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Are We Beginning To See ‘Islam’ As ‘A Political Ideology’?

Are We Beginning To See ‘Islam’ As A 

'Political Ideology’?

Islam has portrayed itself as a peaceful religion, while it is obviously anything but peaceful, its religious status may also be wearing thin.

By de Andréa
April 30, 2013

Now, if you are among those that are deceived and under the satanic spell of Islam, and have adopted the premise, that “Most Muslims are “Peaceful” and Islam was hijacked by just a few radicals, (that we seem never to run out of) then pay close attention to this my friend…

Since (9/11) it has been increasingly more difficult to arrest terrorists in the U.S.  Over the past four years, only 190 homegrown Islamic terrorists—Jihadists—have been arrested.  Conservatively there is an estimated 11,000 active homegrown Muslim militants in America, and in addition, some 80,000 foreign trained terrorist in Muslim organizations all over the country.  And this does not include all the jihadist infiltrators in every aspect of our Federal State and local governments including our so-called security agencies.  Then’, Muslim Mosques all over America in someway support this entire package.

One of the problems is the fact that Islam is recognized as a religion, why!  Because it says it is…but the truth is --- it is anything but a religion, at best it is a supremacist political ideology near identical to Nazism only more brutal, vicious, and demanding.

As a religion, it is protected under the First Amendment.  But because of its reactionary history Islam is even more protected than Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, or Jews.  We certainly do not want to upset the Muslim community!  We will have demonstrations and riots. Terrorist attacks, we will have a Jihad…  So we give in to their demands and they surreptitiously and incrementally change our culture and politics into theirs.  This is their agenda and their goal!

The good news is’ that law enforcement officials in Tennessee now have a little stronger tool to fight terrorism in their state, HB 1353 and SB 1028.   In 2011, ACT!  for America chapter leaders in Tennessee, working closely with Eagle Forum, led a grassroots effort that in 2012 won passage and implemented a stronger, tougher anti-terrorism law.

What makes the law particularly valuable is that is prohibits religious justification for violence.  (Something that one would think would go without saying)  In effect the law creates a ‘connection’ between the ‘ideology of Islam’ and the ‘act of terrorism’.  Oh’ Yeah! 

Now, I will write this slowly just in case you can’t read fast…
This new law was fiercely opposed by ‘all’ Muslim organizations in the state of Tennessee who claimed, “it would prohibit the ‘practice’ of Islam”!  Violating the First Amendment’s […prohibiting the free exercise thereof…].  Boy!  Did they let the camel out of the tent or what???  Talk about indecent exposure…  Did you catch that!  These so called Warm Fuzzy Moderate Peaceful Muslims in Tennessee have in affect said by their protests, that by not allowing them to commit terrorism (Jihad), the new law would be violating the First Amendment free exercise of their religion… Yes they are supremacists and believe that even though they deny it, Jihad is the way of Allah.  Terrorism is Islam period!  They cannot be separated.

Folks, you have really got to wake up here!  There is no such Muslim as a warm fuzzy moderate peaceful Muslim, anymore than there is a warm fuzzy moderate Nazi, their so-called religion is Jihadism, it is to take over the world in the name of Allah/Satan anyway they can.  There is nothing peaceful about terrorism; there is nothing peaceful about Islam, and they have never, and they will never, assimilate into any other culture.  You will eventually become Muslim or you will die, simple as that.  This is by the way, why Japan does not allow permanent residence of Muslims in their country - they know what Islam is.  Boy are we stupid or what? 

To show you how the deceived media enables the Islamic agenda of Jihad, the protesting Muslim organizations were assisted by The Tennessean newspaper, which ran several biased articles that supported the Muslim terrorist organizations and promoted false allegations about the law.  But in spite of it all, when the sand settled, the truth prevailed and the bill passed.  This is the first official documentation that terrorist Jihad cannot be separated from Islam. 

They are one and the same my friend…

We must do away with the religious status of Islam and identify it - as what it is…a political supremacist ideology not unlike Nazism with the agenda of overthrowing the government of the United States of America, and replacing our Constitution with Islamic Sharia Law. 

Thanks for listening – de Andréa  

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