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Obama is a Muslim Brother, part of the Brotherhood.  When is Washington going to get off its dead backside and move’ on the treason of Obama?  When one is at war with an enemy of the state and the President of the State supports the enemy, then that is TREASON my friend…  And how do you like supporting the Muslim Brotherhood the Terrorist Jihadist Enemy of the FREE WORLD with your money and without your permission.

By de Andréa
September 21, 2012

I am not the only one that has had enough of this POLITICAL TREASON.  There is at least one other, her name is Michelle Malkin, watch and listen to what she has to say.  She is nearly as angry at the treasonous corruption in Washington as I am.

The Dhimmitude, the subservience, the ignorance, the deception, and the enablement will destroy America

An organization called Let Freedom Ring is working to buy air time for a new commercial highlighting both the Brotherhood’s radical agenda and Obama’s support for the terrorist organization.  Watch the commercial.  The advertisement claims the Muslim Brotherhood seeks to conquer Israel and renew ties with Iran – a country “building nuclear weapons to slaughter the Israeli people” – and vows to collapse the United States from within.  This is the enemy that the president is supporting.  Why does he do it? Because he says, quote: “I AM ONE OF THEM,” Obama has said from before he was elected - that he was a Muslim.  So those of you that voted for him, you got what you asked for.  He, as all Muslims, are either Jihadist Terrorists or they in some way support them and the Islamic agenda of world domination.  That’s why he does it!  A so-called Moderate Muslim isn’t a Muslim, any more than a moderate Christian is a Christian!  What is a moderate Nazi, one who exterminates people moderately?

Citing a Politico news report, the ad asks, “President Obama, why did you invited the Muslim Brotherhood to the White House, legitimizing a group that wants to destroy America and destroy Israel?”  Because he is one of them!

Citing a CBS News report from March, the ad asks, “why did You send them 1.5 billion of our dollars?  Why, Mr. President?  Why?”  Because he is one of them!

The Muslim Brotherhood has gained strength throughout the Middle East, thanks to Obama and the power void left by the so-called “Arab Spring” populist uprisings, which have overthrown dictators in several nations, including Egypt and Libya, only to fill new government posts with terrorist Brotherhood members.

Obama has been a public supporter of the Brotherhood uprisings, even providing direct military assistance, including weapons and finances, to the Libyan rebels.  But only this past week, including in Egypt and Libya, radical Muslim elements have turned the Arab Spring nations into a hotbed for anti-American sentiment, including the violent and fatal storming of American embassies across the region.

Let Freedom Ring is launching its “Why, Mr. President, Why?” campaign, hoping to raise funds to air the commercial in pivotal states leading up to the 2012 election.  Earlier this month, Let Freedom Ring announced a $7 million online advertising campaign claiming the Obama administration terminated the pensions of nonunion workers at Delphi auto parts plants while bailing out union workers’ pensions as part of the 2009 General Motors reorganization.  Because he’s not only a Muslim Jihadist, he is a Communist Socialist as well.  

THE BOTTOM LINE:   I don’t want to hear from any more Blind Deaf and Dumb so-called Christians chastising me for being upset about what the Blind Deaf and Dumb Christians are doing.  Telling me – “don’t you know that GOD IS IN CONTROL”?  Well…no he isn’t in control my poor blind friend, not in the sense that you have an excuse for your ignorant support for corruption, destruction, and eventual demise of the country that God gave you.  There is no excuse for your ignorance, and your irresponsibility.  God gave you freedom of choice and YOU chose this mess America!  Don’t lay that on God, with this “He is in control” excuse!  He does not control what you do.  God is not a control freak like Allah, or a Muslim Communist, or a dictator like Obama.

In November you have another choice, it’s not a chance to undo the first botched choice, one cannot just click the undo button.  But it’s a chance to make a better choice, a chance to get off this road of corruption and self annihilation of a once great country, of a culture of a society and a chance to decide not to go off the cliff of a once Great Nation soon to be a Godless corrupt dictatorship of oppression.  

Think about this in the short time you have left.  This may be the last time that you will have this choice.  You better make it better than the last choice America

de Andréa 

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