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Christians Who Burn the Quran

A lesson in deception!

By de Andréa

The Christian Reader, which in my opinion has proven to be a liberal left wing legalistic organization passing itself off as a platform for all true Christians, posted this article written by Michael Horton on their web sight Read the complete article titled ”Is it OK for Christians to Burn the Quran?”

A little background
Marking the anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, The Rev. Terry Jones planned an “International Burn the Quran Day” at his Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Florida. Gen. David H. Petraeus warned that if a Florida church goes through with its plan to burn copies of the Quran this weekend, it could “endanger troops” and set back the U. S. war effort in Afghanistan. Beyond Afghanistan, it could spark protests and violence around the world said (David Nakamura, Washington Post on-line, Sept 7, 2010). 500 protesters at a Kabul mosque burned an effigy of Mr. Jones.

I find it interesting that Michael Horton in writing this article, believes that burning an effigy which is a representation of Pastor Terry Jones, burning and stomping all over the American flag which represents a free nation, burning Christian Bibles which represents Gods Word, burning the Jewish Torah which represents Gods law, is behavior that we must accept as the Jews accepted genocide from the Nazis. Jesus didn’t accept the desecration of the temple by the evil infiltration and invasion of the deceiving money changers and I don’t accept the desecration of my Judeo-Christian country by these deceiving infiltrating and invading evil children of Satan. Moreover I believe that this was Reverend Jones position as well. It wasn’t too long ago that these ‘same’ legalistic Christian organizations called for the banning of an offensive book. I warned at the time that they might want to revisit their actions, as some would begin calling for the banning of the Bible as an offensive book. Now the Bible has been banned in many places.

While I don’t believe in the burning of much of anything except maybe firewood in my stove during the winter and especially not the banning or burning of books in general, there is however more to this story than the simple burning of a book or the building of a mosque at “Ground Zero”.

Below are selected excerpts of some of the issues that Horton points out. I will respond and address some of the points as we go along.

He starts out with:
”There is a long history of burning books when you don’t want to actually deal with the ideas that they promote. When the medieval church sponsored public bonfires of the Reformers’ writings, raw power seemed more convenient than reasoned argument. It’s an act of desperation…”

First, Michael Horton makes the assumption that Terry Jones or the rest of the citizens of America haven’t actually tried to “deal with the ideas that are promoted” in the Unholy Quran. This causes me to wonder if he has actually read the book himself. (contrary to what the liberal media has reported, Terry Jones claims that he ‘has’ read and studied an English translation of the original Arabic Quran) Moreover just how do you suggest we deal with this ‘Satanic Ideology’ contained in this Unholy book Mr. Horton? Furthermore, “raw power” as Horton puts it, is the only action that Islam understands. “Reasoned argument” just goes right over the heads of these ideologically programmed robots.

He continues:
“To their credit, evangelical organizations—like the World Evangelical Fellowship and the National Association of Evangelicals—have been as vocal in opposing this incendiary event as liberal religious groups.”

Note that Horton praises these ignorant “Evangelicals” for supporting his left wing “liberal” agenda of enabling and the emboldenment of the Islamic agenda by his criticism of one who does not.

“NAE President Leith Anderson says that Terry Jones and his handful of supporters are engaging in “revenge” rather than the loving witness that Scripture teaches (citing 1 Thes 5:15).”

