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Is Iran Behind The Boston Massacre?

Is Iran Behind The Boston Massacre?
And was U.S. intelligence warned beforehand about the Attacks?  Likely, and yes…

By de Andréa
April 20, 2013

Is this just the beginning of Iran’s promised Attacks on the U.S.?

The two Muslim Jihadist brothers Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, 19, and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, were originally from Dagestan, a province in Russia that borders Chechnya.  Tamerlan, the older brother returned to Russia for what is believed to be Jihadist training, so his sleeper Jihadist programming was about to become real.  But the bombs that were set off at the Boston Marathon Monday could be assets of a much larger network out of South Asia and the two brothers could have been set up to be burned so there would be no link back to their handlers in Iran.

As reported by WorldNetDaily on April 16, a source within the Iranian intelligence services said that the Islamic regime had links to Monday’s bombings and that the Hezbollah terrorists and Quds Forces were involved in the background.  This information ‘was’ known by U.S. officials as early as 2011.  Tamerlan Tsarnaev, was denied U.S. citizenship because of an FBI investigation into his connections with terrorist organizations tipped off by Russian sources.  

A YouTube video posted apparently by one of the bombers, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, though not yet confirmed, shows a belief in the coming of the Shiites’ 12th Imam, Mahdi, and the rise of an Islamic army with black flags out of Khorasan, a province in Iran.  The mullahs ruling Iran have promoted that same ideology, revealed in their secret documentary “The Coming Is Upon Us.” The documentary says Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khomeini, is the one who, according to a centuries-old hadith prophecy, will raise the black flag of Islam in creating the circumstance for the coming of the last Islamic messiah, the resurrected twelfth Caliphate, the Grand Mahdi.  Khomeini was indecently born in Khorasan.

Islam believes that the Mahdi will only reappear when Armageddon is upon the world; moreover, Iran is seeking the nuclear weapons to bring it on.  The Iranian source said the Chechen brothers were likely recruited and trained by other assets connected with Hezbollah operators with centers in South Asia to carry out their terror attack and then they abandoned them so there would be no link to Iran.

The regime’s Quds Forces, already operating here in the U.S.  along with Hezbollah, have long been recruiting and training terrorists with a focus in Herzegovina, Chechnya, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and other parts of the world, extending into Latin America.  A new focus in the recruiting is on Sunni Muslims and non-Arabs to avoid any trace back to Iran and Hezbollah and to either present an apparent link to al-Qaida or individuals acting on their own, the source said.

Three main operatives of Hezbollah who, in collaboration with the Quds Forces, are likely to have been involved in the planning of the Boston bombings are:
Mustafa Badr Al Din, the brother-in-law and cousin of the dead terrorist Imad Mugniyah, who now serves as Mugnyiah’s replacement as the military leader of Hezbollah and who also serves as the deputy of Qasem Soliemani, the head of the Islamic regime’s Quds Forces.

Mohammad Ali Hamadei, on the FBI’s most-wanted list, a Hezbollah operator responsible for operation and infiltration of forces into America who was based in New Mexico with a Latin American passport and who was also seen last year in England.

Talal Hamieh, is the head of Hezbollah’s External Security Organization responsible for operations outside of Lebanon.  He has been in Mexico collaborating with drug cartels to raise funds for Hezbollah cells and facilitates the transfer of arms and terrorists into the U.S.

Another source within Khamenei’s office, as I wrote about on January 5 provided information that Quds Forces had drawn up plans to attack the U.S. from within in 2013.  The information, which was shared with U.S. officials, was that because of continuing sanctions on Iran for its nuclear program and the push to oust Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, terrorist attacks would seek to create instability in America.

A senior commander of the Islamic regime had warned more than two months ago that terrorism was coming to America“If the people of America and Europe do not confront the aggressive policies of their governments, they cannot then remain far from the possible future events (terror attacks),” the regime’s armed forces deputy chief of staff, Brig. Gen. Masoud Jazayeri, said in a Feb. 23 interview   with Fars News Agency, a media outlet run by the Revolutionary Guards.  “Al-Qaida groups and other services which operate for the interests of America (in Syria) will soon change the region of their operations and thereafter create new problems for America and Europe.”  (Sorry it’s in Arabic, go to Google Translate to read in English)

Ayatollah Khamenei, in a speech Wednesday in the aftermath of the Boston bombings, blamed America and Western culture for the world’s problems and compared the Boston terrorism to military actions in Syria, Afghanistan and other troubled Middle East locations.

Khamenei accused the West of a double standard, claiming it believes that killing innocent people in Boston is wrong but killing innocent people in other parts of the world is fine.  “If there is an explosion in America or a Western country, the world needs to pay a price,” he said.  He said “that America’s actions were illogical and, based on its opposition to Iran as well as a lack of attention to human principles, he believes the United States is on the brink of collapse.”

The FBI is spinning their wheels trying to find out if the two went overseas or were potentially radicalized in the United States, since arriving as much as a decade ago.  Again what the West doesn’t grasp and has a indoctrinated mental block about is that these two were Muslims from birth and Muslims ‘ARE RADICAL PERIOD’  Jihad is Islam, Islam is Jihad and all will work together or separately to destroy the Western world.

The source said the FBI is tracking passports, airline tickets and a lot of other data,  and officials know the two suspects are Muslim, but don’t know if they attended a mosque in the area — and are looking closely at that possibility. 

THE BOTTOM LINE:  Do you see the contradictions there?  First they say they know that the brothers are Muslims, and then they still WONDER if they were maybe “radicalized in a mosque.  Just how do these brain-dead robots think they became MUSLIM JIHADISTS…in a magazine ad…draw a Muslim, and become a terrorists?  Gosh!  The Ayatollah is probably right “…the United States is’ [ignorantly] on the brink of collapse”.

Thanks for listing – de Andréa

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