Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Islamic Sharia in America

Twenty years ago I warned that America would kowtow to Islamic Sharia Law. And just as I warned five years ago that America would elect a Muslim president, today we have both. Don’t ever doubt me!

By de Andréa

National Public Radio NPR’s sacking of Juan Williams was more than a politically correct act. It was anti-American, it was the latest in a series of media and political groveling and capitulations to Sharia law to make nice with the enemy of America. If you support NPR you support Islamic terrorism and the enemy of America.

The essence of what Mr. Williams said was just the expression of a personal fear that he had when he boarded an airplane that included Muslims dressed in their traditional garb.

A central provision of Sharia law is its prohibition against speech that can be construed as “defaming” Islam or the prophet Mohammed. Where Sharia is practiced and enforced, such “defamation” is a criminal offense that is punishable by death. In other words if you don’t appreciate the tyranny of Islamic law then you are condemned to death according to Sharia, whether you are an infidel or a Muslim. Don’t these bells ring kind of like the bells of Nazism? And we never considered Nazism to be a protected religion, a philosophy maybe, an ideology yes, but not a religion and neither is Islam.

What we in America take for granted, as free speech is a capital crime in Islam. Moreover Islam exists, wherever there are Muslims.

Islamists around the world are imposing Sharia’s muzzling of free speech on free societies. The Organization of the Islamic Conference, composed of 56 Islamic States, has won passage of a United Nations resolution ordering member countries to criminalize speech that “defames” religion—clearly referring to Islam specifically. After all, does anyone really expect countries like Saudi Arabia to criminalize speech that “defames” Judaism or Christianity?

Criminalizing speech that is deemed “defamation” of Islam is tantamount to de facto enactment of Sharia law. The law may have a different name or description, such as prohibiting “hate speech,” but the effect on speech is the same as if Sharia law has taken precedence over our own constitution.

The Netherlands, Germany, England, and Austria are some of the countries where such de facto “Sharia-compliant” laws are in effect. Dutch Member of Parliament Geert Wilders for example is currently on trial for publicly criticizing Islam. Austrian Parliamentarian Susanne Winter was tried and convicted of a similar “crime” in early 2009. And just last week Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, an Austrian who is an ACT! for America member and chapter leader in the international program, will go on trial there for allegedly transgressing the same Sharia law.

When newspapers around the world, including most in America, refused to publish the satirical Mohammed cartoons, capitulation to de facto Sharia law occurred. The ostensible reason was to avoid “offending” or “inflaming” the Muslim world. The practical effect was a widespread media self-censorship that was every bit as much a compliance with Sharia law as if Sharia law were the actual law of the land.

Muslims and Islamic organizations such as the terrorist organization who calls itself the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) argue that such self-censorship is necessary because without it “Islamophobia” will continue to rise. But there is more here than the obvious.

Immediately after Juan Williams’ appearance on The O’Reilly Factor, CAIR swung into action and demanded that NPR “address” what Juan Williams said, and is now suing Fox News and NPR.

Ibrahim Hooper, CAIR spokesman, appeared on Megyn Kelly’s program on Fox News to defend CAIR’s actions. Tellingly, Hooper failed to reiterate his comment made in a 1993 article in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, in which he said, “I wouldn’t want to give the impression that I wouldn’t like the government of the United States to be an Islamic State sometime in the near future.”

CAIR co-founder Omar Ahmad expressed a similar sentiment in 1998 when he was quoted in two California newspapers maintaining, “the Koran should be the highest authority in America.”

In other words, he wants Sharia law, not the Constitution, to be the supreme law of the land and he is doing everything he can to bring that about.

Legitimate fears by non-Muslims speak directly to what Juan Williams was expressing. Don’t shut down free speech. Instead, we should encourage more speech that candidly addresses the threat of Islam and what that threat means to Americans.

It’s clear that NPR decided to make an example of Juan Williams for crossing a line into the Forbidden Zone of political correctness when he spoke out on the “sensitive” issue of Islam. But NPR’s action transcends the boundaries of political correctness. As newspapers did when they self-censored cartoon renderings of the prophet Mohammed, NPR sent an unmistakable message to Islamists worldwide that Sharia law, even when not formally the law of the land, trumps our First Amendment Right.

THE BOTTOM LINE: What most people in the west don’t understand is that this encroachment of Sharia in western cultures is a strategy completely laid out in the Muslim book “Hadith”. Moreover the Muslims are programmed to carry out this agenda of world domination by using these strategies of surreptitious infiltration. It is called “Cultural Jihad”. It is a Strategy use reputedly throughout history. This strategy coupled with the doctrine of “Taqiyyah” (‘deception’ in English) is the same strategy that has been used to take control of every country that is now an Islamic State. Muslims simply use the culture and laws of the host nation against them; moreover as in this case of free speech they get the people of the host nation to carry out the Muslim agenda of introducing Sharia themselves. We are contributing to our own demise.

How does this happen? Mostly ignorance, the rest is deception. One simply needs to buy a Quran and a Hadith and read. Studying these books from a western prospective will cause a greater understanding than a Muslim Imam. Why? Because Muslims are indoctrinated not educated and are even more deceived than you are.

Educate yourselves and help save our children from Islamic tyranny…

de Andréa


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