Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Let Gitmo Murderers Die

Let Gitmo Murderers Die

Some Gitmo detainees have been trying to starve themselves since 2005 and we force feed them to keep them alive…Why!
By de Andréa
April 22, 2013

A large Majority of the Murdering Muslim Supremacist Terrorists that we Americans are supporting at Club Gitmo in the exotic Republic of Cuba are either on a hunger strike or threatening to go on a hunger strike…

Heroic measures to save the lives of these murdering son’s of Satan
The military prison authorities at Guantanamo detention center are so concerned about the health and welfare of the worst of the worst of these satanic barbaric murderers that they are sedating them and inserting feeding tubes into their esophagus and down into their stomach so they can force cans of Ensure down their gullets.  All this - so these dregs of humanity will not get sick and die on their hunger strike.  Meanwhile in order to stop more hunger strikes the prison authorities are giving into the demands of these monsters who think nothing at all of slicing some innocent person’s throat in the name of their god Allah while they shout Allah Achbar to their demonic god Satan/Allah.

PLEASE!  Can anyone explain what is going on here?  Unless I am correct at my attempt at connecting the dots.  When our Muslim Terrorist Jihadist President took office in 2008 one of the first Executive/Dictates that our Nazi/Muslim president decreed was the closing of Gitmo which would have resulted in setting many of the worst of the murdering detainees free within the borders of the U.S. because their own countries refused to take them.  But to Obama’s disappointment Congress wisely blocked the order, or by today, America would have been an Islamic Terrorist State, and indents like The Boston Marathon Bombing would have been an everyday occurrence.  Every one of the so-called detainees that have’ been released back to their own countries such as Oman, Egypt, Gaza, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Afghanistan, has come back to kill American allies, and/or American or Israeli soldiers. 

First Obama tried to sic his Taliban Al Qaida Brotherhood terrorist pals on the American population but when that failed (thanks to Congress) then he gave the order to keep them alive and answer their demands - hoping to set them free at some later date. 

Now what I want you to know is…that this is only my opinion based on factual information.  If, when you’ connect all the dots and if you’ get a different picture, I would sure like to see it because as I explained at the beginning…  PLEASE!  Can anyone explain what is going on here?  If they are trying to kill themselves…LET THEM! 
For what purpose other than using them at a later date to organize all the hundreds of Terrorists Cells that are already in place in this country, (thanks to Obama), plus all the Jihadists that have infiltrated every government agency in the country (thanks to Obama) who are just waiting for leaders to begin the National militant Jihad in America.

So if you, as many others do, think that I am just some kind of conspiracy nut, then would you PLEASE explain to me based on what he has already done ‘Why is Obama doing what he is doing’?  And do you really ignorantly believe that Obama, a self confessed Muslim, (the enemy of the free world), is good for free Americans and other living things???

Thanks for listening - de Andréa

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