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Joseph Frank "Joe" Pesci can’t talk straight, or ‘I’ can’t spell straight, one or the other, maybe a little of both.

By de Andréa

My computer tells me, the word is “Youths”, I’m not talking about just “two Yout’s” as actor Joe Pesci said in a court room playing a defense lawyer --- but all the youths of America. Your children and mine…

The road
I have always been able to see just a little way down the road, sometimes a long ways! Intuitiveness my wife used to call it. Most of the time I could stand in different places on the road to gain a variety of perspectives, connect them up like connecting the dots as they say, and get a picture of what the future might look like if we continue down the road in front of us.

A load to carry
The full weight of the future of America sits squarely on the shoulders of our children and our grandchildren. It always has… There’s nothing new here ! Or is there?

East meets West
I recently became a grandfather to the most beautiful little boy I have ever seen. He is a little bit Eastern and a little bit Western, the best of both worlds. My beautiful daughter-in-law is Filipino and my son, who gets his good looks from his ‘mother’, is French/Dutch, “East meets West”. I can only hope a pray that I have prepared my son to carry this unusual baton that he has been handed and will later hand to ‘his son’.

Will our children, grandchildren be prepared for what they will have to deal with down this treacherous road? Well… we always have, haven’t we? Yes my friend, but we have never been down a road like this before. This is not a four lane paved interstate; this is a rocky dusty dirty road full of ruts and holes, twists and turns, even deceptive mirages, the likes that we have never seen. There is a map for this road, but few are using it. Parents aren’t preparing their kids, teachers aren’t preparing them, their coach is not preparing them, and their “yout” pastor likely is not preparing them either. So, what awful treacherous thing is down this road and why are we on it, ‘what’s more’ why aren’t our “yout”s” being prepared.

As part of my training when I was in the military I went through a condensed version of the War College. Normally reserved for combat officers, this training was included for the Non Com soldiers in my unit, the only Strategic Army Corps (STRAC) unit in the U.S. Army. I will never forget the paragraph on the first page of the War College manual. It began with, “Know who your enemy is…

This week I watched the show 60 Minutes on my TV. The first segment was from an embedded journalist Lara Logan and her cameraman in Afghanistan just 12 miles from the Pakistani border, near an outpost called Zerok. (Watch the complete segment) The journalist went with a small team to a nearby village. The trip to the village was fairly uneventful, only the week before, the village was seemingly convinced to be on the American side, this time however the village leaders wouldn’t even talk to the officer, the Taliban was once again in control. The return trip was a different story. Out in the middle of an almost impassable open area looking like Moab Utah, the Taliban opened fire from the nearby mountains. The officer explained that these “insurgents” were Arabs from Pakistan. In less than thirty minutes the small team of soldiers from the 101st Airborne killed 15 enemy combatants. The officer said after 9 years they just keep coming and coming, there is no end to them. He said he couldn’t understand what drove them to continue fighting on and on with out an end in sight. Remember… the War College manual said “Know who your enemy is…Our soldiers are not prepared. Oh ! They are certainly trained for combat, they have all the latest equipment, but they clearly don’t understand this enemy. They are prepared to fight, but they are not prepared to fight this enemy.

Remember the Captain said they just keep coming and coming, there seems to be no end to them. It is because there are nearly 2 billion of them world wide and growing. Funny - how for nine long years we have been killing “the very ‘few’ extremists” that have “hijacked this so-called peaceful religion of Islam,” and we never run out of them, a so-called “religion of peace” that has never ‘been’ at peace, ‘never’, not since its birth 1400 years ago. Do you think we might have missed something here? Do you think maybe we don’t know who this enemy is?

So far since 9/11 this war has been confined mostly to the Middle East but it won’t last. Contained in the rest of the paragraph of “know your enemy” is why it is necessary to know who your enemy is. It went on to explain that if one is ignorant of whom ones enemy is… war with that enemy is futile. Somehow I believe that those who wrote the War College manual long before the First World War knew what they were talking about. It is what keeps you at least one step ahead of the enemy. That’s why, ‘my friend’ we are fighting a reactionary war, a war of defense instead of offence. We are not leading this war - we are following it. We will not win this war in the Middle East because we do not intend to win it; we ignorantly believe that we can negotiate with an enemy that doesn’t negotiate, doesn’t compromise, doesn’t change and that we don’t understand.

The war here at home
I said, so far since 9/11 this war has been confined mostly to the Middle East but it won’t last. Do your children know who this enemy is? You see, at the end of the road that our government has chosen to take us on without knowing where it leads, there is no light, only darkness. Remember, I also said, there is a map for this road, but few are using it. Have you prepared your children to fight this war here at home in their own neighborhoods? Have your taught your children “who this enemy is”, do ‘you’ know who this enemy is. You see, to fight a war and win, as I said, one must stay one step ahead of the enemy. This enemy is already here, are you and your family prepared?

