Wednesday, February 08, 2012

The DHS Attacks the Constitution

So how does The Department of Homeland Security protect the homeland from the enemy? By using the enemy to attack the homeland of course! No’… It doesn’t make sense, but I have documented proof…

By de Andréa

(The documented source material for this article can be viewed by clicking on the underlined blue highlighted hyperlinks.)

The DHS and every other so-called Security Agency has attacked American Conservatives for years. But in a recently published memo or “lexicon” distributed to thousands of federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies, Janet Napolitano of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has targeted ‘all citizens’ as terrorists and enemies of the State who believe the U.S. Constitution is the supreme law of the land. Especially those concerned about their Second Amendment rights and the unceasing encroachment of the federal government on all of our rights categorizing us as “militia extremists.” Whether or not, you are part of a well regulated militia as the Amendment says, you are classified by your government as an anti-American extremist.

Before I go any further I will quote the Constitutional Amendment in Question: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” A well regulated Militia according to the constitution is necessary for the security of a Free State and yet Homeland security says it’s a threat. Just who is the enemy of the State here?

The “lexicon,” marked Unclassified/For Official Use Only (FOUO), is dated November 10, 2011, and was sent out to law enforcement and homeland security agencies on November 14 2011 by La Ju an E. Washington of the DHS Office of Intelligence and Analysis. This is one of many similar memos to come out of Napolitano’s DHS.

If you would like to read part or this entire paranoid DHS lexicon, it is exclusively posted here. Paging down to its definition of “militia extremists” it states:

“(U//FOUO) Groups or individuals who ‘facilitate’ or engage in acts of violence directed at federal, state, or local government officials or infrastructure in response to their belief that the government deliberately is stripping Americans of their freedoms and is attempting to establish a totalitarian regime. These individuals consequently oppose many federal and state authorities’ laws and regulations, (particularly those related to firearms ownership), and often belong to armed paramilitary groups. They often conduct paramilitary training designed to violently resist perceived government oppression or to violently overthrow the US Government.”

So what drives militia extremism? According to DHS it is “the belief that the government is deliberately stripping Americans of their freedoms.” Well…it is! One would have to be gone, dead, and buried not to note that, it is exactly what the government is spending most of its time doing these days, it certainly isn’t the economy. One must realize that this is the definitive reason ‘for’ the Second Amendment. What is happening in our government today is what the Framers feared the most. The Second Amendment isn’t about hunting or target practice, it’s about freedom my friend. Moreover would writing about those topics (as I am now) fall under “facilitation”? On its face, it’s hard to see just how it could be excluded under the DHS’s broad definition of violent extremism or the ‘facilitation’ of same.

Another indicator, according to DHS, is that “militia extremists ‘often’ belong to paramilitary groups,” which would mean that there are “militia extremists” who aren’t part of a militia or paramilitary groups. So if you oppose federal regulations and support the Second Amendment to the Constitution, and even though you don’t actually belong to a militia, you can still be branded as a “militia extremist” by your own government, and be targeted by law enforcement agencies. These laws which have illegally bypassed congress are in place, the next step would be to enforce them.

Well…there you have it, whether you do, or you do not belong to a militia is irrelevant, you are an extremist if you believe in the Constitution. While that may be true, just why is that classified as suspicious activity? I am extremely American and possess a military arsenal protected by the Second Amendment to the US Constitution (It’s the Law that cannot be infringed by any other law), I am an extreme constitutionalist, and I am a threat only to those who would try to take my freedom from me! Do you think that is why the Second Amendment says that the Right to keep a bear arms and a militia is necessary for the security of freedom? One either believes that the Constitution is the supreme law of America or one doesn’t; there is no grey area my friend!

The “Reporting Notice” found on Page 3 of 3 of the “lexicon” encourages recipients to arrest or otherwise hassle those Americans extremist:
DHS and FBI encourage recipients of this document or anyone to report information concerning suspicious or criminal activity to the nearest State and Major Urban Area Fusion Center (Gestapo) and to the local FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force. Remember, every Constitutional American is now classified as a terrorist.

Oh! This isn’t the extent of it…
For those who would scoff that my writing is extreme or over the top and claim that DHS would never target anyone who wasn’t knowingly and willingly involved in “facilitating and engaging in acts of violence,” the DHS lexicon adds yet another category called, “unwitting co-optees”: I don’t even know if that’s a real word. They may make up words just as they make up laws.

“(U//FOUO) Groups or individuals who provide support to terrorism without knowing that their actions are contributing to terrorism. Such individuals may suspect that they are being used. Many unwitting co-optees are engaging in criminal behavior.”

Amazingly but not out of character, the “lexicon” appears to directly violate standards published by DHS just weeks before this document was sent out. They just keep getting more and more bazaar, radical and unconstitutional.

In October 2011, DHS published its “Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) Training Guidance and Best Practices,” which was produced by the DHS Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties and posted on the agency’s website.

Section 2 of that document, titled “Training should be sensitive to constitutional values,” directs:
“a) Review the training program to ensure that it uses examples to demonstrate that terrorists and violent extremists vary in ethnicity, race, gender, and religion

b) Training should focus on behavior, not appearance, or membership in particular ethnic or religious communities.

c) Training should support the protection of civil rights and civil liberties as part of national security. Don’t use training that equates religious expression, protests, or other constitutionally protected activity with criminal activity.”

