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The Global Warming Conspiracy…

Recently the scandal surrounding the Global Warming religion/cult was inadvertently exposed by someone hacking a computer server. But I wonder if it will really change the direction of all of its programmed robotic followers.

By de Andréa

When a lie becomes the truth
Not unlike the flat earth people or Darwinism, the theory of chance became truth; it took on a life of its own. The lie became truth even as time and science progressed and much of the fundamental so-called facts were found to be either mistakes, based on omissions or outright fabrications. Even so, today one would be hard pressed to convince the indoctrinated student of science that Darwinism is just a theory and is based on a junk scientific foundation of mostly fabricated proof, because for him --- Well… it just has always been, and besides, it's in our science text books isn't it?

The Global Warming Lie exposed
It gives one cause to wonder if the same damage to good ole fashion science and truth will be the result of the Global warming fraud that exploded in November of 2009 when a folder containing documents, data and, e-mails purportedly "hacked" from Britain's Climate Research Unit (CRU) turned out to be the smoking-gun, proof of a worldwide conspiracy of one lie built upon another to exaggerate the existence, causation, and threat of global warming . .

Included in the cash of documents was a list of apparent conspirators including many of the worlds leading climate alarmists -- the very scientists on whose work the entire phony anthropogenic global warming theory was and is based. Will then, (as in the case of Darwin,) the truth may now become a lie.

What is our indoctrinational school system going to do now that a generation and a half of heads full of mush has been robotically programmed to fear the future, because camels break wind and people breath and exhaust pipes and soda pop spew out Co 2, the oceans are going to drown them and life will be like living in Oman in the summertime. They continue to teach the lie, because that’s what robotic indoctrinational institutions do.

One would think that this scandal would be on every front page in the world! But alas most people haven’t even heard about it or more importantly they don’t believe it. (the truth then--- becomes a lie)

The sky is falling
Why is it so easy for people to believe Henny Penny when she says the sky is falling, even if it obviously isn’t so. Even when the fraudulent chicken is exposed, people think ‘that’s’ a lie, and still look up, and watch for the falling sky?

Good question. I thought you’d never ask. The lie becomes the truth because Henny said the sky is falling and Dr Henny Penny is not just any ordinary chicken. She has a PHD in Sky Structural Engendering. (No! That’s correct it’s engendering) I mean, who is going to argue with that.

Dr. Penny engendered the whole idea of a falling sky, complete with graphs and phony documents. Who knew? The rest of the Falling Sky chickens built an entire religion on the foundation of Dr. Penny’s fraudulent findings, including one infamous rooster who knew nothing about the sky but was the vice rooster of the coop at one time. He made a movie about the falling sky based on Dr. Penny’s phony research and made all the chicks and roosteretts at egg laying school and their parents watch it.

Well… in the case of Global warming of course it wasn’t a chicken, it was Director Philip Jones of the CRU Britain’s Climate Research Unit, And Al Gore the ex Vice Rooster, but it’s the same scenario.

Indoctrinational programming
To continue with the answer to the question, why do people want to believe a lie? Well, people really don’t want to believe a lie, but we have become so programmed to accept the swill our government indoctrinational institutions vomit out, not to mention the good ole lying alphabet soup media, that it is difficult to know just what to believe. The real dangerous part of this, are those that have grown up with the indoctrinational programming of the Global Warming lie. Mainly those that have been exposed to this as children. How does ‘one’ deprogram a child, selectively erase a child’s brain.

It is a sad situation for a parent to find themselves in because now not only must the child be deprogrammed (have their hard drives wiped or deleted of the lies their teachers so willingly and blindly taught them), but they now must be taught not to trust their teachers.

Why do teachers lie to their students?
I don’t think that most teachers would intentionally teach their students a lie. So why do they do it? Because they themselves have been programmed and indoctrinated, if not through their own so-called education then by the media, by the government, or in some cases by unions or the politically correct school districts under threat of losing their jobs.

THE BOTTOM LINE: One should debrief and deprogram their children every day when they come home from school. The only other alternative is to home school.

We live now in a country where truth is irrelevant and hysteria and political correctness prevail.

So why would someone create such a hysterical fantasy as Global Warming? I really don’t believe anyone created it; instead I believe it grew out of the basic conservation programs, born out of the necessity just to clean up our local environmental waste. Any industry, even households have product waste. And in many cases it can be baffling as to what to do with it. In some cases it was just dumped somewhere in a river or buried, coming back to haunt us years later.

There was also the conservation of raw materials and protection of over hunted animals which brought recycling and “Save The Whales” bumper stickers. As for why? Hysteria grants power and control to those creating the hysteria as well as creating a dependent out of those that become followers of this contrived religion.

Hysterical Ignorance
As conservation progressed unabated, it turned into the religious nightmare of Voodoo “Environmentalism” The development of the modern model of the Ecosystem. I have no issue with conservation, ecology or the study of the environment. But when it gets out of control it begins to control society. The ignorant hysteria of running out of natural recourses such as trees, (by the way we have more standing timber in America now than when the Mayflower landed on Plymouth Rock). Or the hysteria of a species going extinct, more species have gone extinct in the past 6000 years than even exist now on the planet, and new species are discovered every day.

This hysteria evolved into the man caused destruction of the planet. Moreover, soon humanity was not even considered as part of the ecological equation. Humanity was the enemy. And our very existence was destroying the earth. This was the birth of Global Warming. If a part of science didn’t fit the model then it was discarded. If the hysteria needed a boost, science was fabricated. Besides, there is a lot of money and power in this new religion. Volumes of restrictive laws were passed and whole industries have been born out of this new green religion, even some good things. We may lose our freedom but the world is becoming greener.

The thing of it is; this big beautiful ball has always been blue
And in some cases red and white too

But alas, it’s now a green, green earth
Because of the global warming mirth

Or is that --- myth?

de Andréa

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