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The Sharia Pandemic

If for some ignorant reason you believe that Sharia is just the law of the Middle East, you would be deceptively wrong.

By de Andréa
September 10, 2011

History repeats itself in Germany…for the third time.
As in the case of Pancreatic Cancer, or a vicious contagious virus once one becomes aware of its symptoms one can be nearly assured of certain death. For the third time in its history, Germany is becoming aware of a terminal disease which is exemplified in a new book titled "Germany Does Away With Itself,"(not available in English). The first time Germany began to be overrun by Islam was in approximately 800 AD. It took the bloody Crusades three hundred years to save the country and the rest of Europe. The second time was in the 1930’s in the form of Nazism, Islam was Hitler’s only ally, and took a world war to save Germany and the rest of the world. And now history is again repeating itself, for the third time, different people, different time, same scenario, and the same blind deception. One might think the German people must not be educated in their own history but this same blind deception is affecting every Kaffaar (non-Muslim) on the planet. What will it take to stop Islam this time?

According to the Muslim bible, the Quran, Sharia is the law that governs the world. The spread of Islamic Sharia law in Germany for example is far more advanced than previously thought. German authorities recognize that they are now "powerless" to do anything about it; this is according to a new book about the Muslim shadow justice system in the Islamic State of Germany. This is the result of allowing the Muslim foot in the door. An unsuspecting benevolent country that goes down the slippery slope of Islamic deception, will eventually find itself beyond the point of no return. As you read ‘this’ account, remember Islamic Sharia law has already found its way into American courts. And unless you want to be subjected to barbaric Sharia law and Islamic oppression, you had better do what ever you can to help stop Sharia in your state and in America. And you had better do it right now!

The 236-page book titled "Judges Without Law: Islamic Parallel Justice Endangers Our Constitutional State," (not yet available in English) which was authored by Joachim Wagner, a German legal expert and former investigative journalist for ARD German public television, says “Islamic Sharia courts are now operating in all of Germany's big cities. This parallel justice system is undermining the rule of law in Germany”, Wagner says, because Muslim arbiters-cum-imams are settling criminal cases out of court without the involvement of German prosecutors or lawyers before law enforcement can bring the cases to a German court.

Note: In most cases this involves Muslim crimes against Muslims. But in some cases it involves cases of non Muslims against Muslim Sharia law, and the latter is on the increase both in Europe and in America.

In an interview with the German broadcaster Deutsche Welle, Wagner said political correctness in Germany is enabling the problem: "I've studied 16 recent crime cases here with Muslim citizens involved. In almost 90% of all cases where Muslim arbitrators were commissioned, the perpetrators were acquitted by German courts or the cases were dropped altogether by the prosecution for lack of evidence. It's an alarming finding, and it throws a bad light on our courts."

In fact, German judges often refer and/or defer to Sharia law. For example, the Federal Social Court in Kassel recently supported the claim of a second wife for a share of her dead husband's pension payments, which his first wife wanted to keep all to herself. The judge ruled they should share the pension.

In March 2007, Judge Christa Datz-Winter, a judge at Frankfurt's family court cited the Islamic Koran in a divorce case involving a 26-year-old German woman of Moroccan origin, who was terrified of her violent Moroccan husband, a man who had continued to threaten her despite having been ordered to stay away by the authorities. He had beaten his wife and he had allegedly threatened to kill her. Judge Datz-Winter refused to grant the divorce, arguing that a woman who marries a Muslim should know what she is getting herself into. In her ruling, the judge quoted Sura 4, verse 34 of the Koran. She wrote that the Koran contains "both the husband's right to use corporal punishment against a disobedient wife and the establishment of the husband's superiority over the wife."

In February 2011, Germany's Federal Labor Court ruled that a Muslim supermarket employee can refuse to handle alcohol on religious grounds. The case in question involved a Muslim man who was employed in a supermarket in the northern German city of Kiel. He refused to stock shelves with alcoholic drinks, saying that his religion forbade him from any contact with alcohol, and was dismissed as a result in March 2008.

In an interview with the German newsmagazine Der Spiegel, Wagner described the Islamic shadow justice system in Germany as "very foreign, and for a German lawyer, completely incomprehensible at first. It follows its own rules. The Islamic arbitrators aren't interested in evidence when they deliver a judgment, and unlike in German criminal law, the question of who is at fault doesn't play much of a role."

When Der Spiegel asked why it was wrong for two parties to try to resolve a dispute between themselves, Wagner replied: "The problem starts when the arbitrators force the justice system out of the picture, especially in the case of criminal offenses. At that point they undermine the state monopoly on violence. Islamic conflict resolution in particular, as I've experienced it, is often achieved through violence and threats. It's often a dictate of power on the part of the stronger family."