So not only does the “lexicon” target constitutionally protected activity, it specifically targets groups based on race, namely “’black’ supremacist extremists” and “’white’ supremacist extremists.” I have absolutely no problem targeting groups promoting violence based on racial supremacist ideology, but if DHS is going to proscribe the use of such terms and promptly turn around and use the same tactics targeting private citizens for exercising their constitutional rights and freedom of speech in violation of DHS’s own standards — needless to say, that’s a serious problem.

It bears mentioning that an earlier incarnation of the DHS lexicon was the subject of criticism from both Democrats and Republicans in Congress for its targeting of “alternative media” (such as yours truly) and its shockingly broad definition of the “patriot movement.” A DHS spokesman later claimed that the “lexicon” was sent out prematurely. They’re not sorry, they are just sorry they got caught. Which raises the question of why these various “lexicons” published by the federal government exist in the first place.

A little history
Going back to the very end of the Bush administration, these “lexicons” have seemingly had a singular purpose: purging the use of “Islam,” “Jihad,” and “Muslim terrorist” from any official discussion of terrorism. No one should be surprised that none of those terms can be found in the current DHS “lexicon,” despite the fact that even by the most generous estimates, more than 78 percent of domestic terrorism has come from within the Muslim community, which accounts for less than three percent of the population, but growing. In its place, federal bureaucrats have invented and promoted a patently meaningless and broad indefinable category, “violent extremism.”

The roots of this go back to the end of the Bush administration and a March 2008 “lexicon” published by the National Counterterrorism Center. Titled Words that Work and Words that Don’t: A Guide for Counterterrorism Communication,” it was written with the recommendation of Muslim Jihadist infiltrators. It began the effort to purge the usage of the terms “Islam,” “Muslim,” and “jihad” from the vocabulary of government officials.

The Obama Muslim Regime has taken those efforts to the max, removing those terms from the 2009 National Intelligence Strategy, the Quadrennial Homeland Security Review, the Quadrennial Defense Review, the FBI Counterterrorism Analytical Lexicon, and the DOD Fort Hood report. Thereby all but completely taking National Intelligence eyes off of the real enemy and transferring the pressure of security onto the American Constitutionalists.

And as seen with the criticism of the previous version of the “lexicon,” this is hardly the first time that the DHS Office for Intelligence and Analysis has come under fire for targeting citizens with no connection whatsoever to terrorism.

In 2009, DHS came under fire for a 10-page report, “Right-wing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment,” which classified returning war veterans (those that are fighting the real enemy) as potential threats. While researching government watchdogs for the sources used in preparing the report, I found that conspiracy websites and leftwing Communist outfits had been used, including the Southern Poverty Law Center, which branded such organizations as the American Legion, the Veterans of Foreign Wars, and the Disabled Veterans of America which I am a life member of, as a “hate groups.” Information also surfaced that the report had been rushed out over the objections of civil liberties officials. DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano was forced to apologize in April of 2009 to veterans groups and withdraw the report.

This in not the first time that homeland security agencies have pushed the boundaries on defining American Constitutionalists as “militia extremists.”

Just a few weeks prior to DHS coming under fire for that “right-wing terrorest” report, the Missouri Information Analysis Center, funded by DHS grants, issued a report titled The Modern Militia Movement.” The Mi Analysis Center is either totally ignorant of the truth, or it lies through its government funded teeth, it branded pro-life groups and those opposed to illegal immigration as domestic terrorists as well.

Indicators identified in the report included support for third-party candidates. Political signs and bumper stickers were also suspect, with the Revolutionary War-era “Gadsden flag”, found as the header for my blog at the top of this article, was specifically called out as an anti-American “militia symbol.” The Missouri fusion center later announced it would stop publishing reports altogether.

In light of the recent publication of the DHS “lexicon” that violates their own guidelines, it seems clear that under Secretary Napolitano, DHS officials are intent on continuing to target innocent citizens merely exercising their constitutional rights rather than Middle Eastern Muslims between the ages of 18 and 35 with connections to terrorist organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood.

Groups and individuals that federal prosecutors and even federal judges have identified as supporting foreign Muslim terrorist Jihadist groups are actively courted and legitimized by the Obama Muslim terrorist regime. Leaders from these terror-tied organizations who have infiltrated our security agencies such as the DHS, FBI, CIA, DOJ as well as the Dept of Education are even being used to help write the DHS department guidelines on “countering violent extremism.” After clicking on “to help write”, page down to the list of Members of the Countering Violent Extremism Working Group. It is full of known Muslim Jihadists.

Is it any wonder then that just last week it was revealed that a DHS-funded study likened terrorism to “ordinary crime” while omitting any reference to the radicalizing effects of Islamic Jihadist ideology taught in our school system?

THE BOTTOM LINE : Until Congress is educated with the truth and pushes back on this malfeasance by Obama’s Terrorist Regime and holds Czars like Secretary Napolitano accountable, it is likely to continue until as in Europe, it is too late to turn it around.

de Andréa

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