Wednesday, October 04, 2006


  1. By de Andréa

    Has anyone besides me noticed that all the school shootings and the murders of our children has occurred in a gun free-zone or a so-called gun-free school? How can our children be shot to death by these murders, with a gun, in a gun free-zone? Unless I am sorely mistaken this sounds suspiciously like an oxymoron to me. When are we actually going to get serious about protecting our children while in school?

    We seem to be very serious about unprotected sex in our schools by teaching our children to arm themselves with a condom, moreover, we teach them how to use it. But we don’t protect them from a would-be murderer with a gun. Our children deserve to be safe, especially while attending a government school?

    After the Columbine shootings the US Congress went into special session and passed three more Federal gun laws to prevent this from ever happing again, even though the murderers violated 17 already existing Local, State and Federal gun laws before they even entered the school building. As a matter of fact at least eight more school shootings followed almost immediately after the new gun laws preventing this from ever happening again were signed into law by the President. They were still blowing on the ink.

    Of course one should get the picture that at least gun laws alone, do not protect anyone from anything. Additionally we should arm the teachers with condoms, well; maybe not condoms but at least a law book. The next criminal that comes into a school with a gun and points it at one of our children, the teachers could be armed with a law book and shake it in the face of the perpetrator and say in a polite and soft but firm voice this is against the law”, possibly even pointing out the specific law that he or she is violating, this should provide our children with at least some protection. If that doesn’t work the teacher could suggest a group hug and chant something from the Quran.

    In light of the most resent shooting of all those kids at the Amish school in Pennsylvania now called the Amish school massacre, and following shortly on the heels, the shooting of a principle of another school; the proof that our legislators do not agree with arming our teachers with law books or something, is that they passed some more anti gun laws so this will never happen again. Some how this sounds vaguely familiar to me, oh yes they did that after the Columbine school shootings maybe three more laws wasn’t enough, moreover, maybe shaking a law book in the face of a would-be murderer while facing east toward Mecca all while hugging a weed isn’t enough either.

    THE BOTTOM LINE: Since we have kicked God out of our schools so that our children no longer have His protection, could it be that we need something a little more convincing than a law, or a law book and a hug and a chant to arm our teachers with? Now let’s see, what would equalize our teachers with some jerk that comes into a school with a gun and points it at a student? Mmmmmmmm… I give up… Nooo! Not a gun! We couldn’t! Teachers trained to protect children? With a gun? Someone might be killed; maybe the bad guy, maybe even before he kills any of our children. What a novel idea! One should think about that…

    de Andréa

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