Monday, January 23, 2012

More Proof Obama Is A Muslim Jihadist

Obama supports and enables the Muslim Brotherhood; the result is the Muslim Brotherhood sees the weakness in our system.

By de Andréa

How I wish it weren’t so, but the facts are overwhelmingly clear. The Obama administration is, and has been systematically and surreptitiously getting cozy with the revived Ottoman Empire, The Muslim Brotherhood.

This is not only affecting our foreign policy in countries like Iran, Egypt, Libya and Syria it’s also affecting our domestic national security apparatus, and “Troubling” does not adequately define what is happening in America, Europe and the Middle East.

If you would like to know where the loyalties of so-called Moderate American Muslims are, click on this.

The video Muslims do not want you to see, Watch this!

Who is Obama? Is he even a citizen of the U.S. much less a legal president? Watch, listen and learn here!

Not only is Obama, as I’ve written for three years, favoring radical Islamist forces–Obama is anti-American, anti-Western, pro-terrorism, building dictatorships, and openly anti-Semitic and anti-Christian–and now even the establishment media is admitting it.

For the first time in U.S. history an American government, to the applause of the vast majority of the mass media, is backing an anti-American authoritarian supremacist movement. Here’s how the New York Times explains it:

“The Obama administration has begun to reverse decades of mistrust and hostility as it seeks to forge closer ties with an organization [the Muslim Brotherhood] ‘once viewed’ as irreconcilably opposed to United States interests.”

Any serious foreign policy analyst should see three red flags in this paragraph:

First, of course the U.S. government must deal with Egypt’s government, but that doesn’t mean it should publicly proclaim that is should play nice with the Brotherhood and give what amounts to an unconditional endorsement of it.

Indeed, Obama and media are using a cheap trick. They confuse the proper, and responsible policy of dealing with those in power while doing something quite beyond that: a self-destructive policy of rushing to insist that sworn enemies of freedom and the United States are really nice warm-fuzzy guys and there’s no problem with having them in power and endorsing their polices.

As I’ve written before, that if a dictatorship is elected, the Egyptian people have a right to do so but that doesn’t mean the West should endorse and enable it.

This is tantamount to President Roosevelt supporting the Nazi regime during the Second World War! That would be treasonous… So hasn’t Obama committed treason by supporting the Muslim Brotherhood the enemy of the free world not only in Libya and Egypt but in the United States?

Does anyone remember that Obama has been apologizing for all the bad regimes America supported in the past? Now Obama is using the exact same argument: claiming that we must be nice to them and support them because they are in power. What’s the difference between that and the historic relationship to the Mubarak regime? At least Mubarak supported U.S. interests. These people do not. They have openly supported murdering Americans, especially in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In 1979 an Islamist revolution occurred in Iran. The United States quickly recognized that new regime, and tried to be buddies with it. How is that working out for us?

Second, why should the burden of reversing “decades of mistrust and hostility” be exclusively on the United States? Doesn’t the Brotherhood, which benefits from U.S. engagement, need to do that also or even beforehand? Why is there no conditionality here, no hint that the Obama Administration or New York Times understands how hostile the Brotherhood has been and continues to be? If the U.S. president won’t demand a quid pro quo (something in exchange for his concessions) who is going to look after U.S. interests while Obama is looking out for the interests of the nation of Islam?

Third, by saying the Brotherhood was “once viewed as irreconcilably opposed to United States interests” the author suggests this is no longer true. We know that Obama says the Brotherhood has changed. Yet there is no evidence in terms of deeds, ideology, or statement made in Arabic that the Brotherhood has done so.

The Muslim Brotherhood began Just 4 years after the demise of the original Islamic Ottoman Empire; it is obvious that it is nothing less than the revived Ottoman Empire under a new name. Incidentally the agenda of the Ottoman Empire was to conquer the earth for Allah; the agenda of the Brotherhood is the same. Leopards do not change their spots.

