds like America to me! Probably because it’s the same disease…

This is not to mention the multiple terrorist attacks and public beheading right in the streets of downtown London in the name of their satanic god Allah, which has already come to the US.  This world pandemic disease from Hell won’t heal itself my friend.  Islam must be seen and understood for what it is… AN EVIL VIRUS FROM HELL!  Moreover, it should be treated as such…

THE BOTTOM LINE: The US is obviously following suit, with the deceived Left (utilizing the politics of personal destruction) pressuring Americans with their jackbooted political correctness, forcing citizens to clam up on any criticism of Islam. This is of course influenced by the pressure of the intolerant OIC Organization of Islamic Cooperation and CAIR Council on American Islamic Relations, (both are terrorists supporting organizations) on Blasphemy Laws…which really only benefit the spread of this Islamic disease…HELLO, Sharia Law From Hell!
Despite what your ignorant so-called government experts say, the ideology of Islam is for all Muslims, not just the so-called extremists, in point of Qur’anic fact, Islam does not support assimilation of Muslims into any other culture, which is obvious to an independent thinking person. Nor does it tolerate individual freedom (which we treasure). NOR does it allow for freedom of speech, enshrined in our First Amendment.
Moreover, as long as we Americans continue to allow this ideology (with a superiority complex) to exercise our freedoms in order to SUPPRESS and destroy our culture…we as a ‘Once Free Nation’, will just stand by and watch, in real-time, the fall of our human independence and liberty.
Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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