Thursday, February 24, 2011

1984 Is Here

In less than 90 days, YOU WILL BE REQUIRED BY FEDERAL LAW to carry a "National ID" card. “Let me see your papers!”

By de Andréa

Based on the provisions of The Real ID Act of 2005 the (Public Law 109-13, 119 Stat 392), Barack Obama's Department of Homeland Security Regime will require the federalization of State-issued driver's licenses by May 11, 2011.

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The new cards, disguised as a regular drivers' license, will be biometric. Each card will store up to a gigabyte of personal data about the card holder AND it will contain a GPS tracking chip. The government will know where you are at all times.

No one is talking about this ... and certainly, this is something the Obama Dictatorship would like to keep quiet. But then, I am not one to keep quiet, not yet anyway.

Barack Obama's America is quickly becoming the historical Nazi Germany. Did you ever think you would experience invasive, Big Brother tactics in which uniformed officers ask: "Let me see your papers"

27 years later, George Orwell's "1984" BIG BROTHER has finally arrived.

According to financial limits established by the Unfunded Mandates Reform Act of 1995 (Public Law 104-4, 2 USC 1501), this law cannot be implemented because the cost exceeds the limits the federal government can impose on the States. But we know Barack Obama the Dictator, doesn’t care what the U.S. Constitution says. SO ‘WE’ HAVE TO CARE, AND ‘WE’ HAVE TO STOP HIM.

PLEASE tell every Member of Congress to STOP any form of National I.D. cards or National Drivers' license. Tell Congress that the Real ID Act goes beyond constitutional limits, and that the American people will not be subjected to what amounts to a de-facto internal passport. This is an unlawful demand on the States and an invasion of your privacy as a free U.S. citizen. WE MUST PRESERVE OUR PERSONAL FREEDOMS at the very least within the United States of America.

In 1993 the Clinton administration tried to create a national ID card---first disguised as a national healthcare card, then as a "jobs card" disguised to keep illegal aliens from stealing jobs from U.S. citizens. Yeah right! Then in 1996, it became a national drivers' license.

If this battle is not confronted, by May 11, 2011, "Real ID" will go into effect.

You will have to carry your card to vote. You will have to carry your card to enter a federal building. You will have to carry your card to buy a plane ticket, do your banking and any transaction you make. You will have to keep your "national driver's license" on your person at all times, whether you are driving or not - you will need it whether you are playing tennis, sitting on your front porch, or walking up to the corner to catch a taxi.

These cards have the potential of tracking your every move, and every purchase you make. More frightening than that, is the federal government, for any reason can simply cancel your card electronically, thereby making you a non-person. You couldn’t buy or sell anything or go anywhere.


Most states are already compliant well before the deadline. Personal data about you has already been taken and it has been stored in a dossier about you.

The impetus for REAL ID stemmed from recommendations from the 9/11 Commission, even though the standards established by the 9/11 Commission have already been repealed. REAL ID requires State driver's license authorities to use more stringent measures to verify Social Security numbers, birth dates, addresses, proof of citizenship, and immigration status. The Act prescribes 18 SEPARATE SECURITY CONTROLS that States are now required to use when issuing driver's licenses.

Moreover, this information will be available to law enforcement officials in all other States. That means the constitutional presumptions of "unreasonable search" are void, because if you are stopped in any State for anything, the police in that State can "read" the database assigned to your card and virtually "share your information" over the Internet with any other government agency in any state including the Federal Government.

The Department of Homeland [In]Security lies, by insisting the new drivers' licenses cannot be construed as a "National ID Card" because the cards are issued by the States and not the federal government. However, the Real ID Act mandates national standards and national formatting which the States must abide by in creating their "State" cards and all information is available to all federal agencies. (National ID Card)

In addition to some First Amendment concerns, the REAL ID Act violates the Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, because driver's license, as such, should come under State purview, not the laws of the federal government. A federal drivers' license violates the Tenth Amendment with respect to State power, and obliterates the states' dual sovereignty with the federal government, making the State subservient to the federal government. Read a related issue State Sovereignty it may be our salvation…

We must do everything that we can to invalidate this Act by May 11, 2011.

Ultimately, just as Social Security Cards were never supposed to be used for ID purposes, Real ID drivers' license will, very quickly, become de facto national ID cards, which is why people who don't drive will still need to carry one.

THE BOTTOM LINE: This plan, or one like it, is the only way to effectively, surreptitiously, and incrementally introduce an oppressive dictatorship and complete tyranny into a once free nation. This is just another step in THE BOILING OF THE FROG!

If you don’t say something to your representatives - then who is going to? If you don’t stop this, then who? Remember the government functions at the pleasure of the governed. If it is your pleasure to live under the oppressive thumb of a central dictatorship, then do nothing, and you will get what you want.

I hope you will be pleased with it…

de Andréa


Anonymous said...

I don't think this is the work of an oppressive government at all. I believe it is a truthful attempt at creating more national security and safety for the american people. It is also an attempt to make sure those who do not belong here are no longer sanctioned here. There are millions of illegal aliens in America today, and until something like this happens, our unemployment rate will remain high due to those individuals taking American jobs. Some illegals are kept here knowingly because they have had babies here. Their children are now Americans, so we don't send them back because we can't legally send their children with them, and who would raise their children? They receive government benefits and yet don't pay taxes. Is this the kind of message we want to continue to send to to those who want to live in America but can't obtain a green card?? I'm thankful at least someone has the guts to stand up and say that something like this is needed. I'm not agreeing that it needs to be to the extent you claim it is going to be, but something needs to be done!

Anonymous said...

Where's my card?

Anonymous said...

is this another page of patriotic republican ignorants?

Anonymous said...

1984 & Brave New World are both more real than you could possibly imagine. Not only that, but the stories are messages linked by .... the technology Orwell was writing about:

Ministry of Forbidden Knowledge: 1984 and BNW are here.