Friday, September 24, 2010

McCarthyism Today

When I was a child I thought as a child…

By de Andréa

You’re a poopy, I said as I put my hands over my ears shouting “I can’t hear you”. This is what you might hear taking place on any typical kindergarten playground as children work through their “conflict management.” But one shouldn’t expect this kind of childish behavior from our Congressional leadership; moreover, this isn’t the first time.

And by the way… Joe McCarthy Was Right !
“For four years, from 1950 until 1954, McCarthy was the only voice in America speaking out against those in government that were Communists, fellow-travelers (liberals who believed in but did not join the Communist Party), Russian sympathizers, and Stalin apologists. His enemies, consistent with the Left today, chose to attack the messenger rather than the message.”

This is exactly the kind of behavior we see regularly on display from the robotically programmed multi-cultural politically correct enablers of radical Islam. These indecently, are the same kind of ignorant robotic people that believe in manmade global warming disasters and go around hugging weeds and putting mosquitoes on the endangered species list.

Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson has ignorantly unveiled his latest, and predictable, name-calling tactic intended to put independent thinking people in a bad light—we’re all conspiracy nuts and are supposedly engaging in so-called “McCarthyism.”

In a September 21st column, Robinson belittled former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich for painting “Islam as the new Red Menace.” He dismissed any concern about a “stealthy insinuation of Sharia into America’s culture and legal system because no such thing is happening,.” he says. The trouble with Newt is, he knows his ‘history’.

The ‘stealth infiltrating Jihadists,’ I suppose, must be like the ‘known communists’ on the list in Sen. Joseph McCarthy's hand.

Although this alone should scare the prayer rug right out from beneath your knees --- Robinson, typical of the elevator music that plays in the halls of the capital in Washington D.C. Robinson ignorantly claims there is only one example of Sharia here in America. And that is the case of the New Jersey judge who ruled that a Muslim man committed no crime while beating and raping one of his wives, because he was acting consistent with ‘his’ “Islamic Sharia practices.”

Oh! Contraire my arrogant ignorant friend
To list just a few… Sharia has already penetrated our financial system, in the form of Sharia-compliant financial instruments offered by the likes of Citi Group, AIG, USB and others. In one example of government accommodating Sharia Finance, the state of Minnesota is totally Sharia-compliant with the mortgage industry. Muslim prison employees, law enforcement officials, and even Disneyland employees, have sued and won the right to wear the hijaab or the shi-mahg as part of their uniforms. Muslim parents in New Jersey are demanding private prayer rooms for their children in the PUBLIC elementary schools. According to a National Public Radio report in 2007, as many as 100,000 Muslims are living in Sharia compliant polygamous marriages here in America while the American Justice Department looks the other way. In Dearborn Michigan Sharia law takes precedence over local and constitutional law. Harvard University has provided Muslim women-only gym hours to accommodate the demands Sharia.

The Ground Zero Mosque imam was touted by politically correct and multi-cultural elites as a paragon of interfaith tolerance. Even though it is well known that Imam Rauf is well connected to Islamic terrorist organizations and believes any government or people that does not practice Sharia law is “unacceptable and unjust.”

Of course, I could go on and on and fill the following pages with examples, but if you can’t see the handwriting clearly visible on the proverbial wall, then more of the same will not become more convincing.

Ten years ago, those in the UK who spoke out against the one Sharia court in Britain were ridiculed. Today there are some 85 Sharia courts in the UK and in some cases even infidel British citizens are subject to Sharia law and tried in these courts. Today there is an officially sanctioned Sharia court in Texas, and those who speak out against the one Sharia court are ridiculed. In ten years there may be more that 85 Sharia courts in America moreover we may all be subject to Sharia Law. (Are you able to visualize the profoundness of that fact?)

Take a look at the Islamic State of France and see just how far Islam has come in taking over the streets of Paris. “A Warning to America”

The childish playground antics of ignorant and deceived enablers like Robinson, who insist on calling intelligent and informed people names, conjuring up the so-called nonexistent demon of McCarthyism, and engaging in the arborealic foolishness of “see no Sharia, hear no Sharia, speak no Sharia” --- will not change these facts, nor diminish this horrifying threat of Islamic oppression and tyranny that is just a short way down the road.

But every time they launch into their sanctimonious condemnations of anyone who dares to expose the ever growing threat of this obvious stealthy infiltration of jihad, Islamists laugh at them behind their backs all the way to their mosques and terrorist training camps for being such ignorant dupes. This my friend, is all going on right under the noses of a deceived Judeao-Christian Western culture of politically correct tolerance and blind benevolence.

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."
Philosopher George Santayana:

THE BOTTOM LINE: I strongly suggest that you study that part of history that lead up to the Crusades in the last millennium. You will soon discover that Islam is 'still' just carrying out that same programmed agenda of world Islmic domination called the Ummah that they have for the last 1400 years. What’s more is that they will never stop. WE WILL NOT CHANGE THEM, THEY WILL NOT COMPROMISE, AND THEY WILL NEVER ASSIMILATE, THEY WILL ONLY DOMINATE.

Did you know that the United States of America has been at war with Islam for more than two hundred years? Yes sense Thomas Jefferson was President at the battle of Tripoli. This war has never been over, not for the Muslims it hasn’t… The Muslim pirates are still attacking our ships today, only ‘now’ they have escalated to attacking our country as well.

McCarthy died a broken man because of ridicule. If for some strange brainwashed reason you still don’t believe that McCarthy was absolutely right on, then take a good long look at what our government has become TODAY. It actually exceeds McCarthy’s worst nightmares.

And yet our Communist Muslim president says “we are not at war with Islam” well ‘of course’ he does, he is one of them. (Click on the Hyperlink, watch, listen and learn my friend.)

What’s worse is that we the people ignorantly believe it! Just who are we at war with then Mr. President? Oh yes! “Man made disasters” is it?

This kind of denial will eventually lead to our demise, and sooner than you think my friend…

I hope, if you haven’t already done so, go back and click on, and check out all the blue underlined highlighted hyperlinks. They support everything that I have written. 'Or', you can join the same elitist and ignorant ridiculers that drove McCarty into a depressive state, and whom you can also thank, for the sad state of affairs this country is now experiencing.

Your choice…

de Andréa


Anonymous said...

Assolutamente d'accordo con lei. Credo che sia una buona idea. Sono d'accordo con te.
Assolutamente d'accordo con lei. Ritengo che questa sia un'ottima idea.

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Anonymous said...

Coming from a prodominantly muslim country , I agree with most of what you say about Islam. My country is Turkey and we established a secular country in 1923. However, the USA has increasingly helped the religous goverments and the movements in this country with the aim of curbing so-called left-wing ideas since 1950s. Now our secular system is almost collapsing with the help of the USA. TheUSA in may ways the murdurer of the secular systems in the World.