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Moderate Muslim Bombers

Moderate Muslim Bombers
While Police shoot it out with the Chechnyan Muslim terrorists in Watertown Massachusetts, we discover that these two Muslim brothers were considered assimilated well adjusted and Americanized.  Physical poof ‘once again’ my friend, that “a Muslim is a Jihadist whether he/she is a so-called moderate or not”.

By de Andréa
April 20, 2013

I’m not going to go into the play by play report of the manhunt of these two mass murderers you can watch that on CNN or some other alphabet soup media.  I am going to instead talk about the ignorance of the West regarding Islam.  What these two Muslim brothers did is all choreographed in the Islamic Quran and Hadith and more importantly has all been done before, and sadly, because of our ignorance, it will happen again and again until we wake up from our brainwashed slumber or become defeated slaves. 

Jihad is the way of Islam
Why did these two brothers commit this atrocity?  A Muslim child is brainwashed from birth to do exactly what these two brothers did on Monday in Boston Massachusetts.  They are “Sleeper Jihadists”. 

Jihad does not always include violence, some Jihadist are infiltrators, we have thousands of them in every one of our government agencies we consider them “Peaceful moderate assimilated Muslims.  They are in our security agencies they are in our congress they are in our so-called educational system brainwashing our children, they are in our military, and they are in our Whitehouse.  They are ticking time-bombs.  When the Judaists web is strong enough, they will act and coop with the Terrorists militant Jihadists all toward the same goal.  Some are trained to commit mass murder, as these two did.  A third type of Jihad is support, financial and material supply, working in the shadows of “Muslim Charity”, yes, charity.  All Muslim charities are nothing but money laundering organizations for the support of Terrorist Jihad and they are all ignorantly supported by the U.S. Government as Charitable tax-free Foundations.  If you would read the Quran would I challenge you to find the word love in the so-called religion.  The reason that this has so much significance is that fundamental love is at the core of Charity.  There is no love in Islam no benevolence and no Charity.  So again it is the ignorance of the West that makes it so deceptive, we are actually enabling our own destruction.  Then the last and most difficult to detect among the so-called moderates are the Muslims that don’t even appear to be Muslims at all seemingly non practicing Muslims.  Some call them cultural Muslims who will only join the jihad when total militant Jihad comes to fruition and they are forced to take sides, their otherwise warm fuzzy demeanor will suddenly become violent militant Jihadist and they will join the other Muslims in the war against the Western Kaffaar or Infidel. 

The point I am trying to make here is that all Muslims are Jihadist.  One cannot separate Jihad from Islam, it is at the heart of the Islamic agenda of world supremacy, and it is their purpose. 

The identity of which type of Muslim these two were, or are…remains to be seen.  The two brothers Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, 19, and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, were from Dagestan, a province in Russia that borders Chechnya.  Tamerlan, the older brother returned to Russia for what is believed to be Jihadist training, so his sleeper Jihadist programming was about to become real. 

On Friday, when this manhunt was all going down in Watertown Ma, I had to break away from the television coverage to run some errands, so I tuned in a favorite talk show host on the car radio.  I have always respected Tom Sullivan, he is intelligent, fair and open minded.  But when a Lebanese man called in to answer Tom’s burning question about “what causes a moderate Americanized assimilated Muslim to become radicalized” I tuned up the volume.  Unless he was Muslim, I knew immediately what the answer was going to be…  I know Lebanon, the people and the history.  Sure enough the first words in the answer were…  “All Muslims are Radical Jihadist Muslims”.  I can’t tell you how many thousands of times I have written or said that very statement.  After the man gave a brief explanation, then came Sullivan’s response.  Hoping that it would be an intelligent fair-minded response as Sullivan is known for, I was surprised to hear him say:  “yes’ but you didn’t answer my question.”  Sullivan repeated the question and the man explained it from another direction saying nearly exactly what I have written in this article, and Sullivan’s response was again:  “yes’ but you didn’t answer my question.” 
‘Five times’ Sullivan asked this patient Lebanese Christian man “what causes a moderate Americanized assimilated Muslim to become radicalized”.  And each time the man answered the question in yet another way such as Muslims do not assimilate etc. and Islam is a radical ideology period and never using the word RELIGION to identify Islam.  He even asked Sullivan if he thought there could be any such thing as a moderate Nazi, hoping to spark some reason and logic in the comparison.  No such luck, Tom Sullivan had obviously been programmed with the lie that a few radicals hijacked a warm fuzzy peaceful religion and no square peg was going to fit in Toms round hole!  It was as if Sullivan had gone deaf as a stone.  This is the brainwashed mind-set that the west is up against my friend.  Moreover this is the reason why Japan doesn’t have ‘Jihadist Terror Attacks’, they don’t have Muslims!

How long is America going to put up with these continued attacks on our people from these Satanist Terrorists before we will take the Politically Correct programming out of our ears and listen to the truth?

We don’t need a ban on guns or even bombs…what we do need, is a BAN ON MUSLIMS!

If you walk away from this article with ‘nothing more than the ability to see the reality’ that once again the so-called warm fuzzy well adjusted “ ‘Moderate’ Muslim” has committed violent militant Jihad against the free world, then I have finally accomplish something toward my goal of the Hue and CRY of truth about Islam.  Folks what I am trying disparately to say here is that there is no such thing as a warm fuzzy moderate peaceful Muslim, Muslims do not assimilate into your culture, they will force you to assimilate into theirs.  There is only one kind of Muslim, and all have been indoctrinated with the same satanic agenda of world dominance and supremacy called the UMMAH the World Nation of Islam.  And Jihad… is their way.

THE BOTTOM LINE: ‘Every’ Muslim either Infiltrates its Western enemy or gives financial aid or is involved in violent militant Jihad as these two brothers were.  And as I said the most dangerous and difficult to detect is the “Cultural Muslim” a seemingly non-participating non-practicing Muslim who appears to have totally assimilated into the western culture and even becomes Christian in appearance.  Don’t let them put their foot in your door my friend, because they will take over your house.

This entire Jihadists agenda has either repeatedly played out before our eyes or it is documented in history and ye we are too blind, deaf and dumb to grasp it.  Muslims are not very good at independent action they follow a script found in the Hadith, it just repeats itself over and over again.  Moreover they ‘as programmed robots’, will never stop…

They will always “BE BACK”.

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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