Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Burn The Quran

“Islam is of the devil” says Pastor Terry Jones, (watch the video) senior pastor from the Dove World Outreach Center in Florida.

By de Andréa

On September 11, Pastor Terry Jones plans to burn Islamic Quran’s in a bond fire on his Church property in Orlando Florida. Wish I could be there to watch the devil burn…

One American blogger describes Jones:
“There are those who believe that the only way to win a fight is to act and sound like one is tougher than their opponent. They swagger, shout, and snarl. They act as if the feelings of others have no place in their world view, and that all others are lesser so long as they do not acknowledge the supposed superiority of the person doing the swaggering, shouting, and snarling. Usually, this ends up descending into a conflict where one of these two tries desperately to prove that they are superior to the other. This usually involves a lot of casualties, and it is always seen as a plus if they are on the opposing side’s faction”.

I find it interesting as this writer describes how he sees Pastor Terry Jones; ironically he is actually describing the supremacy of Islam. Christians are by their very nature benevolent, tolerant, loving, and charitable; this is what Jesus teaches us…‘Generally’. Turn the other cheek etc. But has America run out of cheeks? It is obvious this writer has never read the Quran. Something he accuses the pastor of. The truth is, if one were to read the Quran, one would find that there is no benevolence, no tolerance, no love, and no charity in Islam. ‘No’ --- these values are not found or taught in the Quran, these are the Judeo-Christian values found in the Judeo Christian Bible that Muslims burn on a regular bases as well as our flag of freedom that allows them to practice their terrorist beliefs inside our country. Moreover they want to build a memorial to their conquest at “Ground Zero”

I don’t know that burning a few Quran’s will do anything to stop Islam’s agenda of world tyranny, but It does make a statement about what our tolerance of Islam should be. I find it tantamount to burning Mein Kampf during the war with Hitler’s Nazis.

While the American communist media is trying to depict Pastor Jones as some kind of nut job, I personally find him a person of integrity and with enough guts to tell the truth. “Islam ‘is’ of the devil” he says.

As someone who has studied Islam, Judaism and Christianity for over twenty years, I have found that Allah is just another one of Satan’s many names - Islam is a deception. The West has been deceived by the same deception that deceived Eve in Eden in 4000- BC, the same deception that deceived the Jews regarding their own Messiah Jesus Christ beginning in the year 1- BC, the same deception that deceived Muhammad regarding Islam in 610-AD, the same deception that deceives the world today and by the same deceiver Satan/Allah. (Yeah, I know, a long sentence)

If we as Christians don’t take the lead and follow Jesus example of turning over the money changers tables in the temple and kicking the thieves out, that are bent on stealing our Christian culture, our freedom and turning us into slaves or worse. Then we are no better than Satan’s children the Muslim supremacists whose only purpose is to destroy our Western Judeo-Christian culture and to exterminate all Jews, Christians, and Infidels. Moreover, we will deserve what we will get.

Read my previous article titled “A Warning to America” and watch videos about the result is, of Western tolerance of Islam in France. It is where America will be in 5-10 years.

Question…Has anyone besides me studied the history of the Crusades ???

As far as what General David Petraeus, top U.S. commander in Afghanistan had to say about the Florida Pastor's plan to burn Qurans at his church on Sept 11 that it could be increasing the danger to his troops, shows clearly that we should be fighting a war over there instead of trying to hold the hand of Allah.

The so-called 'Burn a Quran Day' ignited a protest for a second day in a row by hundreds of Afghans, who burned American flags and shouted “Death to America.” The crowd in downtown Kabul reached nearly 500 on Monday, with Afghan protesters chanting, “Long live Islam” and “Long live the Quran,” and burning an effigy of Terry Jones, who is planning the event. These are the warm fuzzy peaceful people that we think we are going to change.

The protesters were well aware of the pastor's inflammatory comments, such as the “Islam is an evil religion,”since they have been spread wide on the Internet. Jones has also authored a book, "Islam Is of the Devil."

Gen. Petraeus said he is outraged by the pastor's decision to burn the Quran, which he said could “endanger troops and it could endanger the overall effort here”.

Exactly what is the “effort here” Gen. Petraeus?

America truly needs to take a lesson from Admiral ‘Bull’ Halsey who knew enough about Islam to be able to easily combat the Muslim problem in the Philippines. As the story goes, he lined up a group of terrorist Muslims and had them shot dead, all except one who was made to watch as his fellow terrorists were subsequently buried with pig blood and pig entrails. The surviving Muslim was then released to go and tell the rest of his terrorists friends what he had witnessed. The Philippines had no trouble with Islmic terrorists for over 30 years.

How about President Thomas Jefferson who massacred the Muslims pirates at Tripoli? We did not have an Islamic pirate problem again until just recently.

I ask again, exactly what is the effort there Gen. Petraeus?

Somehow we have the Ignorant and deceived idea that if we can just reason with these programmed robots from Hell, invite them to lunch and show them that we are a regular bunch, just sing cum-by-ah have a group hug, love them to death; and they will surely see what a wonderful bunch we are and will just dissolve into our Western culture enjoy our freedom, and we will all live together like brothers and sisters and exchange presents at Christmas time. (I know, I know, another long sentence.)

Why didn’t we try that with Hitler and his Nazi terrorists? Maybe it’s because… it wouldn’t have worked?
Yeah, Ya think ???

I ask again Gen. Petraeus --- exactly what is the effort there in the Nation of Islam? Well… he is just following orders from another Muslim. Presedent Barack Hussein Obama. If you ‘still’ don’t believe Obama is a Muslim (then listen to and watch his video)

How do ‘you’ think this is working out for us?

Burn baby burn…

Maybe Pastor Jones should soak them in pig blood first.

Now that would be down right….. mean?

de Andréa

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