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Slaughter The Christians

Slaughter The Christians
If Obama’s U.S. Homeland Security doesn’t stop the hateful dirty Christians in this terrible truth-saying attack on the warm-fuzzy “peaceful” Muslims, then his Egyptian Jihadist Terrorists of the Muslim Brotherhood will.

By de Andréa
September 16, 2012

Am I an extremist?  Yes, and I am going to tell you the Extreme Truth.  Islam will not stop until they have murdered or made slaves of all the Christians, Jews, Atheists, Hindus, Buddhists, Confucianist’s, Eskimos, Homosexuals and Ecologists…and maybe a few Extremists as well.  I’m sorry if I missed anyone, I just don’t have room for the entire Infidel or the Kaffaar population in the world, read the Quran, the whole Quran, and the Hadith as well.  You will find a religion of oppression, hate, war, murder, and mayhem.  You will discover that Islam is not just a religion but an all encompassing oppressive theocracy of bondage and slavery.  I mean if you thought Nazism was bad, Islam is the Mother of Nazism on steroids.   

What is left of the Coptic Christian community in Egypt is now under threat of mass slaughter from Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood Islamic Jihadists under the pretense of revenge for a movie that depicts the Muslim Prophet in a negative but truthful light a senior Egyptian military official said.  Well… he didn’t say it exactly that way.

The producers of the movie Innocence of Muslims are Egyptian Coptic Christians.  The brain-dead programmed robots of the alphabet soup media are claiming the movie sparked anti-American attacks in Egypt, Libya and all over the Middle East, and as far away as Australia including the killing this past week of the U.S. ambassador to Libya.  However, some independent thinking security officials believe the violence to be… premeditated’.  Naw!  The Muslim Terrorists Jihadist murdering sons of Satan wouldn’t do all that burning, bombing and killing unprovoked…would they? Mmmm!

An Egyptian military official said today that Islamic groups are threatening to slaughter “the whole Christian Coptic community” in the city of Naja Hamadi, located about 60 miles from Cairo.  Naja Hamadi contains the last of a once majority Coptic Christian culture in Egypt, yet another once predominant Christian Nation becomes an Islamic State.  When will we in the west learn that we are not far behind!  How can that happen?  One way is Demographics, watch a shocking video, and remember, I said; this is only one-way it will happen, and it is certain, unless we turn it around NOW!   

At least two Egyptian Coptic immigrants now living in Southern California were apparently behind the propaganda of truth, in the movie “The Innocence of Muslims”.  Joseph Nassralla Abdelmasih, was a producer, while Nakoula Basseley allowed his home to be used in the movie’s shooting.  And again unlike the sensational biased media I am not going to address Mr. Nakoula Basseley’s past transgressions because it bears no connection to the central issue of the controversial film and the so-called retaliation.  Due to the Coptic ties of the two men, police in Los Angeles have stepped up patrols around Coptic Christian houses of worship in the city according to the Los Angeles Times.  Similarly, the police presence was reportedly heightened outside Coptic churches in New York City.  Only time will tell whether it is to protect them or arrest them.

Coptic’s in Egypt are concerned about the prospects of persecution and the threats of mass genocide after the downfall of U.S. ally Hosni Mubarak resulting in the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in the country’s parliament, presidency, and military.  While Coptic’s were sometimes targeted by Islamists during Mubarak’s regime, such persecution has increased exponentially by the Muslim Brotherhood since Mubarak’s ouster.  Within a week after Mubarak was booted, Muslim Brotherhood villagers set fire to a Coptic church while attacking and murdering Christians on the street.  Since last year, two other churches were set on fire in the Imbaba neighborhood of Cairo and in Edfu in the south of the country.  Coptic Christian families were also evicted from their homes in Alexandria.

Some reports say more than 200,000 Coptic’s have already fled their homes.  When Coptic’s attempted to protest last October, Egyptian government Brotherhood security police forces fired at the Christians, killing 24 and wounding more than 300 people.  The Coptic Church, once a major Christian community in Egypt, dates back to the origins of Christianity in ancient Turkey.  As in the United States, Christians were the majority in Turkey and in Egypt until a few centuries after the Muslim conquest of the seventh century and the extermination of Christians.  They now make up approximately 5 percent of the population.  Something we may eventually have to look forward to.

THE BOTTOM LINE:  The question is, now that the Christians have fled the murders, persecution, and terrorism of Egypt will they face the same threat here in America?  And that means all’ Christians not just Coptic’s.  The United States and all of the Judeao Christian West has been so brainwashed and Islamasized that it is doubtful in the near future that any infidel, Christian or not, will be free or even safe in any western county. 

The Department of Homeland Security has already been “Interviewing” the Coptic’s that produced the movie that the world blames for all the terrorism of the past week.  It couldn’t possibly be the fault of the Muslim Terrorist Jihadists that have vowed to kill all the infidels on the Earth; it must be the fault of the Dirty Hateful and truthful Christians.  Of course we wouldn’t actually want to blame the ‘actual’ murdering terrorists…excuse me, I should use the politically correct word ‘demonstrators’, themselves’ would we.  I mean they have an excuse; it is hurtful to a people that try to exhibit a persona of a warm-fuzzy “peaceful religious people,” and then get exposed for what they really are.  I find it interesting that even using the word “demonstrator” in place of terrorist in order to downplay who and what they really are - ironically means Evil-People.  It is made from the word “Demon-” meaning evil and Satanic, and “-strator” coming from the Latin word Stratum meaning a social class or level of society consisting of a people of similar ‘cultural’, economic, or educational status.  But I’m sure that must be just a coincidence…or ignorance!   

Remember: In BC 4000 Allah/Satan deceived Eve in Eden, now part of Iraq, just as he deceived Muhammad in AD 610 in a cave in Mecca, now a city in Saudi Arabia – both with a disguise, logic, reason, and lies.

No excuse for Ignorance
One of the stumbling blocks that lead to deception is not the lack of intelligence - it is Ignorance, indifference and apathy.  Don’t be Ignorant, and you’ll not likely be deceived.    

Have you been deceived???

Thanks for listening – de Andréa 

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