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Obama’s Kenyan Birth Certificate???

According to Obama, he was born in Hawaii at two different hospitals at two different times, with different names and now he was born in Mombassa Kenya. I’m confused…Who is our president again?

By de Andréa

He’s back
A man who had claimed to have a copy of President Obama's Kenyan birth certificate, and attempted to sell it on eBay then disappeared has reappeared, this time with a video of the document he claims proves Obama's Kenyan birth.

Well, I’ll tell you what, it looks more authentic than the one he displays on his web site, with virtually no information on it whatsoever.

Lucas Smith, a former resident of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and known by the E-Bay handle of "colmado_noranja," claimed to have an authentic document from Coast Provincial Hospital in Mombassa showing Obama's birth there at 7:24 p.m. on Aug. 4, 1961.

After promising to reveal the document to the news agency Worldnetdaily, Smith then dropped communications with a team of people offering to help him verify the document, only fueling belief that the sale – and therefore the alleged document – was a scam.

Since then however, various images have appeared online, purported to be Obama's original birth certificate. Lucas Smith, still claims he has an authentic Obama birth certificate from Mombassa. A video of him showing the document – which includes a close-up shot of the document's raised seal and the alleged footprint of Barack Obama – appears below:

"My name is Lucas Smith, an American," the video states. "This is the birth certificate of Barack Obama."

In the video, Smith points to several features of the certificate, including information still unknown about the sitting president, such as the name of the attending physician at his birth – James O. W. Ang'awa, the video also shows a stamp suggesting – if legitimate – that Smith obtained the document on Feb. 19, 2009.

Smith, a buyer and seller of historical antiquities, attempted several times to sell the document, or photos and stories surrounding it, on E-Bay, only to have the auctions repeatedly removed by site administrators.

‘WorldnetDaily’ news, launched an investigation into "colmado_naranja," which led through several online aliases and reported collaborators, including Dawnella Wilson, "Inspector Smith" and, eventually, to Lucas Smith.

Smith, whose background includes a criminal record and a reported attempt to sell his kidney to a man in need of organ transplant, nonetheless insists that his motives are above board, even if his past looks dubious.

"I do have a background. I've made mistakes in my life," Smith said in an email. "But it took a guy like me to go and get tangible proof about Obama. I don't mind breaking a few rules or policies here and there. I don't mind paying the military in foreign countries to look the other way ... The military [in Africa] will grant you access to just about anything for the right price. People are starving. So yes, it takes a guy like me to get things done sometimes."

THE BOTTOM LINE: Did you ever notice that Obama can read a speech (from a teleprompter) with a lot of well thought out words, and when he is finished you scratch your head and wonder --- just what did this guy say again? The truth is, he didn’t say anything. As he has said, and I quote “JUST WORDS”.

We really know nothing about the man, unless you dig deep. And then you find all kinds of conflicting information.

The document that Obama claims is his birth certificate doesn’t say anything that we don’t already know. All is really says is that he was born…alive. No hospital no doctor no witnesses no nothing. The only witness that we have heard from is Obama’s Grandmother and she says she was there at his birth --- in Mombassa Kenya.

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