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Common Core

Common Core
The U.S. Governments socialist indoctrination system passed off as the new American educational model.

By de Andréa
September 30, 2013

First let me ask you, what are the first steps necessary to destroy America’s system of Freedom, Liberty, democracy and free enterprise as we know it?

As outlined in Karl Marx Communist Manifesto that is free education for all children in public schools, where they are to be taught to have a high regard for cultural and political socialism and reject the idea of American Capitalistic exceptionalism.

Today this is politely known as “political correctness,” but it remains the same lie. It’s a popular and fashionable form of dishonesty and deception, wrapped in false compassion which results in nothing more than an inferiority complex for the victim-class it pretends to help.

So what can parents do about it?  
Well the first thing is to pull all your kids out of public schools, because at this stage it is the only way the school boards will listen Watch a video of a parent trying to get a question answered at a Board meeting of Common Core.  They not only won’t listen or answer his question they have him arrested.

I’m sure there are good schools systems out there somewhere; however we are seeing more and more of them implementing the indoctrinational curricula influenced by government and political correctness than real common sense education.

This does not help our children. America is ranked 22nd in the world in education and it’s heading toward 23rd.  In the north and New England States America was at one time ranked 1st   in the world.   Moreover, our schools now spend more than any of the 22 higher ranking schools in the world.

Instead of exceptional education our children are being preyed upon by sexually deviant teachers; parents are being arrested and or bullied by teacher unions and school boards, while kids continue to be passed without passing abilities – in order to receive more and more Federal funds.

Public education used to be about education – now, it’s about agendas, opinions, political leanings, diversity, sexual exploitation and CONTROL!
Look no further than the number of kids openly wearing Che Guevara T-shirts and the like to realize the left has been for years exposing young children to images and writings of not just this murderous scumbag Communist coward, but that of Marx, Alinsky, Castro, Lenin, Ortega, and Mao – not to mention American Communist leaders Pelosi, Reid and Obama.

Unsuspecting parents send their kids off to public schools where far-left radical teachers program their Marxist agenda into your children’s impressionable heads and as long as they come back with good grades, all is well.  Little do most of them know that their children are being radicalized.

This is a war, not unlike World War II, in that the country is being threatened by tyranny – only this time it’s not as obvious and upfront with bullets and bombs, but a slow bleed with your children being drawn away from you and your beloved America.

Children are reading sexually explicit books  (“he takes her from behind and whispers you’re my bitch”) other children are learning about pimps and ho’s; 2 + 2 can equal 5 because its “close”; The Second Amendment is for State “militia” only; Islam is good and white people are bad.. And it goes on and on. Big government has proven you cannot throw money at education to make it better and we all have a vested interest in stopping this indoctrination in the public school system making little communist robots out of our kids – even people who don’t have children.

These are the future leaders, tax-payers and voters. Unless you want to spend your golden years in a gulag or worse, you had better start paying attention to what’s really going here on my friend.

What is “Common Core?
Common Core is a Federal indoctrination program being sold as a testing standards platform but in fact it’s a blatant grab by the Federal bureaucracy of the entire Education system. It wrestles control of State and local education systems from boards, teachers, parents and students – placing them directly at the feet of Big Brother. The issue here is not whether Common Core is an effective program, even though it isn’t. It’s a horrible program. But even if it was the best education strategy in the history of the planet, it is still bad for the country because it prevents State and local education boards from designing, implementing and changing their structure, outlines or learning schemes based on their student’s needs. This is critical because a student in Central Florida might not be the same as a student in New Hampshire or Louisiana. Big government will claim it’s optional, but if a state takes that option it loses the federal dollars. The lure of the big Federal money is always too much for an already strapped State or local education system to pass up and they’ll take the money every time.

THE BOTTOM LINE: So why all the secrecy about what they want to accomplish politically? If socialism is so great, why don’t they just practice what they preach and come right out with their agenda? The answer is in the superiority of Western culture – what used to be referred to as “Christendom.” Marx knew he couldn’t overcome this superior way of thinking, learning, growing, loving, preparing, and protecting.  It was in a nutshell, just too kick-butt for Marxist ideology to present an attractive alternative to. Even the most destitute folks in America have it better off than everyone in North Korea, so it makes it kind of tough to sell despotism to the masses without a sub-machine gun pointed at them and their family.

So really, the only way to destroy the West is through moral subversion and ripping its spiritual foundation from society.  To get God out of the schools was their first move. Marxists must get us to implode from within because just giving us the choice between living under freedom, individual liberty and Capitalism or living under the thumb of oppression is a loser – we’ll pick the freedom every time. As Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young once sang; “Teach Your Children Well”… indeed. If you don’t, they might just learn how to stroll willingly into the nightmare that we’ve already had to drop bombs on twice…

Watch a short and interesting video of a 240 year old programmable robot, this my friend is what your government intends to turn your children into, nothing but a programed non thinking machine.

If you agree, please share these posts with your friends, family, co-workers.  The only way to defeat the apathy and propaganda of the government controlled media is to spread the truth. 

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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