Obama has given away all U.S. leverage and assets beforehand, just as he did by announcing a year ago, during the revolution’s opening days, that he would be happy to accept a Muslim Brotherhood government. Well of course he would, he himself is an admitted Muslim, and all the baggage of Muslim ideology comes with the package. Was or ‘is’ there any such thing as a moderate Nazi? What would one look like? Do you think he would just moderately kill you and destroy your freedom? Do you think he would just be a moderate supremacist? A Muslim my friend is a Nazi on steroids.

So the Brotherhood’s moderation is assumed. The science is settled; the debate over, Ignorance prevails and deception abounds.

“The reversal also reflects Obama’s acceptance of the Brotherhood’s repeated assurances that its lawmakers want to build a modern democracy that will respect individual freedoms, free markets, and international commitments, including Egypt’s treaty with Israel.”

Wow, yes that’s it. Obama says he believes what the Brotherhood says and not what has been said by Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and others including many Coptic Egyptians. No one has bothered to look at the actual radical record of Brotherhood lawmakers in the last parliament! Obama has chosen his Muslim friends he’s on the wrong side; at least he is not on your side.

“And at the same time it underscores Washington’s increasing frustration with Egypt’s military rulers, who have sought to carve out permanent political powers for themselves and used deadly force against protesters seeking an end to their rule.”

This is nonsense. Of course, the military has used force, though rarely deadly force. But what evidence is there that the military wants “permanent political powers”? On two occasions it put forth some demands and then retreated within a few hours when pushed by the Muslim Brotherhood. Yet even when so-called moderates protested in the thousands the army ignored them.

Doesn’t this tell you something?

In fact, Obama has only criticized and pressured the army, not the Islamist Brotherhood. So here’s an understatement:

“…As the Brotherhood moves toward an expected showdown with the military…over who should control the interim government—the newly elected Parliament or the ruling military council—the administration’s public outreach to the Brotherhood could give the Islamic movement in Egypt important support. It could also confer greater international legitimacy on the Brotherhood.”

It only took a year to figure that out. Yes, the Brotherhood gains more support because of U.S. policy. Some Egyptians argue the Americans back the Brotherhood so they might as well join the winning side. Others argue that the Brotherhood has intimidated the Americans so they are heroes who should be supported.

In other words, Obama isn’t just observing, but is affecting events. Now, note how the Obama Administration avoids this issue:

“It would be `totally impractical’ not to engage the Brotherhood `because of U.S. security and regional interests in Europe,” a senior administration official said.

But we are not talking about holding talks, we’re talking about becoming apologists for Islamic terrorism, a position announced and defended in a detailed explanation by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. It is entirely predictable that as the revolutionary Islamists take anti-American and dictatorial stances, the Western media will underreport them and the Obama Administration will ignore them, if only to defend the mistaken ideas they hold and the Islamic political agenda Obama has staked out.

Notice the use of the word “engage.” Earlier, the Obama Administration spent much of its effort engaging Iran and Syria, claiming this was necessary. One thing about this president, and the complicit media, is that they never examine past failures when the precise same strategy is repeated (domestic example: “Stimulus” followed by “Jobs Bill.”)

How do we supposedly know the Brotherhood is moderate? Because that is what it tells the Western journalists and diplomats. But that’s not what it tells the Egyptian people or its own members: A State Department official said.…”They’ve been very specific about conveying a moderate message”…. Indeed, the State Department tells us that the Brotherhood has pledged to maintain “universal human rights” and previous Egyptian government commitments, presumably the peace treaty with Israel. But alas the Islamic ideology teaches deception. In Arabic, It’s called the “Doctrine of Taqiyyah”. It fundamentally means, lie, lie to the infidel, and lie through your teeth.

But of course, the Brotherhood would never lie to the U.S. officials in secret, easily deniable and non-binding chats that run totally contrary to the policies its leaders have advocated every day for decades (including the same week as this New York Times article appeared) and that fit its ideology. The fact that they doubt Obama would do anything about it if they trampled those commitments also makes them less likely to keep such promises.

