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Politically Correct Newspeak of 1984

Politically Correct Newspeak of 1984

Millions of Americans feel they’re living in an upside-down war zone; the bombardments are coming their way every day, and trust me…it will get worse.  Has Orwell’s 1984 come to fruition?

Blowing a little steam
By de Andréa

Non-stop lies and corruption,  Whitehouse “czars” that have Social Communist or Muslim terrorist backgrounds, brazen presidential power grabs, and bows to enemy leaders and kings, insults to allies, intentionally destructive economic and energy policies. 

No wonder Americans are more worried today about the very survival of their nation than at any time since the Civil War.

But underlying the madness – underlying all of the epic, high-level subversion of America – enabling it, justifying it, disguising it – is a secret language of the liberal left, a language most citizens neither understand nor even recognize.

This secret language is an essential ingredient in America’s rapidly advancing Social Communist transformation.  This secret language is the “matrix” of deceit and delusion enveloping modern America that will hopefully soon disappear – just as in the sci-fi film blockbuster “The Matrix” – and citizens would behold Barack Obama and his administration for exactly what they really are: committed hate-America Communist despotic revolutionaries of the radical liberal left.

“In Orwell’s book ‘1984,” is a tyrannical future government maintaining power with the help of a powerfully manipulative language, it is called “Newspeak”, featuring propaganda slogans of the ruling political party – like ‘WAR IS PEACE,’ ‘FREEDOM IS SLAVERY’ and ‘IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH.

America today is being turned upside-down thanks to a ‘1984’-style language called ‘Newspeak’, in which the political and cultural building blocks of today’s society are now the antithesis of what they originally meant.  For example, how did the act of generously providing aid to those in need, formerly called “charity,” turn into its exact opposite – “entitlement”?  How did “illegal aliens,” who used to be criminals, turn into “immigrants” – the backbone of our nation”?

Everyone knows homosexuals are now “gay,” abortion advocates “pro-choice” and atheists are “brights.”  But did you know that modern “progressive” mental-health professionals now refer to pedophilia as IGS “intergenerational sex” and child molesters as “minor-attracted persons” or MAPs?  How did Islam, where the popular euphemism for pedophilia is called “child marriage” and where adultery is called “temporary marriage”, and where killing your children is called “honor”, become a “religion of peace”?  How did the Obama administration convert the terrorist act of war on 9/11 that resulted in the mass-slaughter of almost 3,000 innocent Americans into a “man-caused disaster” and our response to it an “overseas contingency operation”?  Moreover the enemy that commits mass murder are called freedom fighters or insurgents.  And according to Obama we are not a war with Islam.  I personally would just like to know who we are at war with.  Have we so redefined ‘everything’ that we now embrace “1984”-style deceptions such as “CHARITY IS ENTITLEMENT,” “MORALITY IS HATE,” “FAITH IS IGNORANCE,” “ENVY IS RIGHTEOUSNESS” and “THEFT IS JUSTICE”?  Maybe Ignorance ‘is’ Bliss.

THE BOTTOM LINE: America’s controversial “political correctness” culture is imposed full-strength through the DOE on students and only slightly diluted on the rest of the population.  Moreover, this “political correctness” my friend, can be traced to none other than the notorious Chinese communist leader Mao Zedong, who holds the distinction of having murdered more people than anyone else in history – some 60-80 million of his own people, more than Stalin and Hitler, combined.

You might want to think about that when you vote in November, that is, if we even have an election…

de Andréa   

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