At the beginning of this article I said…The full weight of the future of America sits squarely on the shoulders of our children and our grandchildren. Yes, you and I will not fight this war, not likely anyway, but the youth of America will --- your children and mine as well as our grandchildren. It gives me great pain in my heart to visualize my son and my grandson fighting for their very survival in the streets of this country. That’s the bad news, here’s the good news…It doesn’t have to be that way, it doesn’t have to happen. I have always said, if one is prepared one doesn’t have to worry about survival. It is time to get one step ahead of this enemy and that my friend begins with knowing who this enemy is. That is how we won the First World War, that’s how we won the Second World War. And if you recall your history we haven’t won a war since. We didn’t know who our enemy was in the Korean War so we lost, we didn’t know who our enemy was in the Vietnam War, so we lost that one too, and we sure as “Hell” don’t know who our enemy is in this Islamic War. We can’t afford to lose this one, if we do, we lose our country. Our Muslim president even says, “…we are not at war with Islam”. Then just exactly Mr. president --- who are we at war with? We are not at war with a people; we are at war with the ideology of Islam. Just like Nazism.

If we don’t know, it is certain our children and grandchildren won’t know until it is too late. Remember I said there are ‘maps’ for this road? Well there are, and you had better get them. They are called the Quran and Hadith. If you will read these “maps” through Western eyes you will know more than Islam does about what is down this dark road. You see! When I was in the military I was on a need to know security level. This is what the Muslim terrorists are on. They don’t have the advantage of reading their own war manual through the eyes of western culture, (an opposite point of view) ‘they’ my friend, are incapable of thinking for themselves. From birth, Muslim children have been robotically programmed to carry out the mission of their satanic god Allah. To negotiate with them is foolish fruitless and futile. They will never change they are on this dark road to Hell and their plan is to take you and your families with them. They have been on this same road for 1400 years from the year 610 AD; moreover, they have never deviated from their mission to take over control of this world. If you only grasp this small bit if information, you now know more about this enemy than the U.S. Congress and the U.S. Military put together. If you want to defeat this enemy before your children have to fight them in our streets then you must become informed, you must KNOW WHO THIS ENEMY IS! Then and only then will you be a step ahead of them and anticipate what they will do next, and why they are doing it. While ignorance lays a comfortable place for deception, being informed, will remove the blindness from your mind and spirit.

The Nazi connection
Would you think of Nazism as a religion of peace? Would you even think of Nazism as a religion? Would you have considered inviting Nazis to live in this country and establish Nazi training centers during the 1940’s? Probably not, then why are you inviting Islam in to change our culture and to establish terrorist training centers in every state in America? Nazism is a supremacist idealistic theocracy with the agenda of creating a super-race of little Nazis. Islam is a supremacist idealistic theocracy with the agenda of creating a world of nothing but oppressed robotic Muslims living as slaves to Sharia. Sounds about the same doesn’t it? --- it should. Nazism was born out of the ideology of Islam, just with a kind of European flavor to make it a little more palatable to the West. Neither is compatible with any other culture or society. Both are supremacist and dominating. Their agenda, as a cancer is to destroy the host and replace it with their idealistic theocracy of oppression, slavery, and tyranny.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Make your choice now, one has two choices at this junction in our history, ‘do nothing’, ride this dark road ahead and be cursed by your children and grandchildren for your lack of foresight. ‘Or’, become informed about who this enemy really is, and defeat them now before they infiltrate and become so entrenched in this country that we will not recognize it from the tyranny and oppression of Mecca Saudi Arabia. Did you know that the state of Michigan already has a higher population of Muslims than the entire country of Afghanistan? Moreover some cities and towns enforce Islamic Sharia law stepping all over American citizens rights. It is a cinch that your government will not stop them…not by themselves anyway. Buy those maps (the Quran and Hadith) read them and learn everything you can about this enemy and then send these road-maps on to your Senate and Congressional representatives along with everything you have learned. If you know anyone in the pentagon send them there as well. Think about it, if only a handful of the 300 million Americans would do this, it would not only change the course of history but your children and grandchildren would not have to fight for their very survival in their own front yards. Know this! For every one of you that would do this, it would represent a thousand citizens; because your rep’s know that only one in a thousand would even think about making the effort. So if as few as a thousand would make this effort it would represent a Million citizens.

Don’t leave it up to your children, or as Joe Pesci would say the “Youts”

You can stop them now; you must, for the future of your country, ‘and’, for the future of your family…

de Andréa

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