Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ground Zero Mosque or War

“Americans must yield to the “Ground Zero Mosque or we will inflame the Muslim world,” [in truth, the Nation of Islam], threatens Imam Feisal Rauf, the grand pooh-bah of the “Ground Zero” mosque project.

By de Andréa

We must yield to the Muslim foot in our door, then yield to the Muslims in our foyer, then yield to the Muslims in our living room, then yield to the Muslims in our house, then yield to the Muslims in our face, then yield to Muslims running our lives. This my friend, has been the Muslim mō-dəs-ä-pə-ran-dē, for 1400 years and it will never stop unless we draw the line and stop it HERE AND NOW.

The “Ground Zero Mosque” is just another symbol of conquest just as in every other Muslim country and soon to be Muslim countries all around the globe. This my friend is what Islam is all about and they try to make us feel guilty if we don’t allow it and now they threaten violent Jihad in the streets if we dare to stop them.

In a series of interviews the past two days, Ground Zero Mosque Imam Feisal Rauf has significantly raised the stakes.

The self-described so-called “bridge builder” has proven to be anything but --- warning America that dire consequences await us if the mosque is not built where Islam wants it built. You must realize that no other place for this particular Mosque will do, because ‘this Mosque’ is nothing but a tribute and a memorial to the successful Islamic attack and conquest of 9/11. A Mult-cultural center it will not be...

The Imam Jihadist Feisal Rauf described those who oppose the mosque at Ground Zero as “radicals,” [would you bekieve it, we are the radicals] a description one Fox News analyst termed as “insulting.” In effect, this Muslim Terrorist Jihadist is asserting that 71% of Americans must yield or we will inflame the Muslim world. Does anyone still doubt that we are at war with the Nation of Islam???

Brigitte Gabriel Author of two best selling books “Because They Hate” and “ They Must Be Stopped” (Moreover you MUST read them), participated in a heated debate with a friend of Imam Feisal Rauf on Sean Hannity’s radio program yesterday. The imam’s friend went so far as to say that the “smoke” caused by this controversy will cause “fire” against America. I say, BRING – IT- ON BABY… Americans may just have a little fire left of their own…

Please click on this hyperlink and listen to my friend Brigitte Gabriel and Sean Harneys sound bite ” of this debate.

I believe Islam’s true colors continue to become more visible to the American people as this continues. If you Recall, this Imam Jihadist Feisal Rauf the so-called moderate Muslim “bridge builder” said, shortly after 9/11, that America was an “accessory” and caused the 9/11 attack. And he also said America will soon be in subjection to Sharia !!! Moreover, if he gets his way…we will !

Now, to argue that America must capitulate or face the consequences, Rauf actually makes the case for America to rise up against the threat of Islam’s aggression in whatever form that threat takes. If we back down again, bow and continue to kowtow to Islam again and again, we will be contributing to our own demise. We will be emboldening and enabling the nation of Islam to carry out its robotically programmed agenda to make America an Islamic State and bring all Western countries under the submission of Sharia.

We must finally stand up for what is right, for freedom and our national security. We must not be intimidated. We have no more cheeks to turn; we must draw the line…Now!

If they try to put their foot in my door they’ll get hit with the business end of a 12 Gauge… That might just put a wrinkle in their shimaag…

de Andréa

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