Friday, August 27, 2010

"Muslim People Are A Loving Religion"... The deception exposed

Pulaski County High School in Kentucky is accused of being anti-Islam because it showed an inappropriate video. When all else fails, one must ask oneself, what is my future in eternity?

By de Andréa
August 27, 2010

While the issue of appropriateness is certainly arguable in this case, I am looking at a much greater and more important issue. Typical and on a mass scale; it is an ever growing dangerous mind set of deception in America.

If one can get passed the shock of this video being shown in a high school setting, then one must ask oneself…How can we be so blindly deceived as to believe that “Muslim people are a loving religion”. This is a quote from one of the parents. (Watch the news clip and then resume reading. Note: there is nothing graphic in the news clip)

Bill Curry whose daughter watched the video in her Pulaski County High School A.P. class said his daughter was upset at Muslims until he told her “Muslim people are a loving religion”. While what may have been graphically inappropriate, the underling Issue here is ‘yes but is it the truth? I believe that this was the motivation of the teacher when he/she decided to show the video in the advanced placement class.

Bill Curry said that “the video was nothing but hate against Muslims and the Muslim people”. He went on to say “The premise was, that this is why 9/11 happened, it was because of the Muslims”. Curry, inferring that it was not the Muslims; I can only wonder if he believed it was Bush’s fault.

The question begging to be asked is…How can Mr. Curry in good conscience, tell his daughter after watching a horrifying video of Muslims beheading people, injuring and killing children, seeing dead bodies and assassinations, that “Muslim people are a loving religion”. ‘Answer’, because he is deceived, and now he has amazingly passed this unbelievable deception onto his sociologically devastated daughter. I would imagine she, among other things, is now, very confused.

In my articles I have written many times about this powerful supernatural deception of Islam. This, my friend is a primo example of this phenomenon. We in the face of this horrifying truth of the demonic inhumanity of Islam, with proof that this ideology is taught in the Quran and is at the very foundation of this demonic so-called religion, still believe that Muslims are a loving peaceful people. While this deception is partially based on ignorance, there is nothing in this universe that defines Islamic deception (Islamic Taqiyyah) better than this example. (Incidentally the word LOVE in any form, does not appear in the Quran)

On a personal note: it is difficult even for me to understand the extreme power that exists in this Islmic Taqiyyah (supernatural deception) it can only come from the deeps of Hell and be promoted by the devil himself. There is no other explanation; it defies all reason and logic. And above all, it defies the truth as you have just witnessed.

THE BOTTOM LINE: As much as I hate to admit, I don’t think that even I, who likely knows and understands the origins and fundamental Islamic ideology and agenda better than most, can convince anyone who has come under the unnatural spell of Islmic Taqiyyah that they are believing a dangerous lie. Moreover, by the time they come out of the coma of their deception, and they ‘will’ eventually, it will be too late to combat this demonic scourge that is rapidly taking control of this earth, people by people, neighborhood by neighborhood, city by city, county by county state by state, and country by country. The blatantly sad part is, it has been going on for a documented 1400 years nearly to date, and still, it remains mysteriously veiled and unseen. The deception seems only to get stronger and more powerful as it infects the last two thirds of the world’s population.

I can only suggest that we should fall on our knees and ask Jehovah, the God of creation to remove the demonic veil of deception from our spirits and reveal the truth of this powerful spiritual warfare that is going on all around us.

This truly boils down to an individual concern, in that, one should be mindful of ones personal relationship with Gods Son our Savior Jesus Christ. Because when all else fails, and it will, we must ask ourselves what is my future in eternity?

de Andréa

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