Wagner's findings largely confirm a report published by the German Interior Ministry in 2009 which warned that Islamic groups in Germany want to live under Sharia law in Germany. Unlike any other people on the planet, Muslims do not assimilate. Wagner's book comes at a time when Germany is immersed in a heated national debate over Muslim immigration. That debate was launched in August 2010 with the publication of a best-selling book titled "Germany Does Away With Itself,"(not available in English) which broke Germany's long-standing taboo on discussing the impact of Muslim immigration. Authored by Thilo Sarrazin, a renowned German banker who is also a long-time member of the center-left Social Democratic Party (SPD), the book is now on its 20th edition. At last count, more than 1.5 million copies have been sold, making it one of the most widely read titles in Germany since the Second World War. Sarrazin's book has resonated with vast numbers of ordinary Germans who are becoming increasingly uneasy about the social changes that are transforming Germany, largely due to the presence of millions of non-integrated Muslims in the country.

German President Christian Wulff has tried to defuse the row ignited by Sarrazin. During a keynote speech(in German, you can translate using Google) to mark the 20th anniversary of German reunification on October 3, 2010, Wulff proclaimed that "Islam belongs in Germany" because of the four million Muslims who now live there. Germany has Western Europe's second-biggest Islamic population after France, with Turks the single biggest minority. [Wulff is wrong, truth is, Germany belongs to Islam]

Opinion polls show broad public support for Sarrazin's argument that Muslim immigrants shut themselves off from Germany, do not speak German, and do not share the German, European or Western culture or worldview. Why is that? In our Western culture we understand that a people will immigrate from one country to another mostly because they hate their own culture and want to adopt yours. While this may be true in most cases, it does not generally apply to Muslims. Muslims generally immigrate to your country because the hate your culture and want to change it to their own. We can’t understand that much less comprehend it. And that my Western friend is because we have no concept of Muslim Ideology.

According to a poll conducted by the mass-circulation Bild am Sonntag, 89% of those surveyed say Sarrazin's arguments are convincing. "For them, Sarrazin is somebody who is finally saying what many are thinking," according to the pollsters.

The Friedrich Ebert Foundation, a think tank linked to the center-left Social Democratic Party (SPD), recently published a survey which found that many Germans believe their country is being "overrun" by Muslim immigrants. It also found that these views are not isolated at the extremes of German society, but are to a large degree "at the center of it."

An opinion survey, "Perception and Acceptance of Religious Diversity," conducted by the sociology department of the University of Münster, in partnership with the prestigious TNS Emnid political polling firm, shows that only 34% of West Germans and 26% of East Germans have a positive view of Muslims. Fewer than 5% of Germans think Islam is a tolerant religion, and only 30% say they approve of the building of mosques. The number of Germans who approve of the building of minarets or the introduction of Muslim holidays is even lower. Fewer than 10% of West Germans and 5% of East Germans say that Islam is a peaceful religion.

As the political winds shift, so are German politicians. After initially distancing herself from Sarrazin's views, German Chancellor Angela Merkel recently said Germany's roots are Judeo-Christian. She also said: "Now we obviously have Muslims in Germany. But it is important in regard to Islam that the values represented by Islam must correspond with our constitution. What applies here is the constitution, not Sharia law.” But the proliferation of Sharia law in Germany suggests Merkel is mistaken: Sharia law ‘does’ apply in Germany, and now, there is nothing they can do to stop it short of a bloody civil war.

As Europe begins to wake up from the deception of multiculturalism and political correctness, it finds itself sinking in the quagmire of Islamic ideology and oppression. As I have said so many times before, once a culture begins to open their deceived eyes and understand what Islam is about, it is too late.

I have written similar articles about France, Holland and the U.K. as well as America. Allowing a Muslim to put his foot in the door of your country, is tantamount to jumping out of an airplane at 10 thousand feet, there is just no going back.

THE BOTTOM LINE: I will repeat what I said at the beginning: This is the result of benevolently allowing the Muslim foot in the door. An unsuspecting benevolent country that goes down the slippery slope of Islamic deception will eventually find itself beyond the point of no return. Remember Islamic Sharia law has already found its way into American courts, (read a previous article). And unless you want to be subjected to the supremacy of Sharia law and Islamic oppression, you had better do what ever you can to help stop Sharia in your state and in America. And you had better do it right now my friend!

If you continue to delay, soon everything else you do or that is important to you will be moot! Your appeal to a higher court will simply be to another Muslim court.

Islam has already infiltrated every other aspect of American government, Federal, State, and local. The Infiltration of public schools and our courts has already begun. Soon we will be at the same stage of Islamic Jihad as most countries in Europe. And then war will be the only way to stop the “World Nation of Islam”.

Is that what you want???

de Andréa

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