Saturday, February 26, 2011

Illegal Aliens, Get Out

Arizona says --- illegal aliens are illegal so get out of our country…

By de Andréa

My parents were immigrants from a foreign country so don’t say that I am racist, anti-immigrant, or anti-American. Oh! And incidentally, they came here ‘legally’. Moreover I am a natural born citizen of the United States of America and I can prove it. I have a real birth certificate, I served in the United States armed forces and I have an American passport, I paid taxes since I was 12 years old and have never been on welfare. So, smoke on that for awhile.

The independent Sovereign States of America should take a lesson from Arizona; they may be one of the last independent thinking American pioneers.

Arizona has thumbed its nose at the tyranny of Obama and his law suit against Arizona’s new illegal alien law, you know…the same federal law that Obama refuses to obey. Is it possible that Obama himself is an illegal alien? I think I just may be moving to Arizona. Montana and Arizona are also passing legislation that could lead to a de-facto cession from this corrupt Federal Government and the dictatorship of Barack Hussein Obama. They are in affect telling the Federal Government to go suck an egg with all their tyranny and corruption. Read the article titled State Sovereignty.

Arizona is one of the few states that believe illegal aliens are; well…guess what, ‘illegal’, and not a pawn on the federal liberal communist chessboard to buy votes. In Arizona if you hire an illegal alien, you lose your business license and possibly your business.In Arizona it is illegal to harbor these criminals. Arizona has laws disallowing illegal aliens from holding jobs, getting welfare, and just being in the State, they are after all by law, criminal trespassers. So get off our property ya-all. Read the article titled America’s Secret War.

’Now’, there is an effort to go even further. The president of the Arizona state Senate introduced legislation last Monday to ban illegal aliens from state universities and community colleges, making it a crime for them to even drive in Arizona and they are including new public school reporting requirements that would cause the parents of children not here legally to keep them at home.

Anti-American activists, who are ignorant of constitutional law or likely any law, are calling the state of Arizona racist, children haters and a laundry list of hate-America names and innuendos.

Set for a hearing is SB 1611, it would also put companies that do not use a federal database to check the status of new workers. And it would require cities to evict anyone in public housing who cannot prove legal presence in this country. This will end the breast sucking free loading criminals living off of hardworking American taxpayers. Imagine, to keep your business license, you have too obey the law and use E-Verify--this will end the last of illegal aliens who steal jobs from honest Americans and legal residents. (American unemployment is now approaching 11 %). Then it ends illegal aliens from taking college seats away from the honest legal students who now get turned away because of overcrowding.

Arizona means business. All of Barack Obama’s Communist tyranny “just words” on the subject might give lift off to a hot air balloon but nothing else.
Without illegal aliens, California for example, would not have overcrowded schools, over overcrowded emergency rooms; California could balance its budget and get out of debt. Do you think the Arizona government would consider adopting California?
Probably not…

P.S. Please click on the Hyperlinks for the source of this information and don’t say that I make this stuff up.

de Andréa

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Why do we print every think in English and in Mexican we could save billons on printing fees alone just by printing English. you go to DMV they have more in Mexican than they do in English now what I don't under if they do the test in Mexican than how in the hell are they going to read any posted signs.