Wednesday, December 15, 2010

America’s Colleges Support Terrorists

This is just one of them…

By de Andrae

Action Alert:
Barry Sommer had a contract to teach a class about Islamic studies at Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon—that is until last week. The class was canceled because he told the truth, something one just does not do in American Colleges and universities anymore… not if you want to keep your ‘job’ you don’t.

But Barry did, and the result… CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, using its typical propaganda smear tactics, put pressure on the college to cancel the class and remove Barry as an instructor. Shamefully, Lane Community College caved in to the tyranny of Islam and canceled the class.

Note: this typifies the politically correct stance of American College and University’s indoctrination to paint Islam, the enemy of the free world, in a good light by avoiding the truth. In doing so, the college made itself complicit and supportive of CAIR’s continuing assault on our first amendment and its mission to impose the tyranny of Sharia law in American college’s, schools and local State and Federal governments, as well as our court system.

One by one across our Nation, colleges, and universities are falling prey to Sharia and the tyranny of Islam.

We cannot sit by and do nothing anymore. We MUST send a message to Lane Community College that caving in to CAIR, which is a front group for the terrorist organization Hamas, and a co-conspirator in Charity and money laundering fraud --- is outrageous and unacceptable.

If you would like to do something for your family and your country, let your voice be heard against this violation of freedom and truth, here is an easy way to do it.

Call the Lane Community College main switchboard, 541-463-3000. THIS IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN SENDING AN EMAIL. Why? Because we want to barrage the college with hundreds, even thousands of phone calls, today and tomorrow. This way the college will KNOW without a doubt that there are many Americans who object to the college’s actions

When you call, ask to speak to Mary Spilde, college president, or the college’s public relations employee. In a firm but respectful tone, tell the person you speak to (or leave a voice mail) “that you are outraged by the college’s decision to cave in to the demands of an organization like CAIR and suppress free speech on its campus. And that you are asking the college to reconsider and reinstate the class and Barry Sommer as instructor”.

If you’re unable to get through when you call, that’s a good thing! That means many others are calling. Please try again later, or tomorrow.

If you can’t get through on the phone, or just can’t call for some reason, please send an email to Ms. Spilde expressing your outrage and asking that the class be reinstated—again, in a firm but respectful tone. Her email address is But remember—calling is better than emailing.

Lane Community College receives federal dollars, so everyone of us who pays taxes, no matter where we live, are helping to support the college. Thus, we have a right to make our voice heard!

What’s more, we need to send a message to other colleges across the country that Americans are not just going to sit back and watch while a terrorist organization like CAIR assaults the first amendment in its goal to impose Sharia law on America!

Please place your phone call today or tomorrow! And please email this article to others so they can do the same.

Thanks, de Andréa

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