The fact that Senator John Kerry is leading this effort is even scarier. He has been wrong about every Middle Eastern issue, notably his failed engagement policy with Syria and Iran. Might Kerry learn something from this experience about how radical forces can lie to you and manipulate you into supporting their repressive regimes? Not!

Will anyone in the mass media compare Kerry’s positions on engaging Iran and Syria with his making the same mistake now by engaging the Arab Islamists in Egypt? Again; not!

So the public won’t hear people say: Hey, hasn’t this policy already failed twice under this administration?

Kerry’s foolishness is endless. He told the reporter, “The Brotherhood’s leaders said they were eager to work with the United States and other Western countries, especially in economic areas.” Oh, they want American money, Sharia compliant money. If that doesn’t prove they’re moderate what does? And I’ve got a Golden Bridge for sale…cheap.

And here’s an interesting twist, the kind of thing that makes the New York Times the kind of newspaper it is:

“The administration’s willingness to engage with the Brotherhood could open President Obama to new attacks by Republicans who are already accusing him letting Islamists take over a pivotal ally. Some analysts, though, said the overtures amounted to a tacit admission that the United States should have begun such outreach to the region’s Islamist opposition long ago.”

Did you catch that?

First, the Republicans will criticize Obama without any basis and, second, the real mistake was that the United States (Bush?) should have engaged Islamists even sooner!

So the idea that Obama is wrong about the Brotherhood is dismissed as a mere partisanship. Thus, there need be no actual discussion of whether this charge is true! The Times readers are conditioned to reject anything associated with Republicans. The idea that Obama let (I prefer the words “helped,” cheered,” and “declared harmless”) Islamists take over a pivotal ally is now officially banished. And if you hear someone say otherwise, know that he is a Republican trying to sabotage Obama so ignore that person. Immediately put hands over ears to avoid truth.

Shadi Hamid, director of research at the Brookings Doha Center in Qatar, is the person quoted as arguing that the United States missed chances to build ties to so-called “moderate Islamists” earlier. Should America apologize for keeping the Brotherhood waiting? And what about the effort to build ties with “moderate terrorist Islamists” like Hizballah, the Iran regime, and Syria’s government which is not Islamist but is just ‘allied with the Islamist bloc’?

But here’s Hamid’s really interesting point: “Now the Brotherhood knows it is in a stronger position and it is almost as if the U.S. is chasing them and they are sitting pretty.” Yes, that’s it. Islam views Obama’s policy not as one of friendship but of weakness. Thus, they will make no concession—except patience and mouthing soothing words in English—in the pursuit of their radical, Hate-American agenda.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Ignorance begets deception, deception begets enablement, and enablement begets destruction…

Think long and hard about reelecting Barrack Hussein Obama, a self-described Muslim terrorist for president in November. Yes click on the hyperlink and listen to him tell you himself.

de Andréa

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Just when I thought the racist right couldn't sink any low, I both get proven wrong and right! I've read enough digusting, anti-human trash from the right that could without a dobut give the Ku Klux Klan a run for their money. Hell! Tje Right-Wing ARE the KKK of Today, even though they were the KKK of Yesterday!

With Election time coming up so, The Right arent hiding it anymore, but they sure are dening it! They are Racists, They are Bigots, They are Homophobic extremists scumbags!

Obama never said the Constitution is passe. She lied.
Obama has not violated the Constitution. No conviction or even charges.
Obama is a self-avowed Christian. She lied. He HAS declared. You lied too.
GOPer lemmings need to stop doping themselves up. Obama already has shown his birth certificate - born in Hawaii. It's really too bad his grandmother and grandfather died before he became President. They could have slammed the GOPer loudmouth liars dirty antics shut years ago. It just shows those born into the Georgia education system (one of the worst in the nation) have low IQs indeed.