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The True life of a Moderate Muslim

If you would like to know the truth about the “Ground Zero Mosque” and who the founder Feisal Abdul Rauf really is, then this is for you. If you choose however to remain robotically programmed and indoctrinated by the deceptive “politically correct” tolerant media and this Muslim administration then please ignore this vital information.

By de Andréa

Feisal Abdul Rauf the Islamic promoter of what has become known as the ‘Ground Zero Mosque has been presented as a warm fuzzy middle of the road moderate Infidel loving and especially a Christian loving Jew loving America loving and Freedom loving Muslim. But this is a dangerous deception…read on.

Almost immediately following the 9/11 attack on the New York World Trade Center, President Bush described what a terrorist was in relation to this Free Republic. He not only defined a terrorist as one who would viciously mass attack America and or other innocent people, but also anyone, or any organization, or any country in the world who would in any way support, advocate, contribute to, associate with, or harbor terrorists or terrorism and would be considered enemies of the United States.

Well… we’ve come a long way baby!
Now it seems we define a friendly warm fuzzy moderate middle of the road Muslim, as anyone who would advocate a mass attack on America and or other innocent people. As well as anyone who is a member of an organization that supports, contributes to, and or associates with terrorists, and should be extended all the rights, privileges and benefits of living in a Free Republic even though he advocates the destruction of this country.

Talk about an upside-down society
This more than obtuse swing in our social structure is obviously supported by the present administration. When the ball begins rolling in the opposite direction all the indoctrinated robots follow no matter where it goes. I doesn’t matter how obvious the truth is or how easy it would be to look up and down the road ahead and see the deception this pre-indoctrinated society just blindly follows the program.

Now getting back to the controversial Muslim Mosque at the site where the terrorist Nation of Islam viciously attacked our Republic in 2001, and all the deceptive rhetoric that is used by the deceived proponents in the name of tolerant political correctness and religious freedom and first Amendment rights. With all this warm fuzzy expression of patriotism and extending religious rights to Islam we have bought into the deception that Islam is just another religion or philosophy that is protected by the constitution. Shucks one can obviously call any type of perverted philosophy a religion these days and have it protected under the First Amendment, even if the agenda is to destroy the very right that protects it. The only difference between Islam and Nazism is that Natzism was not passed off as a religion. Mosques are nothing but terrorists indoctrinantion centers.

Nearly every major Mosque in the world has been erected on a site of Conquest for Islam, and the Ground Zero Mosque is no exception. It is not about religion, it is not about rights, it is not about having a warm-fuzzy multi-cultural center, or anything but a shrine and memorial to the conquest of Islam against the Great Satan that is America.

It is first of all deception and then it is lazy ignorance that fuels this drive to support and enable the enemy of the US and the Western World to throw this Shrine of Satin in our faces and pass it off as good will and mult-cultural.

To truly understand just what the driving force is behind this project, is to understand who the driving force is. The links below show the background and connections to organizations, and terrorist affiliations that this so-called warm-fuzzy moderate middle of the road, kind, and loving Muslim has’ over his lifetime allied himself with. This investigative report was prepared for ACT! for America and published by Alyssa Lappen

Alyssa A. Lappen is a US-based investigative journalist focusing on the Middle East and related issues. Her work has appeared frequently in,, the Center for Security Policy and other internet and print journals.

Alyssa A. Lappen is a Senior Fellow at the American Center for Democracy. She is a former senior editor of Institutional Investor, Working Woman and Corporate Finance. She was previously an associate editor at Forbes Magazine and an editor and staff reporter for several other publications. Since 2001, Ms. Lappen has applied her investigative reporting skills to the Middle East and matters of American Security. She holds a B.A. in English Literature and graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Tulane University.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Isn’t it refreshing to learn the truth for a change???

The question is…Now what are you going to do with it? Got an idea, pass it on…

de Andréa

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