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Has Hezbollah Infiltrated Your Pharmacy?

Has Hezbollah Infiltrated Your Pharmacy?
More on the Islamic Jihad of America by which eventual total infiltration will be used as a conduit to the Islamic agenda of world domination.
By de Andréa
March 26, 2014

By now the nation of Islam has infiltrated nearly every aspect of this once free nation of America.  Schools, military, government, corporations, churches, police, hospitals – just to name a few - and now… pharmaceuticals.  

When you get your prescriptions filled at your local drug store, is a Muslim Jihadist providing the medications that you and your family consume?

A study by the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism reports that the Jihadist group Hezbollah is “already involved in manufacturing and is distributing these counterfeit medications in the U.S.” The U.S. Department of Treasury has recently blacklisted two Lebanese financial institutions for helping Hezbollah hide illegal drug trade profits.

Do you know where your medications come from? It might be from an international terrorist drug ring. The International Institute for Counter-Terrorism director Boaz Ganor says that “Hezbollah is using its production centers, international smuggling and distribution networks, and ties to international crime syndicates to insert deadly fake drugs into the world market.”

There are a variety of ways terror groups get involved in the legal drug market. They may steal, repackage and sell licit drugs, either prescription or over-the-counter medications. Pharmaceutical workers may moonlight with terror groups, or work for them full time. Sometimes terrorists sell bogus or adulterated medications, and other times manufacture and market their own.

Hezbollah has been involved in the counterfeit drug market for several years. For example, in 2006, Iran sent Hezbollah in Lebanon equipment to make Captagon, an amphetamine that was once used for treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Captagon has been banned in most countries since 1986, but it still widely used — and abused — in the Middle East. Engaging in this type of illicit trade within the Islamic world does create religious-ethical issues for the terrorists, but Hezbollah obtained a special religious dispensation, a (fatwa) provided the pills did not go to Shiite Muslim areas but only to Infidel and Sunni-majority countries.

Participation in the drug trade reaches the highest levels of the terror group. Lebanese authorities intercepted two machines for Captagon manufacture being sent to Sheikh Hussein al-Musawi, a Hezbollah parliamentarian and chemist. In February 2013, Lebanon charged Abdullatif Fneish, brother of Hezbollah official and Minister of State for Administrative Affairs Mohammed Fneish, with importing counterfeit drugs. The Fniesh drug ring is alleged to have imported and warehoused over 100 types of medications, for distribution within Lebanon and Western countries.

Hezbollah has a well-developed global drug distribution and money-laundering network, based on years of involvement in trading heroin and cocaine. Last April, the U.S. Treasury Department blacklisted two Lebanese financial houses for aiding Hezbollah in hiding profits from the drug trade. Kassem Rmeiti & Co. for Exchange laundered nearly $30 million in drug proceeds in the last five years. The Halawi Exchange Co. helped move $220 million worth of used cars from the United States to Benin as a front to hide drug money. Hezbollah is also active in the West African diamond trade, through which it makes drug profits virtually untraceable.

Hezbollah is active in the Western Hemisphere, working in concert with Mexican drug cartel Los Zetas to distribute drugs in Latin America. They are tapping into cartel drug distribution networks that reach into the United States. It is not the first time Hezbollah has penetrated our borders. The organization ran a cigarette smuggling ring out of Charlotte, North Carolina, for several years that generated tens of millions of dollars. And loosely-regulated internet drug sales present opportunities for terrorists to ply the drug trade through seemingly respectable front groups. Given this emerging frontier in Narco-Terrorism the time is coming when you will not know whether your pharmacist is actually a Muslim terrorist.
THE BOTTOM LINE: This is just another in the long list of examples of the ignorance of the Western culture regarding the Nation of Islam.  Not unlike the ignorance that existed in the 1930 regarding the growing state of Nazism in Europe with the same agenda.  The west was deceived then and the west is deceived now, and we are enabling our own destruction.
e farther back one looks, the farther forward one will see! – Sir Winston Churchill.

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Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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