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Evangelical Pastors Say Obama A Christian, Not a Muslim

Four in ten American Protestant pastors believe Obama is a Christian… the deception is working?

By de Andréa
December 8, 2010

While Protestant pastors overwhelmingly believe that Oprah Winfrey isn’t a Christian, 75 percent of them say former president George W. Bush is. And 41 percent say they believe Obama to be a Christian.

Winfrey and Bush, along with Glenn Beck, Barack Obama and Sarah Palin, comprised the list that LifeWay Research presented to Protestant pastors along with the question, “Which, if any, of the following people do you believe are Christians?”

The majority of Americans self-identify as Christian, and Protestant is the largest category of Christian denominations. With that in mind, LifeWay Research set out to examine the beliefs of pastors in leading Protestant churches. The national telephone survey took place Oct. 7-14 and included 1,000 interviews.

Winfrey earned the lowest affirmative response, with only 19 percent of pastors saying they believe she is a Christian. The other television personality on the list, Glen Beck, earned the second lowest affirmative response at 27 percent.

Among the politicians on the list, Bush earned the highest affirmative response, of pastors (75 percent) saying they believe he is a Christian. Palin earned the next highest response at 66 percent, and Obama received the lowest affirmative response with less than half of Protestant pastors (41 percent) saying they believe him to be a Christian.

Four percent of pastors say none of the listed prominent personalities are Christians, and 15 percent respond only with “Not sure.”

“For many people, ‘Christian’ is a box they check on a demographic survey “Protestant pastors, should have a more detailed view – many apply terms like ‘born again,’ ‘evangelical’ and ‘a changed life’ as synonyms for ‘Christian.’ Thus, their standard is often different than the prevailing view.

“Using their standard, the majority would not agree that President Obama is a Christian, though they do believe he is a mainline Protestant. And it is likely that Glenn Beck’s Mormonism, widely viewed by Protestants as a different religion rather than a different Christian denomination, probably caused many to indicate he is not a Christian.”

Protestant pastors who self-identify as Democrats, politically liberal or very liberal, or mainline are more likely to indicate these prominent personalities are Christians. For example, 88 percent of those who self-identify as liberal or very liberal say Obama is a Christian compared to only 31 percent of those who say they are conservative and 12 percent of those who say they are very conservative.

For many, ‘Judge not’ are the only words of Jesus they know. To those people, it may be inconceivable that Protestant pastors might consider some Christians and others not. Yet Jesus said much more about following Him. Protestant pastors have theological views and beliefs about what it means to be a Christian – and those opinions influence many in America, so it’s important to know what they believe.”

Obama Speaks of His Christian Faith in Jesus Christ

President Barack Hussein Obama was forced to open up about his Christian faith when an Albuquerque woman asked him "Why are you a Christian?"

President Barack Obama addresses an invited group of guest at the home of Andy Cavalier, in what the administration is calling a backyard discussion, Tuesday, Sept. 28, 2010 in Albuquerque, N.M.

He responded, "I'm a Christian by choice." Oh yeah! Just when did that happen Obama?
It was a hot topic question, the woman recognized during a backyard conversation on the economy.

Providing a brief account of how he grew up, Obama said his family members "weren't folks who went to church every week." That’s because they were either Muslims or Communists.

"My mother was one of the most spiritual people I knew, but she didn't raise me in the church," he said.

Obama said he became a Christian later in life.
What drew him to Christianity was "the precepts of Jesus Christ" which spoke to him in terms of the "kind of life he would want to lead”, he explained.

Those precepts include "being my brothers' and sisters' keeper; treating others as they would treat me." Is that why your brother in Kenya lives in a grass hut on $75.00 a year? And the Golden rule says " you would have them treat you", Obama!

He continued, "I think also understanding that ... Jesus Christ dying for my sins spoke to the humility that we all have to have as human beings – that we're sinful and we're flawed and we make mistakes; we achieve salvation through the grace of God."

In terms of how he's living out his Christian faith, he said he strives and prays to "see God in other people" and "help them find their own grace."

Obama may be good with words “just words” but he is definitely not a Christian. Gods word says you will know them by their fruit. A fig tree just does not bare olives my friend.

THE BOTTOM LINE RESPONSE: First off, I am appalled at the criteria that these surveyed pastors use to define Christianity. Actually Obama did a better job explaining what a Christian is, than the so-call Christian Pastors.

When Obama spoke at a Christian university he had the cross on the stage covered. Why? Because he can’t stand the sight of it. Does that sound like a Christian? 'I said'…Does that sound like a Christian???

Obama with one fell swoop got rid of America’s “National day of Prayer”. Why? Because it is regarded as Christian.

He said his Mama was the most spiritual person he knew and yet she never set foot in a Christian Church. His mama was a Communist.

Obama did however attend Mosque and went to Muslim Madrassas for his early education and indoctrination in Indonesia.

Obama’s Father was a Muslim. Obama’s Step Father was a Muslim. Obama was brought up as a Muslim by his stepfather, and a Communist by his grandfather.

Let me ask you this, would your spiritual Christian mother marry a Muslim man, ‘TWICE’? Well, you may not know the answer to that unless you know what a Muslim is, and for that matter what a Christian is… Actually they do have something in common…They are both, very ‘Spiritual’.

A brief explanation
While a Christian is filled with the Spirit of his God Jehovah, the Muslim is filled with the spirit of his god Satan. I know; his name is Allah. Satan has had several names throughout eternity. His first name was Lucifer, a good name, which means the Angel of light.

When Lucifer, the Angel of light, wanted to be the God of Creation, he challenged his Creator and lost. God Jehovah changed Lucifer’s name to Satan which means the Angel of Darkness.

After God created this beautiful blue ball called Earth out of the “void” that was left from a previous creation, Satan deceived Eve, Adam, and all the people for 2000 years, all except the family of Noah. God destroyed the Earth again and after Jehovah again recreated a new earth, then again, 2000 years later Satan deceived the Jews to reject Christ their own Messiah, and Christianity was later born out of the failed “Jesus Jews” or Messianic Jews, in Antioch Turkey.

After unsuccessfully doing everything he could for 610 years to destroy Christianity, Satan once again used his deception and became Allah the angel of Death, the evil god of Muhammad Satan’s prophet, Satan’s “Perfect Man”, Satan’s answer to Jesus Jehovah God’s Son, the “Perfect Man”. Satan would destroy Gods people, the Jews and now these Christians once and for all. (Islamic Jihad)

Today 1400 years later nearly a third of the world population identifies itself with Islam, Muhammad its prophet, and Allah its satanic evil god.

Now that you know what Islam is, and Christianity is, maybe you can answer the question would your Christian mama marry a Muslim man. I didn’t think so…

What ‘I’ think Obama is, is irrelevant. What Obama says he is, is relevant. And Obama Says he is a Muslim. He says “I am one of them.” Listen to him… He says, “America is no longer a Christian Nation”. He says, “America is a Muslim Nation, the largest Muslim Nation in the world.” He defends Islam; he lies about the history and achievements of Islam. Would a Muslim do that? Yes…Would a Christian do that? I say, No… Those 41 percent of so-called Christian Pastors are deceived my friend.

You decide…

de Andréa

Survey Methodology:

The LifeWay Research telephone survey was conducted among Protestant pastors Oct. 7-14, 2010. Churches were selected randomly and each interview was conducted with the church’s senior pastor, minister, or priest. Responses were weighted to reflect the geographic distribution of Protestant churches. The sample of 1,000 provides 95 percent confidence that the sampling error does not exceed ±3.2 percent for the total sample. Margins of error are slightly higher in subgroups.

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