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Islam Mandated in Christian Schools

Islam Mandated in Christian Schools
Authorities are threatening to close Christian schools because of the school’s refusal to teach Islam, according to reports.

By de Andréa
September 24, 2012  

Officials have told the administrators of St. Pius Catholic School that Islam must be taught to the Muslim students or the school will face closure.  “The situation is critical because the sisters of the St Pius Catholic Schools have received threats and warnings, including the threat of having their schools shut down if they do not comply with the requests,” the report said.

The actions came in response to Christians privately baptizing about a half-dozen Muslim converts to Christianity.

Ryan Morgan, analyst for the Christian human rights group International Christian Concern, says, “There isn’t a law actually saying that Islam must be the religion taught,” Morgan said.  “Typically the Christian schools teach Christianity, so I don’t believe that the officials of this particular school district have any legal justification when they started threatening St. Pius Catholic School and demanding they teach Islam,” Morgan said.

So just where is this Christian school?  In Dearborn Michigan?  It could be, …or it could be in Fremont California or in Dallas Texas, maybe in Washington DC

 No, this particular school is in Indonesia.  But Indonesia was not to long ago, primarily a Christian Nation just like America was.  Your Muslim president says: “The United States is no longer a Christian Nation!”  He says: “It is the largest Muslim Nation in the world.”   Some schools in the U.S. have already become Islamic 

How long do you think it will take America that was founded in Christianity to become a predominately Muslim country?  Especially when your President is a Muslim and some cities in some states are already predominately Muslim with Muslim city counsels, Muslim Police Chiefs, and Muslim judges like Dearborn Michigan already is.  It won’t be long before this story is about one of our own schools in our own neighborhoods.  And instead of terrorist killing Christian children on the streets of Jakarta it will be on the streets of your town and in your front yard.  Some schools in the U.S. have already become Islamic controlled schools because they ignorantly accepted funds from Saudi Arabia such as George Washington University in Washington DC, historically a Catholic University. 

Ryan Morgan was actually talking about a school in the Tegal District of central Java in Indonesia; he said that even though “there isn’t a law actually saying that Islam must be the religion taught,” the law hasn’t stopped local officials from enforcing it.  “Sadly, not having legal backing in Indonesia doesn’t always stop radical Islamic groups from getting their way,” Morgan said.

Morgan cites a recent church closure case to illustrate that point.
“Case in point is the GKI Yasmin church of Jakarta, which has been forced out of its building and is being told to relocate by the city’s mayor even though Indonesia’s Supreme Court ruled back in January of 2011 that they could stay in their current location,” Morgan said.

A report from Indonesia said terrorist groups in the island nation are regrouping, but they are keeping the bull’s-eye on the country’s Christians.

The International Crisis Group says that because of police intervention, the Jihadists are mobile and reorganizing “on the run.”  Also reported in 2010 is that Indonesia’s Muslim militias are preparing for a “religious war.”

Muslim mobs in the Jakarta suburb of Bekasi are forming small militia bands to stop what they say is the Christianization of the town, a few miles east of Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital.  Should we form small militia bands to stop the Islamization of America?  If we don’t stop it now, that may be the only way.

THE BOTTOM LINE:  As a child I watched the country of Indonesia go from a Dutch Christian democratic Colony to an Islamic Theocracy.  Then I watched Lebanon go from a French Christian democratic Colony, to an Islamic Theocracy.  And I am watching Western Europe go from a Christian democracy to an Islamic Theocracy.  Moreover I am now watching America, once a Constitutional Republic, now following the same path going from a Christian democracy to an Islamic Theocracy.

Bear in mind, an Islam’s version of a democracy, is actually an Islamic Sharia enforced Theocracy.

Why is this happening the same way over and over again, and why are we so blind that we don’t see history repeating again and again the same scenario?  It’s like watching the same movie script over and over only with different countries and different actors.  Why?  Well…first it is in the Islamic program that is spelled out in the Quran and the Hadith, that’s why it’s the same way over and over.  And second it’s because of Ignorance, leading to Deception, leading to Enablement, leading to Destruction.  That’s why it’s happening…  And while we sip our Mint-Juleps it will continue…ON AND ON!  

You might want to think about this in November...

de Andréa 

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Nimitha Mathew said...

I agree with u completely de Andrea.i am also a person lyk u.i hate people who think that islam is better than christianity especially when muhammad was a pedophile and most of the teachings are baseless.i am happy to see that south east asia has become increasingly christian and that america has not become lyk muslim britain.i will fight for the rights of christians till i die.