Friday, June 20, 2008

Our Deceived Supreme Court

Prisoners of War Now Have Full Constitutional Rights

By de Andréa

CSI Iraq
More illegal legislation from the bench, just in case you haven’t heard; in a recent ruling by the Supreme Court our battle field soldiers will now have to collect forensic evidence on the battle field while under fire if they capture any enemy combatants.

If Osama Bin Ladin is caught, he can be defended by the ACLU and he is presumed to be innocent and the State will have to prove in a court of law, beyond any doubt that he is guilty of murdering thousands of Americans. If there is not enough legal evidence he must go free under the law.

Will there soon be a TV series called CSI Iraq with a team of crime seen investigators collecting trace evidence in the heat of a battle in Fallujah or Tikrit as if it was NYC or Miami?.

Now our enemy has more rights than even our own combat soldiers. Our fighting heroes must be tried in a Military Court Martial much like a prisoner of war tribunal with a whole different set of rules.

Yesterday our left wing socialists hate America Supreme Court ruled that the enemy’s of the State are not the enemy at all but are common ordinary alleged criminals with all the constitutional rights of any innocent American until proven guilty in a civilian court.

Trial by a jury of ones peers…
We are not the peers of Islam, ask any Muslim. We are not their equal. That is of course unless it is convenient for them at the time. Islam will of course always use and abuse our system to advance their agenda.

Come to think of it, in that respect the Supreme Court is not much different, they use and abuse their power, not to uphold the constitution, but to violate it by creating law just as a dictatorship.

I cannot begin to list all the ramifications that this will have, not only to fight this enemy abroad, but to fight the infiltration of “Cultural Jihad” right here in our own front yard.

This is a prime illustration of the deception of Islam and how they will use the power of our own benevolent culture to defeat us and incrementally bring us under the oppression of Sharia Law.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Those who believe that the U.S. Constitution is extended to all the people of the earth are diametrically wrong. The U.S. Constitution is in fact a contract between the citizens of the United States of America which is the body politic and the federal governing politic.

These members of the U.S. Supreme Court that have voted to extend the Constitutional rights of American citizens to not only our enemy, but the enemy of all the people of the earth, are either totally ignorant of the purpose of the Constitution, or they themselves are enemy’s of the State. Either way, whether it is for ignorance or treason, these Federal Supreme Court justices should be impeached.

Justice Scalia in a dissenting document made the statement that this so-called decision most assuredly will lead to the death of more innocent Americans. If this in fact proves to be true, these hate America Justices should be tried for conspiracy to commit murder as well.

Additionally I can’t help but wonder if this will lead to more battlefield Justice, in other words take no live prisoners.

I can assure you, it would in the army I remember…

de Andréa

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