First, whether there is a “handful of supporters” or millions doesn’t change the truth, the truth as Mr. Horton and the liberal press obviously believes is determined by consciences.
Then, there’s an obvious imbalance of truth here, likely because Anderson and Horton haven’t a clue as to what they are dealing with. Again an assumption is made that Terry Jones is “engaging in revenge” when in my opinion he is engaging, if you will, ‘in defense’. Defense of everything he holds dear, Islam at its very core is contrary to everything he knows that is good and true; Islam goes against and shakes the very foundation of the Judeo-Christian principals that founded this country. Moreover, if Horton had ever read the Quran he would have ‘almost immediately’ discovered that there is no love, benevolence or charity in Islam, they regard those attributes as weaknesses and just an invitation to steamroll right over your “loving witness” so a “loving witness” is no less than casting one’s perils before swine. This my friend, is what God’s word refers to as “having the mind of Christ” and a ‘balance of truth’. And Oh by the way Mr. Horton, about the church of Thessalonica 1 Thes 5:15 Paul was talking to ‘Christians’ about ‘not’ treating ‘each other’ with revenge. First of all Mr. Horton, Muslims are not Christians, as a mater of fact their main purpose in life is to kill and destroy all Christians. This isn’t about revenge Mr. Horton, this is about survival. Moreover as long as we are in Thessalonians try reading a little farther to 1 Thes 5:21 ”but test everything and hold fast to what is good.” Mr. Horton, There is no good in Islam, not for Muslims, and certainly not for the Kaffaar. Islam has quite literally been dredged up from the deeps of Hell. Mr. Horton the more I read about your interpretation of God’s Word, the more I wonder if you have the mind of Christ or just the liberal mind of Mr. Michael Horton.

“According to Mr Jones, however, “We only did it because we felt there needed to be an outcry against Islam, because Islam is presenting itself as a religion of peace” (The Christian Post on-line, July 30, 2010). Evidently, Mr. Jones believes that the best way of making the point that Islam is not a religion of peace is with a public burning of its primary text.”

I will respond to this section next. “…there needed to be an outcry … because Islam is presenting itself as a religion of peace”. Well you bet there needs to be a public outcry, what Mr. Horton doesn’t seam to comprehend is that Islam itself is a deception, it is not only, “not a religion of peace” but Islam is not a religion any more than Nazism was/is a religion. Islam is an Ideological Theocracy from Hell, created by Allah/Satan. Moreover, the only reason and purpose for its existence is the agenda of world conquest by any means necessary to accomplish that goal. So while we are ignorantly trying to lovingly make nice with these children of Satan they are incrementally taking control and introducing Satan’s Sharia here in our country. Muslims ‘will never’ assimilate into our Christian Culture, Mr. Horton, but thanks to individuals like you ‘we’ will assimilate into Islam. And while I don’t believe that burning a few Quran’s is in any way going to stop the advancement of Islam in the west it just might bring about the inevitable violent Jihad now, ‘sooner’ than later, before they have a better strangle-hold on the west. We would have a much better advantage now at defeating their inevitable agenda. And yes, it would reinforce the proof that Islam is in fact ‘not’ a peaceful Nation as it is so deceivingly portrayed.

“I have not read his book released apparently for the occasion: Islam is of the Devil. Nor do I intend to do so (life is short). However, summaries point out that the author somehow sees American tolerance of Islam as the root of the nation’s social and moral evils. Another irony: on the Dove Center website, the seventh of Mr. Jones’ reasons for such book-burning is that “Islam is not compatible with democracy and human rights.”

Here again Horton unknowingly admits his ignorance, “I have not read his book… Nor do I intend to do so…” Horton chooses to remain ignorant in his liberal indoctrination. It just so happens that Terry Jones is absolutely correct in his title “Islam ‘is’ of the Devil” He (Horton)sarcastically points out that Jones “somehow sees American tolerance of Islam as the root of the nation’s social and moral evils.” Well daah! if Mr. Horton would read and educate himself with something other than the liberal politically correct tolerance of this ‘Satanic Theocracy’ he would also see that Islam is, as Pastor Terry Jones points out, not fundamentally “compatible” with our Western Judeo Christian culture.

“In spite of the widespread Christian condemnation of the proposed action, this is not an isolated case. John Hagee leads a San Antonio, Texas, megachurch with a telecast that reaches 99 million homes around the world each week. His central message in books, sermons, and broadcasts is Christian Zionism—which includes a call for a pre-emptive strike of Iran by Israel. Although such voices are on the fringes of what used to be a more mainstream movement within evangelicalism, the basic paradigm (namely, radical dispensationalism) is held by millions of Christians in the U.S.. Besides the fact that Hal Lindsey’s Late Great Planet Earth was the best-seller of the 1970s and the Left Behind series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins led the best-seller list for the 1990s, this popular end-times theology has played an influential role in foreign policy from Ronald Reagan to George W. Bush. I do not doubt that many Christians who hold to these radical scenarios would denounce the incendiary proposals of Terry Jones and others.”

