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Is America Becoming Muslim?

Is America Becoming Muslim?

With most of Europe at the point of no return toward becoming part of the Nation of Islam – not without a very bloody civil war anyway - America is not far behind.

By de Andréa
August 28, 2012

This article will contain several videos clips so you can see for yourself the future of an Islamic America. 

A country doesn’t become Islamic, people do.  This is why one can look on a map and not find the Nation of Islam, Why…because the entire world is the Nation of Islam; it is only a matter of time, until it once again belongs to Allah.

Am I sounding like a Muslim?  Well I’m not!  I am a Christian, but I am also a realist who can see down the path that we are on, and I can assure you it leads to Allah and to Islam. 

The Story of Islam
So briefly, what is Islam and who is Allah?  In a word, Allah is ‘Satan’.  He took the world away from God the Creator after the fall of man shortly after creation.  By the time of the Great Flood 2000 years later the World and all its inhabitance belonged to Satan, all except one family --- the family of Noah.  After the Great Flood, it was an uphill climb for Satan to regain his position of god of this world.  2000 years later when the Jews rejected Jesus as their Messiah, His (Jesus) few followers became known as Christians which Satan did his best to destroy.  400 years later Satan decided to create his own religious following and deceived Mohammad into becoming his prophet.  Satan became Allah and Islam was born!  Today more than half the world population is Muslim; it is the fastest growing religion in the world…  (To be continued :)

Europe as I mentioned is already on a downhill slide to becoming part of the Nation of Islam.  What is happening in Europe today will happen in America tomorrow.

The first video clip  to watch is a School in Glasgow Ireland where Christian children are being introduced to Islam, it is titled Glasgow Scotland school makes non-Muslim students attend mosque for indoctrination and prayer.

The result of State indoctrination of children into Islam is Conversion to Islam.  The next video is titled British girl converts to Islam.

France is also becoming Muslim, this video it titled A French woman talks about her new life as a revert to Islam.

The next one is titled American family converted to Islam.  Note the husband is teaching his wife to be a terrorist, even though I would like to think he is just teaching her to defend herself.  

How about an American Catholic converting to Islam.  This one is titled Christian Professor converted to Islam.  

A Muslim woman explains how a Muslim can become Miss USA.  It is titled Is Miss USA an inspiration or an embarrassment?.

Now see Rima Fakih as Miss USA from the American Islamic city of Dearborn Michigan.  It is titled Miss USA 2010 Rima Fakih in evening gown and swim suit.  Miss USA --- is represented by a Muslim.

And the final video is a trailer from the movie titled The all American Muslim 2010 Official Trailer  a story about American Muslims in the Muslim city of Dearborn Michigan.  Soon all cities in America will be as Islamic as Dearborn, governed by Islamic Sharia. 

THE BOTTOM LINE:  Don’t think for one moment that this is all there is about Muslims in America.  I could, and have written thousands of pages on how Islam has infiltrated not assimilated into Europe and the Americas but you wouldn’t read it.  The Jihad of Islam isn’t just blatant terrorism.  It is also a stealthy surreptitious infiltration, an evolutionary transformation of a countries culture into an oppressive Islamic state of demonic slavery.  It is happening as it has happened for the last 1400 years through Ignorance-Deception-Enablement and finally Destruction.

Now the rest of the Story of Islam
Allah’s Islam will’ take over the entire world, the Ummah, the World Nation of Islam, the Muslim Brotherhood the revived Ottoman Empire, and the Twelfth Caliphate will return as the Antichrist.  It is clearly prophesied in the Holy Bible.  But also prophesied in the Bible, is that the Beast will be destroyed and Jesus Christ the rejected Jewish Messiah and the Savior of the world will reign for a thousand years. 

You might want do decide what side of the fence you want to be on…Soon!

de Andréa  

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