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The American Robots

The American Robots
Why do free people attack and give up their own rights?  Answer…Because they have been preprogrammed to do so…

By de Andréa
April 15, 2013

Why is United States education level less than 17th in the world among industrialized nations?  The answer: U.S. State schools have nothing whatsoever to do with education, but they have everything to do with the INDOCTRINATION of STATISM.

If a Nation wants to compete in the world market it must at least educate the citizens with the truth at a competitive level or even exceed the world average.  I am really surprised that America is still as high as 17th, but it won’t be for long, there are still leftovers from the old system keeping that level high.  Soon they will all be retired and/or gone, and America will sink into the abyss of third world nations.

So why do’ people ignorantly attack their own rights and freedom, banning soda,  banning free speech,  giving up their right to privacy etc, etc.  Why would a free people willingly give up their freedom and even attack it???  There can be only one reason. 

In America today, the State public school system has become nothing but an institution of political indoctrination for Statism.  Starting in our colleges in the early 1950’s then incrementally working its way back to our high schools and into our elementary schools the brainwashing will now start as early as preschool.  The new Federal budget now includes an additional tax on tobacco products that will be used to fund pre-schools across the Nation.  These Federally funded pre-schools will be used to begin the robotic programming of our young children and grandchildren with lies ‘before they can be spoiled with the truth. 

How does the central government become so powerful?  We the people give it up.  And why do we give it up…the programmed kids of the 50’s and 60’s have now grown up; they were unknowingly programmed to give up their power, their rights and their freedom.  

The reason the Sandy Hook Massacre happened
Steven Boibeaux of Bristol, Connecticut claims that his son’s school, Northeast Middle School, is teaching children that Americans do not have a constitutional right to bear arms.  He said that his son was given a social studies worksheet that is anti-American and anti-Constitutional.  If Mr. Boibeaux would dig just a little deeper he would discover that his son’s school is teaching children that Americans do not have constitutional rights at all.  In fact many kids are not even taught that there is such a document as a constitution, much less a Declaration of independence.  Northeast is becoming as brainwash as Sandy Hook.  Soon they will hang ‘their sign’ that reads… THIS IS A GUN FREE SCHOOL… and Northeast will also become a target for crazies.  If the Robots can’t kill your children before they are born, or in many cases just after they are born, then they will advertise and invite the crazies to kill them in the schools.

Boibeaux was interviewed by Fox News’ Todd Starnes and said that he was “appalled” and believes that the school is trying to “indoctrinate our kids.”  Well, yeah!  They are State run schools.  That’s what they do and have been doing it for years.  They indoctrinate Statist Communist Socialist and/or Nazi philosophy, which replaced founding Christian principles in education a long time ago and he’ and/or his father may have unknowingly supported it.

Typically the brainwashing consists mainly of lies
The worksheet that he put forth as evidence is published by Instructional Fair of Grand Rapids Michigan and is titled The Second Amendment Today.”  It reads in part…  “The courts have consistently determined that the Second Amendment does not ensure each individual the right to bear arms, the courts have never found a law regulating the private ownership of weapons unconstitutional.”  This of course is a blatant lie; all gun laws are obviously unconstitutional, since they are an infringement of the basic right of freedom.

The worksheet, published by Instructional Fair, goes on to say that:  “The Second Amendment is not incorporated against the states.  This means that the rights of this amendment are not extended to the individual citizens of the states,” the worksheet reads.  “So a person has no right to complain about a Second Amendment violation by state laws.”  According to the document, “the Second Amendment only provides the right of a state to keep an armed National Guard.”  The historical truth on the other hand - is the thought of a State National Guard not only didn’t exist at the time but the idea was repulsive to the Framers.  Moreover, the Supreme Court decision in Heller v. Washington DC decided the contrary!  The teacher is either ignorant or he/she knowingly lies, either way the kids grow up attending 12-15 to 20 years of programmed lies turning them into adult robots incapable of independent thought, they follow a preprogrammed ideology of the supremacy of government.  Moreover it is then supported by the mainstream press.

To read about just a few’ of the recent attacks by the American Gestapo control-freaks to enforce the Nazi agenda of programming children, click on the titles below.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Still wonder why American citizens voted for a Nazi/Muslim Communist for president.  It wasn’t their choice, it was their programming.  They will eventually give up everything, their rights, their freedom, and’ their self-respect.  They will become robotic slaves of the all powerful government.  But not to worry, your’ children won’t miss being free, by the time they grow up they won’t even know what freedom is, it won’t even be a distant memory.

All this is thanks to you!  All of you parents that willfully and carelessly entrust the future of your kids to the American Gestapo and the brainwashing they eviscerate.  You didn’t even have to destroy your own country and your own kids; you left it up to the State to do the dastardly deed.

You might want to take a lesson from Steven Boibeaux and find out about all the lies you are paying for through your taxes and the loss of freedom your kids and grandkids will never know about. 

Don’t wait until your kids tell you what they are being taught, ask them every day.  Then if you discover anything like Steven Boibeaux did, bring it to the attention of the school principal, to the school district, and the rest of the parents until it is stopped.  If you come against any resistance to make the correction…pull your child out of that school and suggest the rest of the parents do the same.  Schools don’t get funding for students they don’t have. 

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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