Monday, September 26, 2011

Obama’s Conspiracy to Disarm America

Hopefully this could just be Obama’s undoing. Obama’s conspiracy to violate international gun trafficking laws has led to the death of hundreds, maybe thousands, of innocent Mexicans as well as Americans.

By de Andréa

Obama’s top secret mission, named Operation Fast and Furious was led to its exposure by the unplanned murder of Brian Terry, a U.S. Border agent. The law states that if someone dies in the commission of a crime then all involved are guilty of murder. So what is Obama’s top secret mission “Operation Fast and Furious”? Well read on my friend…

For those who might not be up on all the details of the ever-ballooning Obama “Fast and Furious” scandal, a short primer may be in order, you will find a link to the full story below.

The government-sanctioned gun running conspiracy operated for two years, beginning in 2009, out of the BATFE office in Phoenix, Ariz.—though evidence is mounting that similar scams were also run in other locations, such as Houston, Texas.

Under “Fast and Furious,” BATFE street agents were instructed to stand down as felony violations of federal firearm and smuggling laws—punishable by decades in federal prison—were committed. When conscientious, federally licensed dealers reported illegal straw sales involving large numbers of guns, they were told by agency officials to allow the felonious sales to be completed on the spot and to look the other way in the future

Agency superiors thus forced field agents to passively observe the “walking” of as many as 2,500 illegally acquired firearms beyond agency control into the cave-darkness of criminal commerce—in Mexico.

The cover story was, to trace those guns to drug “kingpins” across the border.
According to William Newell, the man in charge of the Phoenix operation, “The goal of the opperation and investigation was to disrupt and dismantle an entire firearm trafficking network in Mexico.”

The question begging to be asked is how could that even be remotely feasible when neither Mexican law enforcement at any level, nor BATFE representatives stationed as guests of the Mexican government, were even made aware of the operation? It was top secret.

In truth is, the scheme originated as a means to “trace” guns back to U.S. retailers from Mexican crime scenes in order to prove the Obama administration and media big lie—that 90 percent of the firearms used in Mexico’s narco-anarchy come from federally licensed U.S. gun dealers. The purpose of that entire campaign was to glean power and money for BATFE—power in the form of more gun laws and more bureaucratic restrictions on the rights of law-abiding private citizens. Ban semi-autos. Shut down gun shows and gun registration. In other words carry out Obama’s agenda of disarming America.

The logic of the BATFE/Justice Department agitprop goes this way—this is what we are all supposed to believe: Mexican society is terrorized by narco-anarchy, with over 35,000 unarmed citizens murdered during the past four years. For the law-abiding, Mexico has the most restrictive gun laws in the hemisphere. Therefore, American freedom and the rights of our citizens must be equally restricted, since our guns can be illegally acquired and smuggled to that terrorized nation.

Proving that insanity is what “Fast and Furious” is really all about.
Some in the media have called “Fast and Furious” a “plan gone horribly wrong.” Led by President Barack Obama’s blithe admission that there were “mistakes made,” the administration is saying, “Nothing to see here folks, let’s move on.”

This was not a mistake. Illegally moving guns to Mexico was not a mistake. The intended purpose “Fast and Furious,” when you get down to it, is a criminal conspiracy on the part of BATFE leadership and officials in the U.S. Department of Justice and the Obama administration. It was a conspiracy hatched for Obama’s anti-gun propaganda purposes. The deaths and bloodletting in Mexico were the natural results of a government conspiracy gone completely wrong.

For the planners of “Fast and Furious,” the free big-media ride ended a few days before Christmas 2010 in a lonely canyon in Arizona near the Mexican border, where Border Patrol agent Brian Terry in the wee-hours armed with a beanbag gun versus 7.62×39 mm firefight—was easily gunned down. Two of the semi-automatics at the scene were the product of Obama’s “Operation Fast and Furious.”

The death of Terry, a family man and veteran, changed everything.
Were it not for Terry’s death, the operation doubtless would have continued unabated, with U.S. gun-control forces ghoulishly pointing to the ever-mounting body count south of the border to further their agenda of disarming America.

For the full story including transcripts of a congressional hearing click here! You have a right to know…

de Andréa.

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