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Multiculturalism Has Failed

If multiculturalism was just an experiment then it is time to admit that it has failed. No surprise to me or anyone who knows a minimal amount of history but it seems that Germany is at least waking up to this fact. Will the U.S. wake up before it’s too late?

By de Andréa

Speaking at a meeting of young members of her Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Telegraph TV and reported by the Christian Science Monitor that it had proven not possible for people from different cultural backgrounds to simply live side by side in Germany, which is home to some four million Arab Muslims.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel told the Telegraph and the Christian Séance Monitor that “Multiculturalism has failed”, she states flatly, as she surveys Western Europe going down, under the tide of Islamic tyranny. Rather than a liberal society creating the utopia of harmonious cultural pluralism, it is being swallowed whole by a giant predator whose voracious mouth encourages, in the spirit of tolerance, to open ever wider in the unshakeable belief of western liberals that the jaws about to snap shut around their necks are actually stretched wide in a smile of peace.

All over mainland Europe, a few shoes are belatedly starting to drop – maybe too late.

France and Belgium have banned the burqa and other countries are debating doing the same. Switzerland has banned minarets. Denmark has imposed ferocious limits on immigration.

In the Netherlands the prosecution in the case against the Dutch politician Geert Wilders for allegedly inciting religious hatred -- through his criticism of Islamic hatred -- has thrown in the towel and asked the judges to acquit him of all charges. Click here for an authoritative analysis of the significance of this.

And what of Merry ole England, the country which in 1940 stood alone against the Islamic Nazi threat to democratic life and liberty and the values of the Western Judeao Christian culture? Is the shoe of reality starting to drop in the UK as well?

A report by Quilliam about City University, central London, states that a hard-line Islamist ideology is being promoted through the leadership of the university’s student Islamic Society, leading to increased religious tensions on campus and to the intimidation and harassment of staff, students and members of minority groups by Muslims and increasing the risks of students turning to terrorism.

Muslims kill everyone even other Muslims
Ahmadi Muslims in south London have been targeted by Islamists in a hate campaign, and a Muslim woman in Bradford has died after being set on fire (via JihadWatch), underlining the fact that Muslims are themselves front-line victims of Islamic jihadism and Sharia law. No one is safe from the tyranny of Islam.
And in the Sunday Telegraph, Andrew Gilligan continues to chronicle the remorseless takeover of an entire London borough, Tower Hamlets, by the terrorists of the Islamic Forum of Europe using intimidation, infiltration and corruption: A similar Islamic take over exists right now in Dearborn Michigan.

According to one of its own leaflets, the IFE – based at the hard-line East London Mosque in Tower Hamlets – wants to change the ‘very infrastructure of society, its institutions, its culture, its political order and its creed … from ignorance to Islam.’ The group is accused by one of the area’s Labor MPs, Jim Fitzpatrick, of infiltrating and ‘corrupting’ his party in a way similar to the Militant Tendency in the 1980s.

The response of other newspapers to what’s going on in Tower Hamlets? As far as I can make out, deafening silence. And what is the response of the rest of the British thinking classes to this and countless other signs of increasing Islamization and Islamic Jihad in Britain?

The hitherto resolutely counter-counter-cultural think-tank Civitas, which in the past has produced some outstanding social and cultural analysis, has just published a set of essays on Women, Islam and Western Liberalism in which one author, Alveena Malik, states that the full-face Islamic veil, or niqab, should be regarded and accepted ‘ part of the modern British way of life.’

She continued: ‘The wearing of religious symbols, including the full veil, should be a fundamental human right of an individual in both the public and private sphere. The real test for religious symbols in the public sphere should always be: “Does the wearing of a symbol (such as the kirpan, turban, yarmulke, crucifix and or the veil) hinder a citizen’s ability to perform their public civic duties?”’ Britain is in a ‘unique’ position to embrace such a public display of faith because of the role the church plays in the affairs of the state and its [benevolent]‘multicultural diversity’.

To be fair, the Civitas pamphlet contains other views which profoundly disagree with this. Even so, the idea that advocating as ‘part of the British way of life’ the niqab, which presents such an obvious danger to security as well as intimidating non-radical Muslim women, inciting religious subversion by serving as a symbolic call to arms against western values and destroying the equality inherent in human interaction by virtue of the simple act that we can all see each other’s faces – the idea that this is, as Civitas appears to suggest, a contribution towards liberal diversity, is simply grotesque.

And here’s the thing: the Telegraph also reports:

Mrs Malik was appointed by the last government to a panel of faith advisers for the Department for Communities. She has overseen British Council guidance on ‘intercultural dialogue’. It looks horribly like, seventy years on, Britain is now once again alone -- this time, though, not standing, but grovelling on its knees before those Islamic Nazis bent upon the extinction of freedom.

THE BOTTOM LINE: So what does all this mean? And how does it effect the U.S.? Are these Islamic symbols really that dangerous? While remotely they could be, they are not the issue. The Burka and the like are just a smoke screen for Islamic Sharia law. If we in the west will accept all the Islamic traditions then we will eventually accept the tyranny of Sharia. Check out this video trailer America At Risk .
Is America at risk? My friend, the ‘World’ is at risk!

Weather this awakening of Europe is too late or not is problematic. I personally believe that if the true awakening of Europe ever does come it will be too late to stop the tyranny of Islam without a bloody fight in the streets. It will be called a civil war but it will be Islamic Jihad.

How does this effect America? What is happening in the U.S. ‘now’, was already happening in Europe 15 years ago. We will likely be where Europe is now in 10 years or less. Sharia law will take precedence over local law…oh! not just for Muslims, no, no, no for you and your family my friend. This is already the case in much of the state of Michigan, especially in Dearborn. The State of Texas has a Sharia Court. New Jersey rules in favor of Sharia in a domestic case. This is the way it was in the UK 15 years ago, today there are Sharia Courts all over London and the locals are tried in them if it involves a dispute with a Muslim. Eventually it won’t matter; everyone will obey Sharia or die.

The only thing stopping Islam from taking control of the world right now is the lack of organized leadership and that will be forthcoming. There are those that are still wondering how such a backward culture can take over the world or America for that matter. Well… they aren’t backward anymore, there are nearly 2 billion of them, nearly a third of the population of the world, and they worship death. They are unlike the rest of the world in everyway.

In 10 to 20 years all of Europe will be Islamic, or… it will be involved in a war for it’s survival.

We can still stop this from happening in America but we don’t have a lot of time. The longer we wait the bloodier the battle.

Throughout history a multicultural State has never worked, moreover, it isn’t working now. We still have a choice, to allow ourselves to be swallowed by this Islamic agenda of tyranny, or to reject this evil culture of satanic rule and return to the roots of Judeao Christian freedom.

Five years ago I predicted that the U.S. would have a Muslim president in 10 years. I was wrong, it was in 3 years. For those of you that are still deceived, listen to your president tell you, that he is a Muslim. “I am one of them”, he says.

The longer we wait, the more difficult it will be to climb out of this hell hole of Islam that patiently awaits us.

My mission is not to comfort, this is part of the problem, we are too comfortable in our prosperous deception. My mission is to shake you awake, to sound the alarm. Listen not to the enemy, but “listen to what the Spirit of God is saying to the Churches”. The Revelation of John…

de Andréa

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