This, my friend is the most telling of Mr. Horton’s position and really exposes his legalistic and limited understanding of Gods word of truth. Jesus came not only to die for the sin that Satan, through this same deception, first brought into the world in Eden 6000 years ago. He also died to set us free from the bondage of “LAW” something the Jews are still subjected to because of their rejection of Jesus Christ as their Messiah. This is why Christians love freedom, and Muslims hate freedom, and Jews are mostly in bondage to legalism. Even though they are under a different law, they are both nevertheless under the law and consequently can never truly be free. Freedom as Jesus said is not the abolition of law, but the fulfillment of law.

Mr. Horton is also, and obviously a short sighted irresponsible pacifist. Someone who would not, I suppose, defend himself or his family against an obvious imminent danger. He criticizes for example …”a call for a pre-emptive strike of Iran by Israel.” He hangs onto the one-sided part of the truth, as the Jews mistakenly did during the Holocaust that God is in control, and therefore man has no responsibility for anything. The Jews have since learned their lesson, they now say, “Never Again” Mr. Horton on the other hand, is still deceived. I think one day Mr. Horton will too say; never again…

It is probably Bush’s fault.
Horton also throws a bunch of Evengelical teachers into a barrel of radicalism calling them “a paradigm of radical dispensationalists”, simply because they have the visionary mind of Christ. ‘Christians are now the radicals’. Those include “John Hagee, Hal Lindsey. Tim LaHaye, and Jerry Jenkins, [he includes] Ronald Reagan, and George W. Bush [as well as] Terry Jones, and ‘others’, [as he says.]”

“On one end are those who react by invoking religious pluralism. At least when it comes to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, we are talking about the “Abrahamic faith traditions,” after all. We are all children of Abraham and should stop killing each other. This means, of course, that all rival prophets, priests, and kings are pretenders. Judaism and Islam—as well as heretical forms of Christianity—reject the central claims of the gospel.”

Here again Horten shows his Ignorance, especially in the face of technical legalism as Horton obviously is a slave of. I can be as technical as the next person if I need to. He talks about “Abrahamic faith traditions “ and he lumps Judaism Islam and Christianity into the same bucket of “Abrahamic” heritage. So why don’t we just have a family group hug and all get along? While Horton wants to be legalistic and technical, he seams to pick and choose what he uses as his belief rather than being consistent. Technically the Jews are the only real descendants of Abraham. Christians are (mostly Gentiles another part of Noah’s family, and Muslims (mostly Arabs) are the descendants of Ishmael technically of Abram not Abraham. Although genetically the same, Abram and Abraham where ‘spiritually’ different persons. You see, no one by the name of Abraham existed when Ishmael was born. Also Mr. Horten makes another common mistake; he treats Judaism, Christians, and Muslims as if they were distinct and specific races of people. Moreover, to even mention Islam as having any relation to Judaism or Christianity is pure deception and ignorance. Judeao-Christianity is of God and Islam is of Allah/Satan as Terry Jones says. From a spiritual standpoint of Christians and Jews being together "Abrahamic of the Heart", God's word was referring to Messianic Jews not deceived Jews.

“Christians are called to love our Muslim neighbors simply because they are created in the image of God. Muslims are our neighbors and regardless of what their religion encourages, our scriptures call us to imitate our Father who sends sunshine and rain on the just and the unjust alike.

Our children play regularly with Muslim neighbors and sometimes the topic of religion comes up in conversation. It is interesting to overhear the interaction. On occasion, the oldest boy will ask me questions about Jesus and why we believe that he rose from the dead.”

