Monday, August 30, 2010

"A Non-Demagogic Disquisition on Death "

Obama-Care a Socialist Health Care Plan designed to destroy the Western Capitalistic Culture. A definitive death panel explanation.

By de Andréa

I love the title of this article, "A Non-Demagogic Disquisition on Death Panels". It sounds like it was written by a socialist while driving under the influence, instead this is a serious, and not so serious explanation of Obama’s death panels incorporated into the Obamacare plan. It was designed to destroy the Western capitalistic system as well as the western culture and replace it with the socialistic tyranny of Islam, by killing the very young and the very old and anyone, those the Social Communists and Multi-Culturalists on the extreme left do not like.

Who is it, that the extreme left wing supremacists do not like? Infidels, who eat donuts, and people who like fast food. People, who drink more than ‘they’ do, people who smoke cigars and cigarettes, more than they do. Very young children, who can’t vote, people like me who are retired and are therefore unproductive and pay little to no taxes. And of course, those pesky Christians and Jews who are always talking about right and wrong.

The birth rate, because of the cowardly and irresponsible abortionists, has gone so low in the U.S. that there are no longer enough children growing up to be workers to support the national Communist socialist retirement program (Social security) do to flat line in 2012 and go completely broke by 2023. Oh well, there are plenty of Muslims and Mexicans illegally invading the U.S. to make up for the loss, right? Wrong… they are being groomed to become dependant voter’s… not productive workers. Besides when America becomes an Islamic State we will all be slaves or dead anyway. I’m rooting for the Mexicans, its better to be poor and speak Spanish than dead!

How do the Berwick-Kevorkian death panels work in the real world? Well my friend… Just take a short look at the ‘Not So Great Britain’. When the British National Health Service (NHS) was founded on July 5, 1948, expectations were sky-high. In the words of one official, “the NHS would be the “envy of the world.” 62 years later, by all objective measures, the NHS is the worst health-care system in the developed world. As in the Canadian health care system costs have exploded and proper care is almost nonexistent. The NHS uses the most aggressive price controls and rationing procedures in the West, going so far as to assign a price to the “quality-adjusted life year” that is required to extend it. And yet, from 1996 to 2008, national health care costs in the U.K. have grown at a rate of 6.7% a year, compared to a growth rate of 5.5% in the U.S., more than 1% less over the same time period and we have real health care not a veterinarian service.

Why did our congress pass Obama-Care? Wasn’t it because of the so-called out of control health care cost’s??? Well folks! The out of control U S Capitalistic competitive health care system has actually been among the lowest cost in the world and more importantly, it has been the best in the world.

Below are just a few statistics from the world’s best socialistic government run health care system that Obama envy’s so much. The UK’s National Health Care System. If you think that National health care is the cats meow, you might want to listen again, it instead might be the lions roar, and it just might kill you.

" * NHS doctors routinely conceal from patients information about innovative new therapies that the NHS doesn't pay for, so as to not distress, upset or confuse them.

* Terminal patients are incorrectly classified as “close to death” so as to allow the withdrawal of expensive life support. We are all terminal.

* NHS expert guidelines on the management of high cholesterol are intentionally out-of-date, putting patients at serious risk, in order to save money.

* When the government approved an innovative new treatment for elderly blindness, the NHS initially decided to reimburse for the treatment only after patients were already blind in one eye using the logic that a person blind in one eye can still see, and is therefore not that badly off. I can testify first hand that while being blind in only one eye is better than being blind in both, it is still an extreme and unnecessary handicap. This is simply a result of socialism.

* While most NHS patients expect to wait five months for a hip operation or knee surgery, leaving them immobile and disabled in the meantime, the actual waiting times are even worse: 11 months for hips and 12 months for knees. Here is another one that I have experienced and I can’t even imagine spending a year agonizing in bed waiting for the government to decide whether I am worthy enough to walk again.

* One in four Britons with cancer are denied treatment with the latest drugs proven to extend life.

* Those who seek to pay for such drugs on their own are expelled from the NHS system, for making the government look bad, and are forced to pay for the entirety of their own uninsured care for the rest of their lives.

* Britons diagnosed with cancer or heart attacks are more likely to die, and more quickly, than those of most other developed nations. Britain’s survival rates for these diseases are little better than [those] of third world countries.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Obama-Care will cost us more and we will get less. There is a gas station in town called “More For Less”. You may have seen it in your town. The problem with it during the high gas prices, it was the most expensive gas in the county. We called it “Less For More”. Almost no one went there! A little like Obama Care I think. We might all be forced to go to see the doctor in Mexico or Singapore.

We will die, earlier than we should if Obama-Care is not repealed. We will die younger if Berwick-Kevorkian is allowed a dime of your tax money to operate.

Pass this article on. It might be the best short explanation of the killing fields and economic destruction that Obama has designed for America.
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de Andréa

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