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The Origins of Islam’s god Allah, Was Quashed

The Origins of Islam’s god Allah, Was Quashed

Traditionally according to most historians, “Allah’s” beginning was when he appeared to Muhammad in Mecca in AD 610 at the beginning of the religion of Islam.  That would be true if Allah was just a made up god by Muhammad, but he is not.  The god Allah is a real god and he/she or (it) actually existed since before the time of God’s Creation of the Earth.  Allah has not only been the god of Islam but the god of this earth since its beginning.  But contrary to most theologians, both Muslim and Christian, he is not GOD THE CREATOR!  

By de Andréa
September 19, 2012

This one is long, and you might want to down load, save and print it, then give a copy to a Muslim and run!  Because just as the movie, titled [1]"Innocence of Muslims," , currently removed by the brain-dead from YouTube by the way, was used as an excuse for “Violence and Revolution” all over the world this past week because it contained the truth about Islam.  ‘This article’ will blow a hole in Allah’s Islam big enough to put the sun through.  Moreover, you will soon find out why “Violence and Revolution” is in red quotes.  Maybe I‘ll make a movie of it…or’ not!
Recent research of previously discovered artifacts put the “historical” beginning of “Allah” at circa BC 1700.  Some 2900 years before the beginnings of Islam.  If you have ever wondered just who or what Allah really is, this is for you my friend.  When you understand who Allah really’ is, all the hidden truth of what Islam is all about, will fall into place just as in the finishing of a picture puzzle.  (Oh! now’ I see what it is…)

To add more documented proof to my theory of who ‘Allah is’, is the not so recently discovered but recently researched documented archeological history that was according to Theodore Shoebat “most likely kept hidden by researchers who feared controversy, or even concealed the find”.  (Emphasis mine)  This may be at least part of the reason there is so much confusion about the truth of who and what Allah and Islam is…

The artifacts found in Babylon dating from circa BC 1700, which is some 300 years before the Great Flood, and some 2900 years before Allah appeared to Muhammad in a cave in Mecca in AD 610, proves the ‘historical existence’ of Allah before the existence of Muhammad and the religion Islam.  This blows a big hole in any theology that Muhammad just made up the god Allah, as happened in so many other false religions.  

A research article posted this past week on the website of an ex Muslim terrorist Jihadist-turned-Christian Walid Shoebat, whom I have written about in several previous articles, contends that the oldest known references to the Islamic deity Allah ‘are not’ in Arabian records, but in previously discovered Babylonian artifacts.

Pictured is Quran 3 Alla in the Epic of Atrahasis chiseled on stone tablets found in Babylon dated circa BC 1700

Ancient tablets describe “Alla”, as it was spelled then, not surprisingly as a deity of “violence and revolution.”

Allah’, according to the early people of Babylon before the flood known as Epic of Atrahasis who was possibly Noah, was known as the god of violence and revolution… known already in 1700 BC

So it appears the only thing that has changed about Allah at least since BC 1700 is the spelling of his name.  He was first reveled in Biblical history as “Lucifer” the Angel of Light long before the creation of the Earth as we know it.  Then after the war of “violence and revolution” between Lucifer and the Creator Jehovah God, Lucifer was renamed “Satan” the Angel of darkness.  He was Satan when he appeared to Eve disguised as a serpent in circa BC 4000.  And until now I thought that Satan renamed himself “Allah” the angel of death, when he appeared to Muhammad disguised as the angel Gabriel in AD 610, but this new evidence clearly shows that Satan changed his name to Alla and may have made his appearance as such - long before that.  The “h” added to his name, by the way, is an Arabic version of the spelling.

“This link sheds new light on this subject since for many years we have been hearing various ideas on where Allah came from.  Christian and Muslim scholars – as well as secular professors – presented numerous arguments on just who Allah really is,” wrote Ted Shoebat, the son of Walid Shoebat an ex Muslim terrorist converted to Christianity.

In his heavily footnoted research, he writes:  that historians have suggested Islam’s beginnings are found in the Persian religion Zoroastrianism, while still others, including some Christian writers, argue Allah was a moon-god in Babylon.

The younger Shoebat, who already has published several books, said; “previously the oldest known reference to Allah was in northern and southern Arabia about the fifth century B.C.,” [AD 610] according to Kenneth J. Thomas.  This new research, however, links the name “Alla” to the Epic of Atrahasis, chiseled on tablets sometime around 1700 B.C. in Babylon.

 “The beginning of the Epic of Atrahasis describes Allah as how all of the gods labored endlessly in grueling work, under the rule of the patron deity Enlil or Elil. But soon revolt of the gods had erupted, and one deity of “violence and revolution” [was] named Allah (spelled by the experts as Alla),” he wrote.

