Monday, June 16, 2008

The Fear of Speaking Out

One can already see the progress and subsequent results of Islamic infiltration in America. In this case it is a professor at an American University.

By de Andréa

In response to the Muslims students shared protest of the cartoons in a Danish newspaper, Professor I.S. Wichman of Michigan State University, wrote an email to one of his students, the email got to the Campus Muslim Association and now they are protesting against the professor for exercising his First Amendment rights.

Typical of the Muslim culture and the belief of Muslim superiority, it should be perfectly expectable to the rest of the world’s cultures and ideologies that the ideology and laws of Islam is to be acknowledged as superior to any other religion, philosophy, belief, or government. Moreover even in a country foreign to Islam, Sharia law should prevail.

The deception or misconception that Islam as any other people on the planet has come to America to enjoy and share and contribute to our freedom and our culture is a serious mistake. Islam has come to America for the soul purpose of destroying the culture of our liberty and replacing it with their culture of death, hate, and oppression. They do not and will not assimilate.

In reading the content of this email and the following comments by the University, as well as the retreat and excuses that the professor makes, shows the power and superiority that Islam already has over our society. While I can commend Professor Wichman for speaking his mind as our First Amendment affords us, it is typical when push comes to shove that we will always give way to the superiority of Islam. They do not see this as benevolent; they see us as the week and deceived fools that we are.

To read the professors email and fallow up, click on the URL below…

de Andréa

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