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Creator = Value

Creator = Value
If we take the Creator out of the Equation, what do we have? 
 Value = Zero
No Creator, no creation, no value!

An observation
By de Andréa
April 17, 2013

If money accidentally grew randomly by chance on trees, would it have any real value?  Probably not…

The reason why we can’t answer the philosophical question:  “What is the meaning of life” is because we have ‘without cause’ but ‘with’ purpose, thrown the Creator’ of life out of the scientific equation.

What ‘really’ gives things value?  And I am not talking about diamonds, gold, platinum, or silver simply because they are rare, I’m talking about the common things we use everyday - or people, or even more specifically…LIFE itself!  

I believe there is a direct connection between the purpose, meaning and value of the Creator’ - and the purpose, meaning and value of the crea[ted].

Recently I wrote two articles titled The American Robots and the other, School Advocates Murder.  While I was writing those articles, a profound epiphany occurred to me that things generally don’t have much value unless they are created.  I’ll explain…I have for example, approximately a hundred conifer trees on my property, all of them nearly continuously dropping things onto the ground, cones, needles, dead branches etc.  No money, nothing manufactured like shoes or tools, nothing that I can really use.  But it is not because I can’t use it that it has no value, but rather it’s because it was not created.  It simply falls randomly on the ground; a natural phenomenon of random byproduct from the trees, it becomes waste; no one wants it because no one created it, a random accident of nature if you will.  By contrast: I have a friend who has a wood shop in his garage; he loves to create things out of wood the same nasty useless stuff that falls out of my trees.  He made a toothpick holder, a bottle stopper, and a letter opener.  These things have great value to me not only because they are useful and a friend gave them to me, but more so because my friend’ created them.  If they had just fallen randomly by accident out of the trees they would likely end up on the trash heap with all the other debris.  It was the fact that they were purposely designed by a desire to create that gave them meaning, purpose, and most importantly… value. 

If children discover they were just an accident because their parents had not really desired to have children, they would have a tendency to think they were unwanted, a random accident without value.  Today we irresponsibly  abort and kill unwanted babies before, and even after they are born because they have no value.  They are treated just an unplanned random accident - rather than a planned desire to procreate. 
Then, when and if they do survive long enough to get to school - we program them to believe that the origin of life itself was just a random Darwinist accident.  No plan or design involved - no creator, so - no value!  They are just an accident, a freak of nature, randomly falling out of a tree.  Things have value only because there was a desire to design and create.  Through the indoctrination of Darwinism, we have removed the Creator from the equation of life.  And in so doing we have removed the value and meaning of life. 

Kids may just be programmed with a lot of trash and lies today rather than educated, but that doesn’t make them stupid.  They do connect the dots!  They learn from their indoctrination of Darwinism that human life was just an unplanned random accident, and that only the strong survive (survival of the fittest).  They are taught that God doesn’t exist so there are no absolute moral laws.  They see the removal of the Ten Commandments that were once prominently displayed in the center of the school because…well…there is no law any more because there is no God.  The sixth law said that you should not murder, so now that we have discarded the creator, and His law, the opposite must be true’.  There is no law because there is no God and if there is no God, there is no Creator.  And if we’ are just a random accident and not created and it’s now okay to murder because there is no law - then life itself has little or no value. 

Taking the Creator out of the equation takes the value out if it as well.  Is it any wonder that this confused robotically programmed young man at Sandy Hook killed 20 children and several adults including his own mother and then killed himself?  He had no value, the other children had no value; even his own mother had no value.  There was no Creator, the teachers taught him that no one really wanted him, he was just a random accident that some how crawled out of the ooze of the cosmos.  And if that’s not enough the young man was bullied in school the teachers did nothing to defend him; his mother did nothing to support him - because he had no value.  And removing the Creators absolute moral law “Thou shalt not murder” from the equation, further supports the valuelessness of life, now it’s okay to kill those week and helpless kids, teachers and anyone else that caused his pain of uselessness and lack of value.  (Survival of the fittest etc.)

And then if that still isn’t enough we even advertised the weakness and vulnerability of the unprotected valueless children at Sandy Hook by a sign that read GUN FREE ZONE stating that these’ children in this’ school are not valuable enough to guard and protect because they were just a random accident of evolution anyway.  They were not designed; they were not created they just accidentally evolved and fell out of a tree like so much unwanted trash so they have no value. 

THE BOTTOM LINE:  Was this young man really mentally deranged, as the so-called experts say he was, or was he just a product of the Godless programming and useless indoctrination passing itself off as education that is now so common place in our so-called schools?     

If one is not ‘meaningfully and purposely’ created then one has no value ‘or purpose’.  If there is no Designer no Creator at all, then nothing at all has value.

The designer and creator give purpose to his creation, so by throwing out the Creator of life one has thrown out the purpose and meaning of life.  So if one asks you “what the meaning or purpose of life is”?  Ask him/her if they believe in Darwin’, or God, because with Darwin there is no design or creation just an impossible random accident, so there is no value, meaning, or purpose.  But with God there is a Designer and a Creator so there is a purpose there is a meaning!  Just as the wood worker, the creator gives the ‘creation’ meaning, purpose, and value.

Oh!  …What then is the meaning of life?  To glorify the Creator’ of course…

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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