Theodore’s father, Walid Shoebat said he believes “this is the first time the connection has been made”.  Ted Shoebat said: “One of the early such references in the Epic of Atrahasis states”:  “Then Alla made his voice heard and spoke to the gods his brothers,’ Come!  Let us carry Elil, the counselor of gods, the warrior from his dwelling.”  These other gods referred to, could have been some of Satan’s demons.

The younger Shoebat, whose first book was “In Satan’s Footsteps,” grew up in Northern California, where he witnessed Holocaust denial, anti-Semitism, and anti-Zionism.

Ted Shoebat explained that no one had found any ancient pre-Islamic inscriptions that describe Allah being “worshiped purely, without idolatrous connotations.  And get this….The question remains as to why no expert on Assyriology or Sumerology had even suspected that ‘Alla’ had a connection with the Arabian ‘Allah,’” he wrote.  “I checked the work of Thorkild Jacobsen, a foremost authority on Mesopotamian history and the dictionary of the translator, Stephanie Dally, and none make a connection between the Bablylonian ‘Alla’ and the Arabian ‘Allah.’  Allah of the Babylonian Epic of Atrahasis was most likely kept hidden by researchers who feared controversy or even concealed the find, he wrote.  “In the epic Allah, which translators spelled ‘Alla’ (really pronounced the same way), was never even linked by any of the experts on Assyriology or any of the translators who wrote on the subject to the known Allah of Arabia and Islam.  That is, until now!

To those who accuse me of basing my conclusion, that Alla is Allah, on solely prejudice against Islam, I will present further evidence for my belief.  It must be known to the reader that the author of the Atrahasis epic was one Ipiq-Aya who lived under the reign of the Old Babylonian king Ammi-Saduqa, and that he wrote it in the Akkadian language (the tongue of the Old Babylonian kingdom),” Ted Shoebat explained. “The ‘Akkadians’ it must be noted did not originally spring from Iraq, but had migrated from south Arabia, specifically Yemen, into Mesopotamia, where south Arabian inscriptions have been discovered, as in Kuwait on the Arab shores of the Persian gulf close to the borders of Iraq.  The deities of Shamash (the Sun), and Ashdar/ Athtar (Venus) were both brought by the Akkadians from South Arabia into Mesopotamia.  And he goes on…you can read the entire article by clicking the link toward the beginning of this article. 

At the beginning of this article I made this statement, it reads in part: “The god Allah is a real’ god and he/she or (it) actually existed since before Creation.  Allah has been the god of this earth since its beginning.  But he is not the CREATOR!”  So if Allah as we know him today, existed before Creation and has been the god of this earth since the creation, but he is not the creator, then who is he?

Note: This recent development in research proves that Alla or Allah the god of Islam existed historically 2900 years before Islam.  Moreover, was referred to as the deity of VIOLENCE AND REVOLUTION which describes SATAN, the present day Allah and certainly not the God of Creation.  This should help to dispel any theory that Allah and God the God of Creation are one in the same.

If by now you haven’t completely understood that Allah is in fact SATAN or originally Lucifer the angel created by Jehovah God “The Creator” then let me briefly fill in the gaps of the time line in a little more detail, this may put it into a better prospective:  

     The angelic being called Lucifer whose name meant angel of light, was created by God the Father the Creator of all things sometime in eternity before the creation of our earth.  The angel Lucifer was given great power to carry out his assigned duties in the spiritual realm of God called Heaven.  Like a student learning from his teacher, Lucifer thought he had become as God, with the power and knowledge of God.  Lucifer desired to be’ God and warred against God with “Violence and Revolution”.  After Lucifer lost the war with God, God changed his name from Lucifer the angel of light, to Satan the angel of darkness, and cast him out of his kingdom.

While it is documented that Satan was on this earth soon after’ creation, appearing to Eve in Eden now part of Iraq.  I contend that this planet that was “void and without form” in Genesis 1, is where Satan was cast by God in eternity before’ Creation.  Bear in mind one power that Satan does not have, that God has, is the power of omni presence.  So Satan must be somewhere and in one place, because he cannot be everywhere.  And it is not recorded that Satan has the power to travel all over the universe.  

Shortly after God Created the Earth as we know it today from the voided form it was in at the time, possibly from a previous project of Gods, Satan traveled from where he was, possibly in an area near today’s Mecca, to Eden in today’s Iraq, (not a very far distance.)  He disguised himself as a serpent and committed the great deception.  With reason, logic, and a twisted version of the truth he deceived Eve, and subsequently Adam, and stole God’s creation away.  He became the god of Adam and Eve, and of this Earth!