And finally… I would like Mr. legalistic technical Horton to explain just where God called Christians to …" love our Muslim neighbors simply because they are created in the image of God." Got news for you Mr. Horton, while God did create Lucifer (the angel of light), God did not create Islam --- Lucifer, who after his deception of Eve, became Satan the angel of darkness, it was this Satan that created Islam (NOT GOD) in the year 610 AD. God didn’t even create Christians God creates people not philosophies. Christians were a result of Satan’s deception of the Jews, there wasn’t even supposed to be Christians. If you would read something outside your liberal robotic program Mr. Horton you would know this.

As far as …”our Father who sends sunshine and rain on the just and the unjust alike.” God also killed all of Satan’s followers in approximately 2000 BC with a flood of rain while He sent sunshine on only one small family known as Noah. Gods truth is complex and multi-faceted one cannot take one part and throw the rest to the four winds. I suggest Mr. Horton that you stand in several places so that you will gain the advantage of the whole truth instead of being deceived and selectively choosing to follow the politically correct multi-cultural tolerant agenda of the ‘Enemy’

One last bit of advice about your quote Mr. Horton “Our children play regularly with Muslim neighbors…” I of course have no way of knowing whether or not these neighbors of yours are ‘really spiritual Muslims (children of Satan)’ or just (MINO’s) Muslims in name only, or what one could identify as Cultural Muslims. But I would if I were you; seriously refrain from letting your children be alone with the children of Satan. Because it is statistically more likely that your children will become slaves of Islam, or converts to Isalm, or maybe even dead --- than the Muslim family, (if it truly is a Muslim family,) converting to Christianity. The Country of Indonesia in the early 1950’s for example, was 72 % Christian with a Parliamentary Democracy employed by the Dutch government of the Netherlands. Today 60 years later, this once primarily Christian Dutch Colony, is now an independent ‘Islamic State’ and is 98 % Muslim, it is in fact the largest Muslim Nation in the world, and the oppressed people of Indonesia now live in bondage to Sharia. Who converted who, Mr. Horton? How often are you going to cast your bread upon the water only to have it return void?

THE BOTTOM LINE: This, my dear deceived friend, is what all the “paradigm of radical dispensationalists” as you so affectionately and ignorantly call them, are trying to get across to the deceived citizens of this Judeo-Christian Western culture. We must stand in a different place and pray that God will give us ‘all’ “the mind of Christ”, and wake us up to the reality of Islam’s satanic agenda of tyranny and Hellish oppression.

“He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit is saying to the Churches” Revelations.

Now, as I said, I know that burning a few of Satan’s books is not going to stop Islam’s Hell-bent agenda of Evil destruction. But somehow and sometime soon if we are to survive this part of our history --- as the Europeans finally did after 300 years of Islamic deception and growing oppression (despite the Christian benevolence) at the turn of the last millennium, namely “The Crusades” --- then we must wake up this sleeping Giant, very, very soon.

If we don’t defeat this enemy now, our children will be left to deal with this evil nightmare of deception and tyranny. Islam is disguised as a harmless and peaceful religion. Satan was disguised as a harmless Gecko or Serpent when he appeared to Eve. Allah/Satan was disguised as the angel Gabriel when he made Muhammad his prophet, and the horror of evil deception and death prevailed. Moreover, unless we can see Islam through Gods eye and see past the disguise, past the deception, and become informed Christian soldiers we will perpetuate and enable this evil theocracy. We cannot continue to be selfish, ignorant, and irresponsible, because eventually, our children will be consumed by it.

Yes God is in control, and in the end, righteousness ‘will prevail’. But what happens between ‘now’ and ‘then’? God, while encouraging us to follow in his foot steps, allows us to break our own trail at times. We might find our way back and get to the same place eventually, but I can testify first hand that breaking ones own trail is a hard and difficult way to go, sometimes it can be downright disastrous, we can leave a trail of sorrow and tragedy behind us.

May God be a light unto ‘your path’ and bless you all, and especially you Mr. Michael Horton, where ever you are…

de Andréa

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