For 2000 years Satan worked to maintain his power over Jehovah Gods Creation.  And by the time of the Great Flood (Epic of Atrahasis) Satan was god to all except one small family; the family of Noah.  Satan’s god-ship over this Earth was represented likely by millions of people by that time.  God again destroyed this planet and along with it, the kingdom of Satan

Satan spent the next 2000 years until circa BC 0001 or AD 0001 slowly gaining back control over his destroyed kingdom.  When the coming of the Jewish Messiah (Jesus) was announced by Gods angel Gabriel, Satan set out to have Jesus killed by using King Harrod to have all the new born children killed.  God was going to take back his Creation through His son the Savior Jesus Christ, and Satan just could not let that happen.  Harrod was deceived by Satan, as Eve was deceived, into believing that this Jesus would take his’ (Harrod’s) kingdom away from him.  When that failed, he (Satan) blinded and deceived the Jews, (who are still blinded today) so they would not recognize Jesus as their long foretold Messiah.  The coming establishment of Jesus as the “Messiah God” would mean that Satan would once again lose his earthly kingdom.

When Jesus was crucified by the Jews, Satan thought he had finally rid himself of the threat of God in taking his kingdom away once again.  But when a small handful of Jews who escaped the blind deception of Satan called Messianic Jews carried on the promise of God including the rising up of a group of gentiles (non Jews called Christians) Satan again tried for years to snuff out this Jehovah God following of His son Jesus Christ, by having them killed by the Romans.

Approximately 600 years later Satan realized that he had failed to exterminate all these pesky followers of Christ, Christians and the Messianic Jews.  All he managed to do was to corrupt both the Christian and the Jewish religion which was born out later in history.  So…he set out to create his own religion, a religion that would deceive all the peoples of the earth into once again following him (Satan) as god of this Earth.  Again Satan disguised himself as something other than what he really was, just as he did approximately 4610 years earlier with Eve in Eden, he appeared, in disguise, to a man called Muhammad. 

Muhammad was born and lived in a City State called Mecca where Satan had early on, centered his kingdom.  The city of Mecca still remains today in the same place in the country of Saudi Arabia and still to this day, it also remains the center of Satan’s kingdom, Islam.

In circa AD 610, Satan – as we know now, was already known as Alla since at least circa BC 1700 - appeared to Muhammad in a cave in Mecca, disguised as God’s Angel Gabriel.  Muhammad, aware of who Gabriel was, from the historical Bible stories as God’s Messenger, was terribly frightened, and deceived as Eve was deceived, now by what he thought was Gods Messenger Angel.  Satan/Allah worked on Muhammad’s ego and told him that the religions of God had become corrupt and that Muhammad was to be Gods ‘new and only prophet’, and that he’ (Muhammad) would lead the world to the truth and that God’s kingdom would then be restored in all the world according to the will of Allah/God.

Today the words of Satan as written by Muhammad exist in the book called the Quran/the words of Allah. 

THE BOTTOM LINE: It is interesting that when the true picture comes together, and the confusion of lies fade, then you understand the truth.  This newly researched and understood documented evidence dating Satan’s name Allah/Alla as early as BC 1700 is just one more piece in the puzzle of evidence that Allah is in fact literally Satan.  Moreover the news that Alla/Allah was described even then, as the deity of “violence and revolution,” is supportive of, and describes Allah’s religion of Islam from its inception and still is the same today.

So you see, Satan has intended to rule this Earth since God/Jehovah created it.  The purpose and agenda in Islam of world dominance, bondage, murder and oppression as written in the Quran and played out in the Hadith (the life and conquests of Muhammad), is still the same today.  Moreover, Allah still uses the same means of deception that he always has, playing on the ignorance of people to believe the same lies and twisted truths that he presented to Eve as Satan more than 6000 years ago and then again to the unsuspecting Muhammad more the 1400 years ago.  Creating a religion of hate and death, Satan’s Islam, in total opposition to God, absolutely reflects the demonic spirit of their god Allah. 

So if you have been blindly deceived into believing that Allah is God the Creator of this Earth and the Universe, and Islam is Gods new religion of peace and love, or anything similar, I hope this article has been helpful in sorting out all or at least some of the confusion. 

God would never create a new religion; Christianity or Judaism is not and never has been corrupt as Allah said, Gods word has never been corrupt and it never will be.  It is people that become corrupt, not the truth.  

Allah/Satan on the other hand is a vicious Tiger, waiting to devour whomever he will   .  A Tiger by any other name is still a Tiger and he never changes his stripes…

“God is the same yesterday, today and for ever”.

And so is Lucifer/Satan/Allah…

de Andréa 

Foot note [1]  (You can get to the YouTube video site’ where it says “this video is private” if you click on a previous article of mine titled Origins of “The Innocence of Muslims” and page down until you find the hyperlink there shown as - The Innocence of Muslims.  The truth of Islam must of course be removed by the brain-dead, from wherever it is…)                          


Timothy Scott said...

Best joke ever. You have got to be kidding. Hmm Babylon could never come before the flood. Because the father of Babylon was Ham. The youngest son of Noah. Hello.

Timothy Scott said...

Best joke ever. You have got to be kidding. Hmm Babylon could never come before the flood. Because the father of Babylon was Ham. The youngest son of Noah. Hello.